Can I Put Makeup On Microbladed Brows?

If you go to an expert microblading artist, you might not feel a thing while undergoing the procedure. The painless experience can make you forget that your skin has been repeatedly punctured with a specialized needle. So, putting makeup on your freshly microbladed brows should not be a good idea.

Before your skin heals properly, you should not apply makeup on your eyebrows and the surrounding area.

So, When can you put makeup on microbladed brows? Not right away, of course, but how long should you wait? I will answer those questions in this article as well.

Can I Put Makeup On Microbladed Brows

Can I Put Makeup On Microbladed Eyebrows?

The makeup ban on your microbladed eyebrows is not a permanent one. Technicians will ask you to avoid beauty products on your eyebrows immediately after the procedure.

But once your skin recovers, you can get back to your regular routine. That means you can put makeup on your microbladed eyebrows as well. Just don’t do it prematurely.

Can I Use Eyebrow Pencil After Microblading?

Can you fill in microbladed eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil? Of course, you can. But you will have to wait out the skin recovery period first. Using the eyebrow pencil before the recommended recovery time will hamper skin rehabilitation and damage the integrity of your skin. So, you need to exercise a bit of patience.

When Can I Put Makeup On My Eyebrows After Microblading?

Specialists suggest waiting two weeks before applying makeup to the region after microblading or permanent makeup. It’s crucial to keep the skin clean and avoid cosmetics to facilitate healing and prevent infection.

The skin can take a longer or shorter amount of time to recover based on your skin condition. It’s best to consult your technician to pinpoint the recovery time.

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However, you should remember that wearing makeup on other parts of your body is okay. You only have to make sure that the skin around your eyebrows and the eyebrows themselves remain untouched.

Therefore, you won’t have to stop putting on makeup altogether to help your microbladed eyebrows recover quickly.

What Happens If You Put Makeup On Microbladed Eyebrows?

Microblading artists make countless tiny holes along the eyebrow lines to insert pigments into the skin. Even if you might not notice, your eyebrow skin has fresh wounds after a microblading procedure. You have to treat the area as you would treat any wounded part of your body. So, you can imagine makeup items won’t be kind to such vulnerable skin.

What exactly do makeup materials do to the freshly microbladed skin? They can clog the pores of your skin and make it harder for the skin to recover. Makeup items significantly increase the risk of infection since your unhealed wounds get exposed to chemicals. You might also notice redness and swelling in the region after applying makeup.

Final Words

You don’t have to give up concealers, foundations, eyebrow pencils, and any other eyebrow beauty items for good after getting your brows microbladed. A short period of makeup abstinence around your eyebrows will help you achieve the best microblading results without doing any damage to your precious skin.

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