Can You Get A Tattoo Before Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

These days, everyone is getting a tattoo to express their personality or carry a piece of aesthetic body art. If that inspires you to get one, you must look at your calendar first. Do you have wisdom teeth surgery scheduled in the near future? Because then you will have to postpone your tattoo appointment.

You cannot get tattooed just before having your wisdom teeth removed. The teeth-extracting process is an oral surgery that might mess with the recovery of your fresh tattoo. That being so will not give you the best tattoo outcome.

Before I get to the point, let me explain how the teeth operation works.

The Surgical Procedure Of Removing A Wisdom Teeth

As stated by Cleveland Clinic, wisdom teeth, your last 4 adult and permanent teeth, are also known as third molars. You can locate them at the upper and lower back sides of your mouth.

They often grow in without making trouble. But sometimes, they become partly or entirely trapped in your jawbone or gums, causing pain, infection, or both. That is when you need to pull them out by going under the operation bed.

Uprooting one or more than one wisdom teeth involves a surgical procedure. So, your dentist will have to plan it beforehand.

Experts occasionally prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections from getting more severe after detecting them. You may also need them as preventive therapy under certain circumstances. Otherwise, it can worsen and lead to a condition called Dry Socket within a short span of time, as opined by the Dental Group of Simi Valley.

Both situations negatively impact the recoverability of the patient from the extraction surgery. So, you should have it taken care of in time to avoid infections and other possible health issues.

Why Can I Not Get A Tattoo Before Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

No. You cannot get a tattoo before wisdom teeth surgery because that will put your tattoo at risk.

Tattoos generally take 1 to 1.5 months to recover fully. Redness, itching, and swelling are common reactions to the tattoo ink and the wound. But if things go south, you may suffer from a staph infection.

According to Mayo Clinic, a staph infection can outspread through scrapes, skin-to-skin contact, and cuts. So you see, a tattoo during healing can be a potential place for the bacteria to populate and cause the infection.

If your skin becomes red, itchy, or rashy with pustules, the odds of infection are high. Now you can ignore it, thinking you will cure it with antibiotics. And although it is curable, germs have become more resilient and take longer to respond to conventional meds.

You should ensure your physical fitness before the oral surgery. If you get a tattoo before it, there is a good chance that you will experience stress because of it.

Besides, your dentist can give you antibiotics after the operation. The famous and experienced tattoo artist Angela Koscal advises against getting a tattoo when you are on antibiotics. That is because you would already be dealing with an infection in your wisdom teeth. You will suffer from even more infections by deciding to have a tattoo before having it extracted.

Antibiotics force out foreign antibodies, just as tattoo pigments do. Again, your tattoo will not get the chance to heal suitably with your body system taking antibiotics.

Additionally, having the tattoo made in an unhealthy environment with unsterile needles and devices or expired ink will result in extreme repercussions. The safest move is to wait until you are through with your wisdom teeth surgery.

Can I Get A Tattoo After Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Yes, that you can do, fortunately. You will need 3 to 5 days to recover from your wisdom teeth removal. It can take a week, at most, in case you have oddly positioned or jammed teeth.

But you can only schedule your tattoo session after teeth surgery when the operated area has healed. You still have the chance of catching infections after weeks of your operation because the wound will take months to recover entirely. Look after yourself during that phase and stay alert for warning signs.

Afterward, when the wound heals and stamps out any possibility of infections, you are safe to proceed with your tattoo plan.

Final Words

The key obstacle to bar you from getting a tattoo before wisdom teeth surgery is infection.

Extracting wisdom teeth will get you on antibiotics that do not sit well with a tattoo. You will get further infections with your body already battling one. As both tattoo pigments and antibiotics chase away foreign antibodies, it will not let your tattoo recover. Instead, it might ruin your desired tattoo outcome.

The wise option is to go for the surgery first, take care of yourself until the wound recuperates, and then get your tattoo. It will ensure that you stay healthy and get your long-cherished tattoo while minimizing health risks.