Can You Shower After Microblading?

Can I shower after microblading? When can I take a bath after microblading? These are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding microblading aftercare. Since microblading is a cosmetic method, you must maintain some post-procedure guidelines to protect your skin from infection and allow the ink to settle.

How does this affect your showering routine? Here we have discussed whether or not you should shower after getting your brows microbladed. Can you take a shower as usual? Or do you need to take some precautionary measures?

If you have these questions, this article will be a helpful read.

Can You Shower After Microblading?

Contrary to popular belief, yes, you can shower after microblading. However, you should be careful not to make your eyebrows wet. You can wash your eyebrows after the procedure, but use only the amount of water you need to clean them. Excess moisture will adversely affect the lifespan of the pigment. So, try your best to keep the brows dry.

Can You Shower After Microblading

How Long After Microblading Can I Shower?

There are two types of microblading recovery processes. One is dry healing, and the other is wet healing. Proponents of dry healing advise avoiding moisture to microbladed eyebrows for prolonged periods. If you take the dry healing route, your practitioner will not encourage showering frequently.

On the other hand, wet healing involves regular washing of the eyebrows with soap and mild water. Nowadays, most practitioners recommend wet healing since it helps the skin to recover faster. If you prefer the wet healing method, you can shower regularly after the procedure. Just make sure not to scrub your brows too much.

However, you should wait 48 hours before getting your microbladed brows wet. Microblading is a semi-permanent process, so new pigment will come off quickly. Regardless of the recovery process you go for, you should save your eyebrows from water contact in the first 48 hours. If you want to take a shower, make sure your eyebrows remain dry.

How To Keep Eyebrows Dry In Shower After Microblading?

To protect your freshly microbladed pair of eyebrows from shower water, you can wear a shower visor or a shower shield. It will keep your face dry but allow the rest of your body to enjoy a soothing shower. You can DIY one with a velcro strap and a piece of old shower curtain in no time.

Not looking forward to go through all that hassle? You can easily buy a shower face shield from e-commerce sites. Before you buy, ensure the material is water resistant and fits your face size and shape. The reviews are always a good indicator of the effectiveness of the product. So, don’t forget to look at what the previous buyers say.

How To Shower After Microblading?

While we encourage you to wash your eyebrows regularly, it would be best to make some changes to your showering habit after microblading. Too much water exposure can lead to faster fading. Here’s what you can do to make your showers more helpful in accelerating your healing process:

Use Shower Visors

We have already talked about how shower visors can help keep away water from eyebrows during showers. Shower visors are the best way to keep the eyebrows dry, as they are specifically designed for this purpose. You can also use sun visors and snorkeling goggles to protect your brows from the shower stream if you don’t have shower visors.

Avoid Hot Showers

We all love hot showers during winter, but if you just had your brows microbladed, you should stay away from hot showers. The steam that generates in a hot shower will add extra moisture to your brows. So, you should use lukewarm water for showering instead.

Keep Your Face Out Of The Shower Stream

Try your best to keep your face dry while washing your hair when you’re in the shower. Your brows do not need to be wet from the shower stream. Flexible showerheads would come in real handy in this situation. You can direct the spray of water as you please. So, you can easily take a shower without making your eyebrows wet.

Final Say

You have to take proper care of your microbladed brows to get desired results. Showering is not off the table, but you should be cautious not to soak freshly done microbladed brows in too much water. It’s a misconception that you will have to compromise your personal hygiene to keep your microbladed brows in good shape.

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