Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot?

Finding the right place for a tattoo plays a vital role in the perfect outcome. The design of the tattoo, the message you want it to convey, and the area you want it in are some essential factors to consider. But the topmost one is another concern – the pain you will get during the process.

If you talk about it with your friends and family to know about the popular tattoo areas, you will find that the bottom of your foot is one. However, you should not up and go about having a tattoo made there.

Yes, while you can tattoo the sole of your foot, it is not the best place. First of all, it is tremendously painful. And secondly, the color does not sit well. It will not let you put many details. Instead, it will be high maintenance, without which it will fade or blur faster. It can even cause bleeding under your skin because of complications.

That was quite disheartening, I guess. But you will get over it once you learn more about tattooing the bottom of your foot. Besides, I will also illustrate the maintenance routine of the tattoo, in case you are still adamant by the end!

Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot?
Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot?

Can I Get A Tattoo On The Bottom Of My Foot?

Yes. You can get a tattoo on the bottom of your foot, but it is a challenging place. That means you will need to find a tattooist capable of pulling it off. Since our hands and feet are callused, they are delicate to ink.

Also, deep colors and shades do not agree with the foot bottom, as they take longer to heal. It is wise to pick solid black strokes or sharp outlines instead.

The reason tattooing in that place is tricky is directly involved with your skin formation. There are three layers in your skin – dermis, epidermis, and hypodermis.

The ink settles in the dermis area once your tattoo heals completely. The problem with your foot bottom is that it has an uneven epidermis, unlike your other physical parts. That makes your tattooist struggle to figure out the placement of the dermis.

Bottom Of Foot Tattoo
Bottom Of Foot Tattoo. Image credit: pinterest

So, if the tattoo ink cannot reach the dermis, it will rest in the epidermis, causing the tattoo outcome a blurry appearance. Alternatively, if the needle goes too deep into the skin and makes it to the hypodermis, you will experience a blowout that occurs when the tattoo ink spreads.

Why Is It Painful?

Deciding to get a tattoo on the bottom of your foot is like inviting one of the most physically painful experiences in your life. But that also depends on your ability to tolerate pain. If your pain tolerance is exceptionally high, you will get away with the tattoo without any problem.

What make your foot so sensitive are its nerve receptors. On top of that, all it has are bones with the fewest fat pads. Both factors combined increase its proneness to pain.

Other than that, there are many tiny veins and bones in your foot, not to mention the tendons in odd areas. If you put them together, they make an uneven and rough canvas, arranging an unforgettably uncomfortable experience for you.

Many people said it had drained them emotionally, too, recalling the inking procedure. Even if you choose a little tattoo to have there, your tattooist may extend the process to multiple appointments to help you take it easy.

If you are ticklish, there will be more in store for you. It will cause unintentional movements and distract your tattoo artist’s focus and work. That might also ruin your tattoo design while it is still in the making.

Bottom Of Foot Tattoo is Painful
Bottom Of Foot Tattoo is Painful

Can I Do Anything To Reduce The Pain?

Although you cannot get rid of the pain, you can adopt the following measures to reduce it.

The first thing is not to underestimate the pain. You should be aware of your pain tolerance so that you do not regret your decision later. Choose a small tattoo design without lots of details and colors. It should look well on its own but also has scope for further upgrades.

Then, you should go to a well-acclaimed tattoo artist who will take extra care while handling the area. It will not dramatically alleviate the pain but will help with your tolerance.

The last option is to use numbing cream. It will keep the sole of your foot anesthetized. It might wear off before the session ends if your tattoo design is large. Nevertheless, it will give your some relief from the pain.

Will My Foot Tattoo Fade Faster? [Possible Reasons]

Yes, your foot tattoo will fade faster. Every tattoo gradually fades away, but the ones at the sole of your bottom will disappear quicker than others.

Also, they do not look well for long before beginning to fade. That applies even if you give it enough time to recover and maintain it properly. And several reasons are responsible for that.

1. Wearing Shoes And Socks

Wearing shoes and socks contributes to the fast fading of your foot tattoo. Experts recommend you avoid wearing shoes for a couple of weeks after tattooing your foot bottom to ensure a good recovery.

When you put on shoes, you confine your feet in a tight place, which does not let your tattoo breathe. That not only decelerates the recovery process but also creates a moist and warm environment surrounding the healing wound, making it a sanctuary for bacteria. They can lead to severe conditions by causing an infection.

2. Frequent Rubbing

Let’s say you have taken good care of your tattoo. It even healed well. But your tattoo might still look poor.

Among all the organs used for movement, the use of your feet is the roughest, facing frequent rubbing and friction. Because of that, the tattoo in that area becomes vulnerable to quick fading. Unfortunately, regular maintenance cannot make much difference in that regard.

It is true for both old and new tattoos. Constant friction is detrimental to any tattoo and makes it disappear faster than the ones without much chafing. The age of the tattoo does not matter here.

3. Growth Of The Skin Layers

The skin layers of your foot’s bottom have a faster growth and replication pace than the rest of your skin. Consequently, that thrusts out the ink and makes the tattoo patchy or grows out of the skin sooner than you anticipate.

Additionally, if the bottom of your foot has plenty of dead skin, it will give your tattoo artist a hard time getting the needle into your skin. That could turn out in a rough and uneven tattoo outcome that is bound to fade away swiftly.

bottom of foot tattoo fades faster
bottom of foot tattoo fades faster! Image source:

What Can I Do To Make My Foot Tattoo Last Longer?

To be honest, I cannot promise you that getting a particular tattoo on the sole of your foot will last longer. But there are some things on your part to do with the tattoo design that could help to sustain your tattoo’s lifespan. Let’s get a look at them.

1. Solid Outlines

You could decide to get a foot tattoo with solid and thick outlines. Each decent and well-made line tattoo is as long-lasting as a thickly outlined tattoo. But when you get it at your foot’s bottom, the bold lines will keep your tattoo more apparent as it dims.

2. Saying No To Details

It is best to avoid details while choosing a design for your foot tattoo. As it is already vulnerable to quick fading, putting many attributes will be a loss project because they will be gone in a jiffy from the moment your tattoo starts dissolving.

So, tattooing on the bottom of your foot with details can leave you with a blurry and distorted tattoo within 12 to 24 months.

3. Picking A Simple And Small Tattoo Design

Here is spilling the tea again – you cannot tattoo anywhere you want at your foot’s bottom. Some areas are simply out of the question, i.e., your foot heel.

Go for a simple and small design for your tattoo to ensure it fits well. First, you cannot pick anything you want because of the fading issue. Secondly, there is not sufficient space in your foot to accommodate any tattoo. Thirdly, do not forget about the pain. So, it is wise to pick a cute-sized tattoo with plain but edgy lines, considering all the factors.

What Type Of Tattoos Will Fade Fast On The Bottom Of My Foot?

1. The More Colors, The Faster Fading

When mistreated, colored tattoos tend to dim much more quicker than mistreated black tattoos. Now, mistreating a foot tattoo is walking on it every day and all day. Taking care of it will not compensate for the immense friction.

Since it is unavoidable when you have a foot tattoo, it is best not to use any color. Otherwise, not only will it fail to serve its purpose, but it will also cause faster fading than it would have with edgy lines.

If you have made up your mind about a colored foot tattoo, be prepared to see it last for no longer than 12 to 15 months.

2. Unhealed Tattoos

If your tattoo does not get enough time and care to heal well, it will start fading much faster than a healed one.

The phase of aftercare is crucial in the final appearance of a tattoo. If you neglect to take care of it during recovery, it will create negative repercussions by developing scabs. And when your shoes and socks rip off the scabs with or without intentions, you will get infections, scars, and other skin irritations that will directly impact the look of your tattoo.

Remember that I have already said once or twice that it is difficult enough to make a foot tattoo last long, even with proper maintenance. Now imagine the consequence if you leave it unattended. Your tattoo will start fading from the moment you have it.

There is no alternative to following aftercare suggestions from your tattooist to have a healthy tattoo, regardless of where you have it. But if it is on the bottom of your foot, it requires 200% of your dedication to keeping it well-maintained.

What Can I Do To Delay The Fading Of My Foot Tattoo?

Again, fading is inevitable for any tattoo. But since it is a different concern about foot tattoos and requires attention, you can do some things to delay the fading process.

1. Putting On Moisturizer

When your foot tattoo heals completely, moisturize it regularly to keep the tattooed part of your skin nourished and healthy. As already mentioned, aftercare is key. Taking care of the skin automatically translates to taking care of the tattoo.

2. Keeping The Sun Exposure Minimum

Do not let the sunlight access your foot tattoo. If you want to get tanned, wear sandals to cover it. When you are out in the sun, use sunscreen in that area to block the sunlight.

Try your best to keep the sun exposure as minimum as possible. The sunlight causes fast fading when you expose your tattoo to it.

3. Avoid Wearing Shoes

Try to avoid wearing shoes where you can walk barefoot. That will minimize friction for your tattoos and contribute to a delayed fading process.

However, there will be friction anyway from walking barefoot. But it will be far less than what you would get from wearing shoes.

Do Tattoo Artists Refuse To Make Tattoos On The Bottom Of Your Foot?

That might have sounded odd to some of you. I mean, you are the one to take in all the pain. Why would your tattooist get a say here? Well, that is a valid question, like the first one.

Many tattooists are reluctant to make tattoos on the sole of the foot because it is a tricky area. It demands skills and experience to place the tattoo ink in the perfect spot between the skin layers.

A tiny slip could cause horrible consequences for the tattoo output. Even professional and expert tattooists can make a mistake trying to make a foot tattoo.

Another factor for their refusal is the foot tattoo’s vulnerability to inadequate healing and skin issues. It needs a lot of extra nurturing, unlike other tattoos. Not everyone that gets it can maintain the responsibility.

Lastly, the reputation of tattoo artists depends on each tattoo they create. As foot tattoos have healing and fading issues, they may create a negative impression on the general public, although a tattooist does not have much to do with it. So they do not want to be blamed for a natural occurrence. Hence, they do not want to take the risk of making a tattoo on the bottom of your foot.

Final Words

While popular among people, getting a foot tattoo is an incredibly painful process. It is challenging to create due to skin conditions and sensitivity. Even a little error can ruin the tattoo result.

Besides, you may not get an expert tattoo artist to have it made. Plus, if you do, it may take multiple sessions and cost you a fortune, even for a tiny design. Then there will be additional maintenance and retouch costs.

The tattoo on the bottom of your sole is a private and unique place to choose for your body art. But when it comes to your body, it is entirely your decision to pick where you want your tattoo. So you should gather as much information as you can to make the right one.

You can still choose to have a foot tattoo, and it will bode well for you to abide by the dos and don’ts. Whatever you decide, best of luck with that.

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