Why Can You Not Have Coffee Before Microblading?

I will not blame you if you are among the ones that think microblading is not a big deal. You are not the only one. I get a lot of questions from people who considered it a minor procedure and went to their technicians only to find out there were things like having some coffee or taking ibuprofen that they should have avoided.

If you have followed my other articles, you know there are a number of things you cannot do for some days AFTER microblading. Today, I am here to tell you that there are also some things you cannot do BEFORE the treatment takes place.

Enjoying a cup of coffee or some alcohol is one of them. What’s more, some medicines also made it to the list.

While that was a shocker, there are justifiable reasons behind it. They are caffeine affecting color retention and causing bleeding, alcohol lowering your immune system, and medicines thinning your blood. All of them are involved in the proper execution of the procedure with a critical influence on the outcome.

The next part of the article revolves around what those elements do or have that you cannot have before microblading with more information.

Why Can’t You Have Caffeine Before Microblading?

Why Can You Not Have Coffee Before Microblading

Experts recommend you not to have caffeine before microblading because it can be harmful to how the pigment sits in your skin. It can also cause bleeding.

That being said, the color will not turn out bold. It will not give you your desired result. Plus, if you bleed, that increases the chance of oozing and scabbing.

Besides, it can make the brows harder to microblade, and the suffering will stretch till the healing phase. Since there may be more scabs, and if you accidentally respond to them before recovery, there will be consequences.

According to professionals, it may also instigate your sensitivity, making the process even more painful and uncomfortable.

How Does Caffeine Affect Microblading?

The effect of caffeine on microblading has to do with your blood flow. It thins your blood, which, in turn, interferes with the process of microblading. Thus, you have to starve yourself of coffee at least 2 days prior to the procedure due to the anticoagulant effects of caffeine.

If 2 days is too much for you, do it for 1 day. You must not have any coffee the day you get your brows microbladed.

However, the restriction is not limited to coffee only. Energy drinks and tea are also on the list.

Can I Get Decaf Coffee Before Microblading?

Yes. That can do the trick of playing around with the rule of having no caffeine. But you have to be cautious about it because decaf also contains caffeine but in a lesser amount.

So, if you cannot go without coffee, you can do it with decaf for a couple of days. Nonetheless, if you have sensitivity to coffee, then you should avoid decaf a day before the appointment. In that case, some hot chocolate or caffeine-free herbal tea will do you good.

Remember that chocolate has caffeine too. You cannot have a lot of them just before getting the treatment.

Can I Drink Alcohol Before Microblading?

No. You cannot do that for 24 hours before microblading, either. It is even better if you can avoid it for 48 to 72 hours prior to your appointment. It is more important if you suffer from issues with your blood clotting abilities.

Alcohol weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections. As microblading runs the risk of that, you have a higher chance of catching them if you get yourself some heavy drinking before the treatment day.

Here’s a reminder. As unfortunate as it seems, you cannot have it for a while after your treatment, too. It will decelerate your healing.

Can I Take Ibuprofen Before Microblading?

No. You cannot take Ibuprofen before Microblading for 2 to 3 days before your procedure unless it is medically necessary. In that case, it would be wise of you to postpone the schedule.

Otherwise, the medicine will thin your blood, making you bleed more. When that happens, the pigment cannot enter your skin.

The same applies to Aspirin, Vitamin E, Niacin, power greens, and power shakes.

Can I Take Tylenol Before Microblading?

Yes, you can take Tylenol before the Microblading process. It will not thin your blood or have any effects on the procedure or the outcome. It is good to go.

Final Words

I think pre-microblading impositions are a little easier than post-microblading ones, right?

In my defense, the list and the timeframe both are comparatively short. Plus, the beverages and meds can be severe for your microblading outcome. As for caffeine and alcohol, you can survive a minimum of 24 hours without them. But if it is about the medicines, you want to postpone your schedule until you come around.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.

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