Does Eyebrow Microblading Fade?

One of the most pronounced questions I got from you is whether eyebrow microblading fades or not, whether it is permanent or temporary. While some would like it to stay intact forever, it will not.

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent procedure. So, yes. It will stay fresh for a year or two if well-maintained. Then it will start fading over time.

You might wonder why it is like that, coming up with more questions. The article will answer all your why’s, how’s, and when’s.

How Long Does It Take For Microbladed Eyebrows To Fade Without Any Touchup?

After the initial service, including the first touchup session, the brows will stay fine and healthy for 2 years, more or less. However, the duration pivots on a number of variables that I will explain later.

Does Eyebrow Microblading Fade

Why Does Eyebrow Microblading Fade?

The strokes of microblading are supposed to blend in and resemble natural hair. They will fade over the passage of time. But if you want to keep them longer, you will need regular touchups to sustain them.

So, why is it not permanent when tattoos are? That is because while the processes are similar, they are not the same.

If you want something permanent, you have to go for eyebrow tattooing. There are specific reasons why tattoos last forever.

Inks used in a tattoo are rough as they contain heavier metals. On the contrary, microblading applies high-quality and organic pigments. They are highly safe for your skin, diminishing the chance of experiencing any adverse reactions.

Since the pigments are natural, they dwindle as your internal physical system splits and metabolizes them out of the body.

But that does not happen with a permanent tattoo. Since the ink is more solid, your body cannot break it down and process it. As a result, it stays glued to your skin.

Will My Microbladed Eyebrows Fade Completely?

Yes, they will fade completely. There will be a time when there will not be a trace of it on your skin.

However, how long the pigments will take to disappear is a different question. It mostly depends on one’s skin type, routine, and texture. Apart from that, the pigments and needles used in the procedure are also responsible.

Microblading, a safe process when performed by a qualified technician, is semi-permanent and intended to disappear with time. If you do not have any touchups, it will be gone for good within a couple of years after your initial treatment.

You may not wrap your head around why it has to be semi-permanent. But it is actually the reason and purpose of the existence of microblading in the first place. The service aims to implement a more conservative and secure approach to tattooing eyebrows.

Permanent tattoos are always an option if you want. But the trends are always changing, and people are interested in trying what is new. Since you only have two eyebrows (pun intended), a semi-permanent treatment is the only choice for those who want to go with the flow.

Why Does The Fading Vary From One Person To Another?

Some clients’ brows tend to last longer when some experience a swift fading. That, as already mentioned, is resultant of one’s skin type and texture. Their skincare routine matters too.

If you have oily skin with larger pores, the pigments will fade faster. The color particles will not have the time to get into your skin’s deeper layers before joining the oils to get split.

People having dry or normal skin with little pores usually hold the pigments better. So, they have them last for approximately a year without any touchup.

Now, about the prime role of a skincare routine – services, chemicals, and products, when in association with the pigments, cause its breakdown. Thus, the degree to which your brows fade will be conditional on what you use to take care of your skin.

What Will Happen When My Microbladed Eyebrows Start Fading?

They will start lightening over a period of 6 weeks when your skin exfoliates naturally by regenerating. But even when the phase is over, sun exposure and other things you avoided during the healing time may fade your eyebrows faster than you would expect.

Can It Happen That Microbladed Eyebrows Will Not Fade?

That can happen on rare occasions. For example, if the artist implements the pigment too deep into your skin, there may be blowout or scarring. Or, if your system fails to process the color particles, it will cause your brows to stay unfaded.

Final Words

In all honesty, it sounds like a drawback when you hear your microbladed eyebrows will fade away one day. But if you contemplate the opportunity of trying new styles, you will change your opinion about it.

And if you are into something permanent, you know where to go for that. Whatever decision you land on, may it be for your best. Good luck!

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