Does Red Tattoo Ink Fade Faster?

Getting a new tattoo can give you mixed feelings. It is, of course, a painful process that brings out something incredible on your skin. So, it is necessary that you get the right tattoo in the proper process to last longer. People often ask, “does red tattoo ink fade faster?”

The answer is “YES,” red tattoo ink seems to fade faster than basic black and grey colors. However, it is not about the ink only. Other factors like skin tone, tattoo artists, and color quality will give the ultimate answer.

Red tattoo ink is always controversial. Some say it is highly dangerous to get red ink tattoos. Others say only professional tattoo artists can bring the best out of red tattoos. Well, all your confusion can get cleared up with this article. Keep reading to know more here.

Why Does Red Tattoo Ink Fade Faster?

Red tattoo ink is proven to fade faster than other colors. For the same reason, red tattoo ink is quite controversial. It can give unique tattoo designs with great popping colors. However, you can’t expect it to last longer than other colored tattoos. 

The main reason behind red ink being faded faster is the molecules. Red ink is made of smaller molecules that can easily break down, and the body can easily absorb the ink. 

Also, if you have the tattoo on body areas that are susceptible to changes with your age, the tattoo might last even less long. Tattoos last better on body parts with tighter skin. Also, the thickness of the skin can decide either your tattoo will last longer or not. 

Besides, there have been massive changes in the tattoo ink elements these days. So, how fast the red tattoo ink will fade can depend on the specific brands you’re trying on. 

If you follow the instructions carefully, the tattoo may last a bit longer. Still, compared to other colors, the red ink will fade sooner. But the tattoo will still be visible. 

How Long Do Small Red Tattoos Last?

How Long Do Small Red Tattoos Last

Red tattoos will last for 10 to 15 years. However, they will start fading in 8 years and require retouch. However, even after fading, the tattoo will be visible. 

When you get the red tattoo, in the beginning, it will seem bright. But with time, the red tattoo will lose its shine. It is because the red tattoo ink is made with several other colors. So, this fades differently. Red ink tattoo can fade even faster if it gets direct sunlight exposure.

What Factors Can Fade Red Tattoo Ink Faster?

What Factors Can Fade Red Tattoo Ink Faster

You might wonder what the factors that make red tattoo ink fade faster. Well, there are several reasons, like pigment formula, skin type, color type, and aftercare procedures. How the skin will respond can depend on so many things.

1. Color Deposition

One of the biggest factors is the color deposition process. Red is a vibrant color that can give a pigmented output. But to hold on to the pigment, it will require retouching every month. Else, your skin will absorb the ink in a short time. And it will ultimately leave the tattoo looking faded.

2. Experience of The Tattoo Artist

If the tattoo artist is an amateur or you have self-injected tattoos, this will not give a good output. Amateur tattoo artists can’t place the ink in a more concentrated way. Such tattoos can get blurry over time. Amateur tattoos might also threaten your skin health. 

3. Types of Products Used

You should know what the correct aftercare process is for having a tattoo. As sunscreen is one of the essential products to use after having a tattoo. Sun protection can make your tattoos last longer and better. Red ink tattoos can fade faster because of sun damage. To avoid such issues, you can also use some extra care products; Restoring moisturizer, hydrating products, Hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.

4. Ink Quality and Skin type

If the ink is not high quality and high concentration, this will fade faster. Also, if you don’t use the right color for your skin tone, that tattoo can fade even faster. 

What Is The Formulation Of Red Ink Tattoo? 

What Is The Formulation Of Red Ink Tattoo

Over the years, the red tattoo ink formulation has changed. This will maintain a good standard for making incredible designs. In the past, red inks were not recommended because of all the poisonous elements. On today’s date, several reputed brands are offering good red inks. 

The essential ingredients included in red ink tattoos are Aluminium, Cobalt, Cadmium, chromium, cinnabar, and Hoof gelatin. Iron oxide, naphthol, formaldehyde, and denatured alcohol are also used. Some of the elements presented here are highly poisonous. However, the ingredient list will vary from brand to brand. 

In the modern days, reputed brands have removed Cadmium and other poisonous metals to make the ink safer. 

Do Red Ink Tattoos Cost More?

Do Red Ink Tattoos Cost More

Well, red ink is cheaper than other basic tattoo ink colors. However, the process of getting a unique red ink tattoo might be expensive. After all, ink is not the only thing that will determine the tattoo cost. 

The red ink tattoo cost can vary regarding the brand you’re choosing. And permanent color ink is always a bit costly. As red ink tattoos are known for having some issues, you must get the best one. If you’re getting a red ink tattoo with the red ink from a reputed brand, this might stand quite expensive. 

Also, some other things will determine its ultimate cost. The factors are; artist, design, size, and placement. 

Is Red Ink Dangerous?

Is Red Ink Dangerous

It is proven that red ink contains some toxic elements in the formulation process. According to CNN, Red is the riskiest ink color for tattoos.

Red ink is threatening to human skin in many ways. Red tattoo ink can cause allergic issues, infections, hypersensitivity, redness, itchiness, permanent skin diseases, and even lead to cancer. 

Well, these are the risks that red ink tattoos carry. However, it is optional for everyone. If you feel any uncomfortable situation on your skin because of red tattoo ink, avoid it. 

The best news is, these days, some reputed tattoo ink brands have evolved to produce safe red ink for tattoos. Also, the mild reactions of red tattoo ink can be cured with antibiotics and creams. 

There are some other issues with red ink tattoos. These reddish color tattoos will not bring the best result over lighter-colored skin. They will require frequent retouching processes, which can be expensive and painful.

Can I Get a Red Tattoo On my Light Skin Tone?

Can I Get a Red Tattoo On my Light Skin Tone

Well, there is no such rule that people with lighter skin tones can’t get red tattoos. You can do whatever experiment with tattoos you want to. But, you should indeed pick a darker tattoo color than your skin tone

This will keep the tattoo looking more appealing for a longer time. Also, red inks are absorbed easily on lighter skin. However, there are a bunch of reddish tones to try on lighter skin tones. 

Professional tattoo artists know how to bring the best result with every tattoo and every color. They will never use bright red tones on pale or light skin. Instead, they prefer deep, rich red, peach pink, salmon pink, or other darker reddish tones on such skins. Only a professional tattoo artist knows how to make incredible tattoos with the perfect color to make them last longer.

How To Deal With Red Ink Tattoos?

How To Deal With Red Ink Tattoos

Colored tattoos require some extra aftercare processes to follow. Here are some tips you must know to maintain the reddish tattoo well:

  • Get your tattoo done by a professional tattoo artist. 
  • Never settle for a cheaper red tattoo ink color.
  • Always check on the red ink they’re using for your tattoo. You must know whether they are safe or not.
  • Use the right moisturizer for your skin type.
  • Never skip sunscreen to maintain good skin health and shiny red tattoos.
  • Your tattoo artist will suggest you some ointment to prevent skin issues. You better not skip them.

Note: Each tattoo has different ways of dealing with skin type. So, don’t get scared if you notice redness, itchiness, oozing, or peeling. Take consultation with your tattoo artist and do the aftercare process carefully. 

How To Make Red Ink Tattoos Last Longer?

How To Make Red Ink Tattoos Last Longer

Some incredible products will make your red tattoo last long. These can be a thin layer of Vaseline, baby oil massage or moisturizers. If you have a darker skin tone, the tattoo will not fade that soon. But for lighter skin tones, reddish tattoos are not that incredible.

For that, you must follow some tips:

  • Stay away from “Sun Damage .”Sun damage is UV exposure that will cause wrinkles, fewer collagen, mottled pigments, and breakdowns on your skin. And such things are neither good for your skin nor for an appealing tattoo. 
  • Try using a dermatologist-recommended moisturizer, sunscreen, and hydrating elements to keep the tattoo longer without unwanted changes. 
  • And lastly, you must get a touch-up routine to keep the tattoo away from fading. Even if the tattoo gets faded, retouching will give depth and texture evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tattoo ink colors fade the fastest?

Tattoo colors fade naturally depending on several things. But, regarding some research, it is proven that red, yellow, or pink colored tattoo inks fade faster than black or grey ones. This is because such colors get absorbed into the skin quickly. 

Do Red tattoos fade more than black?

Yes, red tattoos fade more than black tattoos. This is because Red ink pigments break down faster than black ink pigments. Also, red ink is composed of organic pigments. So it is easier to absorb on the skin. 

Wrap Up

The tattoo ink color is a big factor when you are worried about fading. Red tattoo ink will fade faster regarding all research. However, the correct aftercare process can make the trouble less. However, colorful tattoos are never out of fashion. If you really want to get a red tattoo, get a consultation from an expert tattoo designer.

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