How To Sleep With A New Tattoo?

Once you get a new stylish tattoo, you must carry it carefully. Especially while sleeping, there is a huge chance you will trigger your wound. And sleeping with a fresh injury can be difficult. If you somehow create direct pressure on it or scratch the damage, it can cause significant trouble. So, here is why you should know how to sleep with a new tattoo.

These sleeping precautions are to be maintained for the first 4 to 7 days only. The first rule is never to sleep on your new tattoo. It will give extra pressure to your wound. This will not only hurt you but also ruin the ink’s design. Instead, find a comfortable sleeping position where your tattoo will be safe as well.

Read the entire article to learn tips for sleeping with a new tattoo. However, if you sleep, make sure it is sound and safe. Even to heal the tattoo wound, you need to sleep well. 

Pre-Bed Routine After Getting A Tattoo

Pre Bed Routine After Getting A Tattoo
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Before you get a tattoo or already have done a tattoo, you must know the pre-bed routine. Once you get a tattoo, your body parts need extra care to heal. You need to protect it from rubbing or uncomfortable situations for a few days. 

When we sleep, we get unconscious mentally. That time it gets hard to maintain it from any dirt or rub. The very first thing while sleeping, you must ensure that your tattoo part is clean. The bed needs to be cleaned as well.

Otherwise, if it gets affected by any kind of bacteria, it will damage the wounded area more. You might have to change the bedsheet every night after getting a new tattoo to make it easier. Also, try to go for deep or dark-coloured bed sheets, as your tattoo ink might ruin the bedding.

Well, generally, your tattoo artist will direct you on how to sleep while protecting the tattoo. Some suggest wrapping the tattoo before going to sleep. Others will suggest it for the first night only. 

7 Incredible Tips to Sleep With a New Tattoo

7 Incredible Tips to Sleep With a New Tattoo

Seven incredible tips that will help you sleep safely with a new tattoo:

1. Select A Comfortable Sleeping Position:

Sleeping well for 8 hours and protecting the tattoo side are equally important. Some might get extra conscious and elect some uncomfortable sleeping position. This will cause body aches and trouble sleeping. 

The best thing is to find the best comfortable sleeping position regarding your tattoo part. Don’t select any sleeping position that will keep the tattoo part pressed all night. This will cause bacteria by sweating. Even getting eight hours of comfortable sleep is required to heal your tattoo well. 

Make sure you’re not sleeping on your tattoo. If you select a position where your tattoo part will push against the bed, this will get stuck. And the tattoo area will also not get oxygen, and the healing process can get slower.

2. Keep The Bedding clean

Well, no one likes sleeping on a dirty bed. But when you get a new tattoo, this requires extra care. It’s better if you use clean and washed bed sheets every night. Make sure the bedding fabrics are comfortable enough and not sticking to your tattoo wound. Cotton fabrics will be better to give maximum comfort.

3. Sleep Well And Safe

Sleeping for 8 hours is recommended. You need to make your sleeping environment safe and comfortable. 

Even if you generally sleep 4/ 5 hours, try sleeping well after getting a tattoo. Rest is necessary to get a strong immune system. It is better if you sleep alone for a few days. This is recommended for those who have a restless sleeping pattern. 

If you have a pet in your house, keep them away for a few days after getting a tattoo. If you get any scratches or rub on the tattooed part of your body, this will affect the wound. 

4. Prevent The Bedding From Sticking To Your Tattoo

After getting a new tattoo, when you remove the plastic wrap, it gets sticky. And often, it holds the possibility of sticking over the bed sheet. So, while you sleep on the tattooed side, make sure it is not pressing the bedsheet duirectly. Wait for few days to 

NB: If the bedding gets stuck with your tattoo, you don’t have to rip off the entire bedsheet. If you sleep wrong, sticking seems to be a major issue. If the tattoo part is stuck and dried, you need to manage it softly. Don’t just rip it off. Pulling the bed sheet from your skin can cause major pain and damage.

If such an unexpected thing happens, carry the entire bed sheet into the bathroom. Use some lukewarm water to detach the bedsheet from the skin.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Well, while sleeping, wearing loose and comfortable clothes is always suggested. The body parts will be more sensitive than usual when you’ve just got a new tattoo. 

So, you better stay away from tight and scratchy clothes while sleeping. The best suggestion would be to wear something that will not cover your tattoo part. The more oxygen you let the wound have, the better.

6. Keep Pillows In a Comfortable Position 

Well, after you have got a tattoo, you should not move too much while sleeping. So, you better arrange the pillows right while sleeping. Place two pillows under your feet to keep the back comfortable. 

You can use some cushions to keep under your back. If you have got a tattoo on your back, you should use a pillow to sleep on your chest. Sleeping directly on your chest will be uncomfortable. 

So, use a small cushion and sleep in a position facing down. And, if you’ve to sleep on the side, use a supporting pillow. Long pillows will keep your tattoo safe and give additional comfort. 

7. Moisturize The Tattoo

Before you go to sleep, consider moisturizing the tattoo area. For that, you should consider your tattoo artists’ suggestions. 

If it is allowed, you should moisturize the skin well. This will protect the skin from drying out. Also, you will be free from sticking issues.  

Generally, moisturizing is considered to be more than necessary. It keeps your skin healthy and glowing; the tattoo eventually looks nicer. You might have to wait for 20 minutes before applying any moisturizer to your clean tattoo.

Also, to keep it looking nicer, you might have to moisturize it 4 to 6 times a day. Well, moisturizing a fresh tattoo is also necessary. It is recommended to start moisturizing the tattoo on its third day. This way, it will be safer and better.

Tips to follow while sleeping with a new tattoo

Tips to follow while sleeping with a new tattoo
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Well, there are a few things to do as well as a few things not to do after getting a new tattoo. Your tattoo artist is going to give you the best advice. Generally, they suggest you wear a bandage on the first night of sleeping with your new tattoo. 

Let’s see what tips will help you to keep your tattoo and you safe while sleeping:

  • While you’re sleeping, secure the bandage well. The adhesive might not be that strong. However, you can use medical tape here.
  • You should never use plastic to wrap your tattoo. It will make your sweater grow bacteria. 
  • Don’t apply any tape to wrap the tattoo that will cause you pain while removing it.
  • Give your tattoo 4 to 7 days to set before you try sleeping on it. During that time, your tattoo will need enough oxygen circulation to heal. After a few days, a new skin layer will grow over your tattoo. Then, you can sleep without worrying about itching and hurting.
  • Don’t drink or eat anything affecting your 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping 8 hours is necessary to get a good tattoo. 
  • You should rotate your bed sheet regularly to get rid of pet hair or any other dust debris.
  • Don’t sleep on any side that creates direct pressure on your fresh tattoo.
  • Avoid blankets while sleeping for the first few days.

Can A Lack Of Sleep Delay A Tattoo To Heal?

Can A Lack Of Sleep Delay A Tattoo To Heal
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Insufficient sleep will undoubtedly slow your tattoo healing process: it is Proven. Once you get a tattoo, your body goes through a lot of scars and it is basically wounded. 

And all these scars require good sleep and nutritious food to prepare yourself. If you’re a night owl and sleep around five hours daily, it will affect the repairing phase after tattooing. 

Carrying a tattoo might sound fun, but the aftercare regime of a tattoo requires a lot of care. You should sleep at least 8 hours properly to recover from the peeling and scarring stage. So, good sleep is a must if you want your tattoo to heal faster.

Should I Wrap a Tattoo at night?

Should I Wrap a Tattoo at night
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Yes, you can wrap your tattoo before sleeping. It is recommended for the first few nights. The newly tattooed skin is sensitive and wounded. Any kind of dirt, sweat, and bacteria can affect the skin badly. To avoid further damage and heal it properly, you must warp your tattooed skin thoroughly. 

If you keep the new tattoo open while sleeping and it bleeds a bit, it will leak plasma. And the plasma can stick to the bedsheet. This creates more hazards to your new wound and increases the pain.

To avoid all these, you should keep the tattooed skin wrapped for a few nights after getting a new tattoo. 

When Can I Sleep on My Tattoo Again?

When Can I Sleep on My Tattoo Again
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You should give yourself enough time before you try sleeping on your tattoo. If you’ve tattoos on your thigh or anklet, this can create some real trouble. 

Stage one is considered to be the first week of getting a tattoo. In this stage, you can not create any direct pressure on it. This stage will create oozing and swelling and create some redness over your scar or tattoo. This stage is quite sensitive and requires extra care. 

However, if your healing process is slower, you might have to wait a bit longer before you start sleeping on your tattoo again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sleeping on my Tattoo Ruin It?

Yes, sleeping on a new tattoo will create swelling and itching and grow bacteria on the wound. This will ruin the tattoo ink as well as its design. Moreover, this can also carry some major infections as well. 

Why do people wrap their tattoos?

The major reason for wrapping tattoos is blood/ plasma. If you don’t wrap the tattoo, it will ooze plasma and bleed the wound. Besides, without the wrap, the tattoo ink can leak. This will ultimately give stains on your clothes and ruin the design.

What happens if you leave a tattoo bandage on too long?

If I wrap my tattoo for too long, it will increase the risk of infractions. Besides, wrapping will also block the oxygen to heal the wound. So, you better not wear the wrap for too long.

Final Words

The aftercare regime of the tattoo will decide how fast you can recover the wound. There are a few rules that your tattoo artist will direct you with. The first thing is getting enough sleep. And the other tip is to sleep properly while sleeping. You’ve known a few essential tips that everyone should maintain after getting a new tattoo.