How To Wash Microbladed Eyebrows?

Washing microbladed eyebrows is trickier than it seems. I am not exaggerating. You will have to follow separate routines depending on the time of microblading.

On the first day, the cleaning only involves blotting the treated area gently. The subsequent 9 days will require washing them with an antibacterial soap in the morning and at night. You will also have to put on some ointment during this period.

See? It is no piece of cake. But it will be once you go through the details.

How To Wash Microbladed Eyebrows?

How To Clean Microbladed Eyebrows: The First Day

The first day when you get microblading is all about absorbing excess fluid. Take a clean towel or tissue and blot the brows softly to mop up extra lymph fluid.

Continue the process until the oozing stops. Taking the liquid out will prevent scabbing and buildup.

How To Wash Eyebrows After Microblading: Day 2 To Day 10

You can wash your treated eyebrows from the second day. You are to rinse them gently (pat, do not rub) every morning and night using Cetaphil Cleanser or Dial with water. You can find other soaps too, but it has to be antibacterial.

Cleanse the area mildly with your fingertips for 10 to 15 seconds. Then wash it with water until every particle of the soap is gone. Wipe the area with a soft cloth.

When To Wash Microbladed Eyebrows?

Follow the procedure for 9 days consecutively. Note that you must NOT use cleansing products that have lactic, glycolic, or AHA acids. Anything with exfoliants is also out of the list. Besides, you should not let water access your brows except for routine washes.

Aftercare During This Phase

While maintaining that routine, moisturize the brows by applying aftercare ointment using cotton swabs. The amount should be as little as a pea grain. You have to roll it out the treated place.

Do not over-apply the moisturizer. It will slow down the recovery process by suffocating the skin. It should be merely visible on the brows.

Remember to never moisturize your eyebrows when they are damp or wet. Use the healing balm as per your technician’s instructions. If your skin is exceptionally oily, you may not have to put it on at all. People with normal or dry skin can use it twice or thrice a day.

According to the experience of people who have done microblading, following the above instructions has resulted in swift recovery from side effects. They should be safe as long as you absorb, rinse, and moisturize your brows regularly.

Nevertheless, if you face any uneasiness or suspect something is wrong, contact your beautician as soon as possible.

Are There Other Instructions To Follow?

That is a question I like. It means you have braced yourself for more, and you are right. There are more instructions about the relevant topic – keeping your brows unwet. For examples,

  • Do not let your face get wet from showering for the first 10-14 days.
  • Do not let the brows get soaked in the pool, hot tub, or bath. Avoid swimming in chlorinated or salt water for a month. Also, say no to hot yoga or saunas meanwhile.
  • You cannot exercise for 1 to 1.5 weeks. Afterward, when you do, put on a sweatband. It will not help the treated area to steer clear of sweat. Keep wearing it until the recovery is over.
  • If they do get wet in the middle of the recovery phase, pat the area dry using a soft towel. Never try to rub.

When Can I Wash My Eyebrows Regularly After Microblading?

2 weeks is the duration. However, if your eyebrows take more time to heal, you should wait. Read more about the timing here.

Final Words

I hope washing microbladed eyebrows does not seem that complicated anymore. However, while it is simple, it is very important to ensure a healthy recovery for your eyebrows. So, follow the drill exactly as it is for the first 10 days while remembering the additional instructions.

And if there are any complications, do not wait to contact a professional.

That would be all. Happy microblading!

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