Is It Rude To Design Your Own Tattoo?

Some people feel that their personality or what they try to convey is unique and can best be expressed through a custom-made tattoo. If you’re one of them and you plan to create your own design for the tattoo, will it be rude to design your own tattoo? 

No, it is not rude to design your own tattoo. In fact, some artists even appreciate that you brought your own tattoo and know what you want. Tattoos are very personal for people. So, it is natural that you want to be involved in the process. But, know your capabilities. Designing a tattoo is very labor-intensive, and you can’t just whip out a design from thin air.Will It Be Rude If You Cust

So, Make sure you are artistically capable of creating a design,6 and remember that not all paintings or drawings would look good as a tattoo. Always consult with your tattoo artist. 

 In this article, we’ll give you a detailed answer to the question- is it rude to design your own tattoo? We will also discuss what to keep in mind while drafting a tattoo design and some tattoo etiquette. Let’s head into it. 

Will It Be Rude If You Customize Your Own Tattoo Design?

No, it’s the opposite. Many artists label it as a good thing cause it shows that the client is actually invested in the procedure and it makes the job easier for the artist. 

 A tattoo is mostly a private thing. A lot of people get tattoos to commemorate important memories of their life. It can commemorate someone’s death, someone’s first love, or someone’s own struggle through life.

Will It Be Rude If You Customize Your Own Tattoo Design

The colors and the designs sometimes help a person to work through life and grant them the courage to fight the crowd. The tattoo can also be a way to remind oneself what they survived and what they are meant to be in life.

So, it’s natural that one has to think hard and choose the right design that sends out the right meaning. 

There are hundreds of designs in the market but some might feel that the designs are not strong or powerful enough to echo their intended meaning. Creating your own design is not something that is frowned upon in the tattooing community.

Any client should have the absolute freedom to choose the design and to bring it to the artist. And, the majority of the artist don’t mind this and some even prefer it. Because it provides them with a framework for what the client wants. They know where to start and how to create the perfect tattoo for the client. They can also advise about the design.

However, note that some designs might look good on paper but might not be suitable for a tattoo. The reason is that when you are working on paper, you have a lot of freedom to customize or recreate your design. But, human skin is different. You can’t just draw willy-nilly. 

Also, the texture of human skin is different compared to paper. A good tattoo artist will always tell you what can be and what cannot be done with a design. So, Show your design to the artist to discuss what to be done with the design. 

How to Design Your Own Tattoo 

A tattoo is like any other artwork. The only difference is that it is done on human skin instead of a canvas or paper. Also, you have to think about the placement. There are many small things that you have to keep in your mind before you can design a tattoo.

How to Design Your Own Tattoo
  • Firstly, You have to choose the placement of the tattoo. The placement of a tattoo influences the tattoo’s design and its size. Suppose, if you want a tattoo on your arm, then you cannot draw a very big design with a lot of details. But, tattoos that are on the back, can accommodate a lot of details. So, first, choose the placement and adjust your design accordingly.
  • Now, let’s get into the main design. Keep the initial design simple and draw the design in steps. Make some copies of the first sketches and then add different ideas to the design. This will help you to set the main design using trial and error. 
  • Next, You have to think about the colors that get into the tattoo. High-quality color makes your tattoo appear more vibrant and lively. When you are selecting the color for the design, keep in mind your skin tone. Some colors suit dark skin more than fair skin. Your skin tone also has an important role in deciding the shade and depth of the color. 
  • Details are also an important part of a tattoo. The small details actually make or break a tattoo. So, keep in mind what small and intricate details you are inputting into the design as not all details cannot be accommodated on your skin. 

Tattoo Designs Do’s and Don’t 

Although bringing your own design is not considered rude, some acts can be a bit rude. Let’s go through some do’s and don’ts so you none of your acts seems impolite.

Tattoo Designs Dos and Dont

Tattoo Design Don’ts 

  • Never demand that the tattoo design should be created exactly like the picture you have drawn. An artist can’t recreate the drawing perfectly for obvious reasons. Be understanding.
  • Don’t ask an artist to copy another artist’s design. A tattoo design is like a brainchild of an artist. If you copy it, then you are sort of stealing from the artist. It also sends the message that you don’t think your own artist is capable enough for the task.
  • Don’t be offended if your artist doesn’t want to do what you have drawn. Some artists prefer to work with their own designs. Be understanding and move on.
  • Never force an artist to do a work that is not their style. All tattoo artists have their own style which makes them unique. If you forcefully make the artist do a style that is alien to them, you are making your artist transverse unknown waters. It might result in a bad tattoo which no one wants.     

Tattoo Design Do’s 

  • Be understanding as not all things will go according to your plan
  • Be flexible as any problem might appear out of nowhere.
  • Give your artist the breathing space he needs to do his work. Don’t overwork him or command him.
  • Be polite to your artist.
  • Always consult and work with your artist. The artist is there to help you to achieve what you want.

Is It Rude to Change Your Mind About The Tattoo Design at the Last Minute?

It can be considered rude to change your mind at the last minute about the tattoo. Your tattoo artist has spent time drawing, customizing and preparing for your tattoo. When you cancel it, all those hard works go to waste.

 When you come to a tattoo artist for an appointment, he/she expects that you are well prepared for the commitment. The tattoo artist might work hours on the design. A design needs a lot of editing to make it ‘Tattooisque’. He/She has to customize the design, fix the shade and tone, select the colors and make a sketch of the design.

Is It Rude to Change Your Mind About The Tattoo Design at the Last Minute

All this is done with the expectation that the client will be there. If you cancel the appointment or change the design at the last minute, It results in a waste of time.

Your artist could have spent the time preparing for another design or could have awarded the slot to another client. Your change of mind results in financial waste and time waste for the client. So, be sure before you make an appointment. Take your time and make sure that your mind is fixed.

Is it Rude to Change Tattoo ideas?

It is not rude to change tattoo ideas as tattoos are a lifetime thing and a big commitment. You have all the right to change your tattoo design. But, make sure you inform the artist before the appointment and pay them if they have spent time designing your previous tattoo idea.

 A tattoo is a big commitment and almost a semi-permanent thing. It is expected that you might need a lot of time to select and properly embrace a design. It is better to change the design than end up with a tattoo that you truly don’t like.

Is it Rude to Change Tattoo ideas

But, make sure that you change your mind before the tattoo appointment. It is better to postpone an appointment to discuss the changes with your artist. If they have spent considerable time on your previous design, then pay them for their hard work.

Personalizing Your Tattoo Journey 

As we wrap up, it’s clear that designing your own tattoo isn’t a faux pas, but rather a personal touch to a meaningful art form. Remember, it’s all about collaboration and respect. Many tattoo artists appreciate your involvement, as it adds a unique and personal element to their work. Your tattoo is a reflection of your identity, and it’s entirely reasonable to want a say in its creation. This guide aimed to steer you in the right direction, and now, it’s your turn to let your creativity flow. Sketch out your ideas, consult with an artist, and embark on the exciting journey of making your vision a reality. Happy inking!

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