What Does A 140 Tattoo Mean?

Numbers in the form of tattoos are a precise way to signify something about your life, character, or personality. One of the most chosen numbers as a tattoo is 140, which has several interpretations that one would find relatable.

The most common message of a 140 tattoo is sobriety. People use it to show how many days they have stayed sober. Some get it as the number of their work hours to express dedication to their job.

Wondering about the symbolism and placement? Find them below!

140 Tattoo Symbolism And Meaning

There are different symbols of a 140 tattoo. A popular one is about sobriety. If you have struggled with staying sober but managed to do it for months, you can get the 140 tattoo to signify the number of days you successfully abstained from touching alcohol or drugs.

The beautiful thing about the tattoo is that it is a sign of your determination and perseverance. It reminds you of your dark days and transition to your present phase while helping you keep following the right direction. When you look at it, you feel brave and proud of making it to where you are at the moment and appreciate your life.

Another symbol is to use the number as your work hours. Suppose you had a hectic project you accomplished by pouring your heart and soul into it. You can calculate your work hours, and if it is anywhere near 140, you can get the tattoo as a tribute to yourself and your hard work.

You can also symbolize the tattoo from a religious aspect by modifying the design. If you make it “140:4”, it can refer to psalm 140:4 of the bible. That way, it can mean you are using it to protect yourself from evil.

140 Tattoo Placement

The size of the tattoo is tiny unless you want to add elements to it. People usually choose to have them in areas where it is easily visible. Since the tattoo is mostly about determination, dedication, and protection, they like to show it off.

For example, you will find the 140:4 design around people’s neck region. Wrists and arms are also common places for tattoos with digits.

Anything To Consider Before Getting The Tattoo? 

Law enforcement organizations often use the tattoo 140 as a code to identify criminals with a conviction of physical harassment and sexual offense. The basis of the code is the offender’s previous crimes and the extremity of their felony.

So, there is a slight chance the tattoo will get you in danger even if you are innocent. People can misinterpret it and treat you differently. If you still cling to the plan of getting the number 140 tattooed on your body, be prepared for that.

Final Words

While you should consider what I said in the previous section before getting a 140 tattoo, I do not suggest you dismiss the idea instantly.

No matter what 140 tattoo meaning you choose, it will make a bold and intimate statement. So, think it through if having the tattoo is worth it. If yes, then go for it!

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