666 Tattoo Meaning: [Symbolism, Spirituality, Design Ideas]

A 666 tattoo is one you are bound to look at twice when it comes to your attention. Then it forms an impression in your mind about the person who has it before you know it. And that is expected. The symbol has something that draws you toward it, doesn’t it?

That is because a 666 tattoo has a dark theme, as people mostly relate it to darkness and evil. However, some also see it as a sign of power, good luck, wisdom, etc.

The 666 tattoo meaning has both negative and positive interpretations. You will know about all there is to its significance and symbolism in this article.

Meaning And Symbolism Of The 666  Tattoo

For many, the sign stands for evil and sinistrous things. But interestingly, others think it will bring them good luck and authority, making them resourceful, successful, and capable.

What Does A 666 Tattoo Mean?

Although it entirely depends on your beliefs and opinions, the dark history of the 666 sign is undeniable. Some cultures consider it positive, but others do not. Here are the most common symbolisms involved with the 666 tattoo meaning.

Upholding The Rebel Spirit

People with a rebel spirit get the 666 tattoo to announce that they are their own person and are not accountable to anyone. Like-minded people sometimes select the design as a mark of protesting against a domineering society.

Nonetheless, others have a simple outlook towards it, picking the design as their instant impression and aesthetic appeal.

Connecting With Guardian Angels

Some people hold the number 666 precious, considering it a powerful symbol of guidance and protection. The tattoo, being a part of them, asks their angels to look out for them and carry them through the bad times. Again, they call for fortune and success via 666.


The Bible refers to the number 666 as the indication of the beast. If you think about the tattoo spiritually, you acknowledge its power to protect you. It becomes a way for you to build a connection between your individuality and spirituality while being a pretty and significant piece of art on your body.

So, you will find both types of people. One group chooses the 666 tattoo design to display their dark personality. But the other likes it sheerly for the odds to be on their side. Due to the contradictory connotations, it has become a trendy choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

But understand that it is essential to be alert about the symbol as it has contradictions and myths. You can face condemnation from people believing them.

Besides, the superstitions, legends, and prejudices about it can also impact your image psychologically. A tattoo is a permanent body art and should not be something you regret later. So, you should use your best judgment before deciding to have a 666 tattoo.

666 Tattoo Design Ideas

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Final Words

You should contemplate the 666 tattoo meaning before getting it. As you have clearly seen, the interpretation varies by a large margin. For one, it is to show loyalty to the devil. But for another, it is for protection from the devil.

So, you should take all the time you need to find a message that speaks for you and to you. It is highly important for a symbol like 666 since it has multiple interpretations. Once you decide on it, you can look for a suitable design.

Then it is time to select the area for placing the tattoo, pay attention to its size and details, and get it done by a professional tattoo artist. All the best!