What Does A Bobby Pin Tattoo Mean?

Bobby pins are small plastic, metal, or wood-made tools to use in your hair to keep it away from your face and eyes. From styling your hair to unlocking a door, there are many uses for a bobby pin. So, it will not be much of a surprise if you see it as a tattoo on someone, especially when it has meaningful messages, right?

Girls and women often get a bobby pin tattoo to unleash a side of their personality. It indicates that no one should mess with the bearer of the tattoo. Moreover, they often get it to symbolize good fortune.

You can also add bits and pieces to make your bobby pin tattoo look unique. The article will illustrate the most common one for you.

Bobby Pin Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

Bobby Pin Tattoo Meaning

Women sometimes get a bobby pin tattoo to use as a language to mark their territory. You might wonder how that is so. Let me explain.

Suppose a girl dates a guy and keeps her bobby pins in his house. If there are more pins that are not hers, it is a sign that her boyfriend is cheating or has more than one girlfriend.

That was really cheesy, no? But believe it or not, they have proven effective at helping girls leave problematic relationships. Anyway, that is one reason for them to get a bobby pin tattoo.

In this example, the tattoo works as a good luck charm. It is also kind of a silent warning that you should not do anything bad to the tattoo bearer.

Bobby Pin Tattoo Design Idea

A popular design for a bobby pin tattoo is X-shaped. If you think about having a bobby pin tattoo, you can easily add another pin to make the cross shape.

2 bobby pin creating an x-shaped tattoo

When the two pins interlock one another and create an X, the image turns out to be very cool, making a quick impression on the viewer. The simplicity of the design gives you the freedom to place it wherever you want. And about its colors, people usually prefer it in grey and black.

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Placement Of The Tattoo

The beauty of a bobby pin tattoo is its simple details. You can tattoo it anywhere you like. Since it is very tiny, you do not have to worry about the pain.

However, you will mostly find it on people’s wrists or fingers. An interesting place for the tattoo is behind your ear. Mind you that the bobby pin tattoo meaning also changes with it.

bobby pin tattoo on the finger

You can make the tattoo unique if your hair is long. So you can keep it hidden whenever you want. The concept of the bobby pin is that you should match it with your hair color. Say, a brown pin would suit brunette hair.

A bobby pin tattoo behind your ear sends the opposite message. When you keep your hair down, it means the pin is unable to serve its purpose. It will be visible only when you pin up your hair with a bobby pin.

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Final Words

You might find the bobby pin tattoo meanings too specific. But it is not like that.

A bobby pin tattoo does not necessarily indicate anything about your past relationships. It could simply stand for good luck for you or be a sign of your obsession over cute little things.

The best part about getting it is that you will not have to worry about physical pain at all. So, you could try it any day and attribute a personal message to it. All the best for that!

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