What Does A Hatchet Man Tattoo Mean?

People have used the term ‘Hatchet Man’ for various purposes in recent years. Initially, it described an assassin hired to commit murders with so much discretion that the crime scene had no traces. The murderer was thought to go everywhere and do whatever they wanted without being identified. Hence, they were nicknamed ‘Hatchet Man.’

While the original meaning is still intact, the phrase or its image came to have a set of other interpretations when adopted as a tattoo design. Now it symbolizes power, protection, and courage. Determination and strength are also found to be derived from it.

Let’s dig deeper into this shady yet catchy tattoo design.

Hatchet Man Tattoo Symbolism

The hatchet man tattoo has been there since the 18th century as a symbol on tattoos, posters, and t-shirts. Paid by a person or gang, a hatchet man intimidated or forced people into doing something their employers wanted them to do.

Hells Angels, members of the legendary  1% biker clubs, symbolize the logo as loyalty. With their ‘No colors, no club’ motto, they will not let you be a one percenter or associate with others if you do not decorate your entire body with tattoos.

The tattoo is visible in outlaw gang members like the 1% biker clubs. They use the hatchet man tattoo to demonstrate loyalty, unity, trust, and power. It sends their rivals the message that no one should monkey with the members.

Additionally, the symbol represents chaos, anarchy, and aggression, with hatchet men known for causing violence to avenge their enemies. They are also hostile toward authorities, rivals, and anybody who does not respect them.

Hatchet Man Tattoo Meaning

The Juggalo Interpretation

Juggalos are fans of the hip-hop music group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) or other hip-hop groups signed to Psychopathic Records. Hatchet man tattoos are famous among Juggalos because ICP’s unofficial mascot is a man holding a bloody hatchet.

Now, a hatchet man is generally cruel and arrogant, expert in using circumstances to their advantage, which has nothing to do with the ICP mascot. On top of that, the Juggalos abide by their Juggalo Code, which inspires them to follow their hearts and live freely in harmony. It could not be more contradictory.

However, the original hatchet man meaning has no impact here. A person having the ICP mascot tattoo simply tells others about their love and support for the hip-hop duo. It is a sign of loyalty and belongingness for the Juggalo community.

Sex Offenders

The hatchet man tattoo has been shockingly found on sex offenders. Some people on Reddit commented that the tattoo refers to pedophilia according to prison lingo. There is a chance a prisoner bearing the design will not survive in jail.

However, the tattoo has a connection with the Juggalo folk, other than the prison lingo. Some fans caught for sex crimes were identified as Juggalo because of their hatchet man tattoo. Although the crimes and the community are unrelated, it gave the tattoo a negative impression.

Family Person

From a very different aspect, the hatchet man tattoo can represent one’s willingness to support and provide for their family. They would do anything to protect and secure their dear and near ones by fighting back when under attack or during bad times. So the tattoo means strength and dedication to them on a highly positive note.

Final Words

Most people who get the hatchet man tattoo get it to root for their supported community and its culture. It could be ICP or Hells Angels. Others cling to the meaning originally intended for the phrase to represent their inner selves.

You can see which category you belong to. And then get your hatchet man tattoo.