What Does A Lightning Bolt Tattoo Mean?

A lightning bolt is an immensely strong natural occurrence. It may not be the most delightful one, but you cannot neglect when it takes place. Just like that, you cannot overlook it as a tattoo on someone. The appearance of lightning is nothing complex, yet its meaning can be highly engaging.

A lightning bolt tattoo has mostly positive meanings expressing power, fertility, strength, etc. But when interpreted otherwise, it can indicate despair or corruption. However, you will also find people who care nothing about the meaning but find inspiration from different persons or book characters to get the tattoo.

Take a few minutes to go through the article dedicated to introducing you to the lightning bolt tattoo, what it is, how its meaning varies across cultures, and its common tattoo variations.

About The Lightning Bolt 

Lightning occurs when the imbalance between the ground and the storm clouds causes an electrical discharge. Most of them do not strike the ground, as the clouds take their toll.

When a storm hits, you see the collision of snow, rain, and ice particles, increasing the disparity between the clouds and the land. Then things on the land get positively charged to create more imbalance among the clouds that are negatively charged.

The temperature of lightning is tremendously high enough to heat its surrounding areas five times hotter than the sun. When we hear thunder instantly after the lightning bolt, it is due to the vibration and expansion of the air created by the lightning heat.

Lightning Bolts Across Cultural History


The most common element to relate lightning bolts to is Greek mythology. For example, you must have read about Zeus in numerous paintings, murals, and stories. Portrayed with lightning, he wielded powerful bolts and hurled them toward his Titan enemies. It stood as his weapon and symbol of might over the entire universe.

The lightning bolt also had a philosophical value to the Greeks. The uncertainty of lightning’s appearance signified the volatility of humans and the instability of life events. And since Zeus had a deep association with it, lightning bolt represented intelligence, insightfulness, intuition, and supremacy, too.

But what surpassed all those meanings was fertility. When lightning caused rain to pour, it grew crops and fertilized the land. So, being the herald of life and rain, lightning bolts hold a positive symbol of hope, renewal, and creation. As humans switched from hunting and gathering to cultivating, the salience of land fertility became of high importance for them.


The Chinese also shared the concept of lightning standing for prolificacy. On the contrary, the Native Americans considered it as the image of the mythical creature Thunderbird that embodied morality, truthfulness, and integrity. As per the people of the Hopi tribe, lightning shouts out from the eyes of the Thunderbird to destroy the immoral, untruthful, and ruthless.

When you think of the Celts, the interpretation becomes more spiritual. To them, the places struck by the lightning bolt were sacred. They used to turn those places into worship centers and perform religious ceremonies and rituals.

In a nutshell, all the historical cultures have positive attributes to the lightning bolt. But when associated with control, authority, and power, it also becomes susceptible to evil traits like dishonesty and deception.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Symbolism

An expertly designed lightning bolt tattoo can symbolize speediness, decisiveness, and power. It also signifies a moment of a split second by mirroring a thunderbolt.

It is not that every lightning bolt tattoo will express the same something. Some of them can even be a sign of fascism, racism, and inequality. For instance, the SS tattoo design resembles lightning bolts for its flat design with sharp ends. People advocating for neo-Nazis or white supremacy usually get this tattoo.

Since the same tattoo can have vastly different symbolisms, it is better to acquire knowledge about their meanings. Look down to find the connotation of a lightning bolt tattoo from negative and positive aspects.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning

From A Positive Outlook 

A lightning bolt has a range of positive meanings, like strength, determination, truth, etc. If you follow the belief of the Native Americans and treat your lightning bolt tattoo as the Thunderbird, it will tell people about your personality. They will know that you are morally ethical, righteous, and dependable. It could also be a testament to your determination to go through the storm and come out victorious.

Then there are Japanese and Chinese myths, both of which have positive indications about the lightning bolt. You can take inspiration from them too.

Apart from that, the lightning bolt, a mighty force of nature, reminds people of their smallness in the universe. Nature lovers are often inclined to get the lightning tattoo to pay tribute and humble themselves about their existence on earth.

Moreover, people use the lightning bolt tattoo to display visceral emotions, as it is a primal force on our planet. Because of that, it can represent instincts, emotions, inspiration, creativity, clarity, and volatility – sort of all the intense feelings that wrap up human minds.

From A Negative Outlook

On the other side of the coin, lighting bolt tattoos joined with rain clouds symbolize misfortune, lowness, and despair. Then some people take its representation of power in the wrong way and make it nefarious.

For instance, a pair of lightning bolts shows a person’s stand in favor of white supremacy. If you spot them on someone’s neck, you can be sure that they are silently bragging about their race. Prisoners show it off to let their inmates know that they adhere to the Nazi ideology. That should not be a source of inspiration for anyone to get a lightning bolt tattoo.

Even more, getting lightning tattoo designs in questionable parlors can give you trouble. Officers in law enforcement are well aware of the tattoos that spread racist messages. Therefore, getting a suspicious lightning tattoo could even take you to prison.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Designs

The most common form of a lightning bolt tattoo is its natural form as a robust force of nature. So, people often get creative and add other elements and colors to make it look unique and appealing. Plus, others take inspiration from pop cultures, such as series, films, and characters. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Lightning Bolt Tattoos With Clouds

Sometimes a lightning bolt tattoo is accompanied by clouds emitting electric strikes. You can get it realistically or in an animated cartoon version. Again, you can combine stylistic and realistic elements in a single design.

Realistic lightning bolts with imminent storm clouds in dark blue or greyscale and purple shades in the zigzag bolt will make it captivating. At the same time, the tattoo will reveal the depth and layers of your personality with both components.

There are also other designs where you can design a lightning bolt with a cloud or a number of clouds with several lightning streaks. In realistic renderings, people often incorporate Zeus or his commanding hand into their tattoo designs to represent power.

Lightning Bolt Tattoos With Colors

You can render the bolt in vivid colors with black and thick contour lines, taking inspiration from comic books. When you place the deep yellow bolt on a circle of white in a red field, it will look like the symbol of The Flash, a DC hero and the embodiment of superhuman speed.

Other color combinations or the absence of color may add more elements to the lightning bolt tattoo design. Doing that with the Flash lightning bolt can serve as a unique virtue or a tribute to a favorite runner or sportsperson.

Some people prefer tiny lightning bolts like cute animated symbols. Their plus point is that you can have them on any body part. It demonstrates a whimsical, imaginative, and eccentric characteristic, often taking shapes like stars, flowers, clouds, and hearts. On the other hand, others select graphical images to liven up the bolt shape.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Inspiration From Harry Potter

Here comes the part of the article I have been eagerly looking forward to since the beginning. I mean, it is pretty obvious if you are a Harry Potter fan. The first thing you remember when you see a lightning bolt tattoo is that round-spectacled wizard boy’s scar, right?

Many fans get that scar-shaped tattoo to express their love for The Boy Who Lived. The simple tattoo design puts the entire Harry Potter fandom in a minute image.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Inspiration From David Bowie

Of all the things that remind people of David Bowie and his Aladdin Sane album, the lightning bolt on his face on the cover of the album is the most prominent. And that inspired a lot of fans to get that tattoo to display their love for the singer.

Besides, you have to agree that the tattoo is very vibrant and impressive. While everyone will not relate your tattoo to David Bowie, they will surely look twice at that tiny attention-grabber design.

Other Inspirations

Other than The Flash, Harry Potter, and David Bowie, some noticeable inspirations for lightning bolt tattoos are:

  • The facial tattoo of Lady Gaga with her makeup inspired by lightning
  • The one in between the name of AC/DC
  • The one in the spelling of KISS (where SS is made to look like lightning bolts.)

Final Words

Learning about a tattoo’s meaning is essential, particularly when it has contradictory interpretations. But do not be scared. You can always get a lightning bolt tattoo as long as you get the design right.

That being said, you have to ensure that you get your tattoo from a non-questionable and well-reputed tattoo shop. Good luck with your lightning bolt tattoo!

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