What Does Pocahontas Tattoo Mean? [Variations & Symbolism]

If Disney was a part of your childhood, you must have watched the movie Pocahontas and been her fan. Now, if you have considered making Disney or Pocahontas a part of your body art, you have certainly looked up what it could represent on your behalf. In fact, the Pocahontas tattoo has evidently become a favorite of Disney lovers in general.

Some see the tattoo as a representative of courage, beauty, and power. Others think it is a way to display allegiance to one’s native people, tribe, or community. You could take it as a source of religious or spiritual inspiration, while it may establish a connection between people and nature.

Aside from different meanings, the Pocahontas tattoo comes in different variations as well. I will tell you all about them, hoping you find them as intriguing as I did.

What Does Pocahontas Tattoo Mean?

The Story Of Pocahontas

Pocahontas is mainly known as the famous Disney film with the same title. Although people often think it was based on real characters and incidents, the film was fictional.

The story took place in the 1600s when Captain John Smith went on a quest to seek the New World and gold for the power-hungry Governor Ratcliffe.

The Powhatan Indian tribe was there, led by its Chief Powhatan. He had a free-spirited, adventurous, and curious daughter named Pocahontas. She was different from others her age, always afraid of facing coercion to get married to Kocoum, a stern but well-reputed soldier and the chief’s right-hand man.

Now, due to dramatic turns of events, Captain John Smith crossed the path of Pocahontas. Then they fell in love, and their worlds overlapped.

We all know what happens then. Kocoum became the villain only to be killed by Smith’s settler, causing Smith to be imprisoned by the Powhatan tribe and get a death sentence for the murder.

However, Chief Powhatan was made to call off Smith’s execution by Pocahontas’ pleas. Then followed an attack on the order of Governor Ratcliff, resulting in Smith taking a bullet to protect the chief. So his settlers had to leave to take him back to England as he needed immediate medical attention. When he asked Pocahontas to join him, she sadly refused because she could not think of leaving her father and her people.

Pocahontas Tattoo Meaning

I have collected the most popular Pocahontas tattoo designs and written their meanings below for your understanding. While you can use your creativity for your Pocahontas tattoo, it will help to look at the following examples to get some idea.

The Pocahontas Tattoo

Pocahontas inspired the creation of many artworks and monuments since she stepped into the traditional culture. When you take it to the art of tattooing, the symbolization of Pocahontas matters a lot.

Pocahontas Tattoo
Pocahontas Tattoos

Her character signified strength during times of uncertainty. She also had a sense of looking for risky and adventurous ventures while being loyal and committed to her tribe and possessing the capability of leading her people.

The Wind Tattoo

You will find the Pocahontas tattoo in various designs in a local tattoo parlor. A common one is Pocahontas’ portrait during the ‘Colors of the Wind’ song, where we see her in the middle of dazzlingly colored leaves dancing in the air.

Pocahontas Tattoo - Color of Wind Tattoo
Pocahontas Tattoo – Color of Wind Tattoo

The song is about the lifestyle of Native Americans, referring to the close connection between humankind and nature. Nature lovers take a great interest in the design.

The Red Armband Tattoo

The Red Armband Tattoo
The Red Armband Tattoo

Another famous Pocahontas tattoo comes in the design of her red armband encircling her upper arm with several spikes hanging. It is a symbol of Powhatan or Algonquian women and is widely integrated into the culture of Native Americans.

The Meeko And Flit Tattoo

If you recall, Pocahontas had the cutest animal friends – a raccoon called Meeko and a hummingbird called Flit. Interestingly enough, these characters make meaningful Pocahontas tattoos to display intimacy and love for nature.

The Meeko And Flit Tattoo
The Meeko And Flit Tattoo

Meeko and Flit were light-hearted and amusing characters, always quarreling playfully with each other. But one common ground between them was their friendship with Pocahontas and their protectiveness towards her. So, if you want your Pocahontas tattoo to remind you of true friendship, you have them.

The Grandmother Willow Tattoo

Remember Grandmother Willow? The guardian angel of Pocahontas? She is also found in the tattoo universe of Pocahontas.

The Grandmother Willow Tattoo
The Grandmother Willow Tattoo

Whenever Pocahontas needed guidance, she went to Grandmother Willow, always advising her to listen to her heart to discover what she really wanted, even if that called for a difficult decision. She prioritized being oneself over anything that might be an obstacle.

Thus, the tattoo design of Grandmother Willow stands for the significance of staying true to oneself.

The Compass Tattoo

There was a compass covered in leaves moving in the air, symbolizing the uncertainty in Pocahontas’ life, becoming more intense upon the arrival of John Smith.

The Compass Tattoo
The Compass Tattoo

The Pocahontas tattoo meaning extends to that compass, too. It frequently appeared in the movie to mark Pocahontas’ aplomb in her life choices. As people often get tattoos to speak for an individual’s characteristics, the compass tattoo qualifies eligibly for that purpose.

The Pocahontas And John Smith Tattoo

Although rarely found, people also get a tattoo of Pocahontas with her love of life, John Smith, portraying true love. Their family and community were against their love for each other, resembling the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Pocahontas And John Smith
Pocahontas And John Smith

So, their togetherness is a symbol of acceptance and respect for diverse people and their uniqueness, which persists against racial stereotypes.

The Watercolor Tattoo

As illustrated in the film, tattoo artists often create Pocahontas tattoos in watercolors to make them more vibrant and realistic.

As a result, they are very lively and bright with a solid touch of animation. For example, you can see the Pocahontas’ long black hair and the leaves floating defiantly in the wind. That would highlight her free-spirited characteristics and that no one can stop her from being herself.

Then there were more natural elements throughout the movie, specifically in the song ‘Just Around the Riverbend’, which showed Pocahontas’ yearning for adventure. These images have powerful meanings that fascinate people.

Final Words

Pocahontas had a multitude of characteristics. You can have her designed in your tattoo to represent loyalty, love, sacrifice, commitment, strength, spiritual connection, and a hundred other messages. Besides, you can also take other elements or characters from the movie.

If any Pocahontas tattoo meaning and design discussed above clicks with you, go for it. Or if they have sparked your creativity to generate new ideas, kudos to you on finding your Disney tat! Good luck!

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