How To Get Above Eyebrow Tattoo? [With Aftercare]

Face tattoos are a trend among celebrities and rock-stars nowadays. It’s one of the most highlighted parts of hip-hop culture. Some people even get full-face tattoos, whereas others opt for small tattoos.

Have you noticed the face tattoos most famous people on the internet get just right above their eyebrows?

The above eyebrow tattoo is one of the most famous face tattoos that people get just over their right or left eyebrow. These tattoos are usually very small. People often choose various scripts, words, names, and simple significant signs to get tattooed above their eyebrows. The above eyebrow tattoos will surely bring a new change to your facial appearance.

There are so many queries about the above eyebrow tattoo on the internet. So let’s look at the details of the above eyebrow tattoo to learn more about them.

What Does The Above Eyebrow Tattoo Consent Form Consist Of?

Like any other tattoo, you will have to go through a consent form to get a tattoo above the eyebrow. The consent form will have the basic terms that you go through while getting any tattoo, such as:

  • You are not under any influence under alcohol or drug
  • You don’t have any acne, freckles, pimples, or sunburn in the area you want your tattoo to be.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You are free of diseases that can spread to tattooists and other people.
  • You understand that there may be slight changes in color and style in tattoos. I understand that tattooing is everlasting.
  • You realize that having a tattoo will alter your look.
  • You promise to follow all recommendations concerning the aftercare of the tattoos, etc.

How To Get Above Eyebrow Tattoo

3 Steps For Getting An Above Eyebrow Tattoo

The process of this tattoo is almost the same as other tattoos, but with a few exceptions. Let’s look at those:

1. Choose A Design For The Tattoo

The first thing you will be offered after you enter a tattoo parlor is a tattoo book. Now, in the case of the above eyebrow tattoo, you will usually find a small collection. Because above eyebrow tattoos are usually small, unless you want your tattoos to reach your forehead or you are going for a full-on face tattoo look.

People usually like to have a little tattoo above their eyebrows. One can also have their name or even the initials of the person they care about the most. You can customize the font or color according to your preference.

You can also go for musical tattoos, tiny cross tattoos, little heart tattoos, small tribal tattoos, any phrases, tiny bird tattoos, as well as your created designs are all options.

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2. Prepare Your Skin And Yourself

Before getting the tattoo, your skin needs to be prepared for the tattoo, and you also need to be mentally prepared.

At first, to clean and sterilize the area above the eyebrows, the tattooist will use some cotton balls that are drenched in rubbing alcohol. If you have skin products (e.g. sunscreen, cream, moisturizing oil), you will need some additional cleansing. Then it will be left to dry.

After that, they will use some sort of numbing lotion such as DR. Numb, which is lidocaine. It is a kind of mild anesthetic that is sufficient for these sorts of tattoos because these tattoos aren’t that invasive. The lotion will be applied and then covered with saran wrap. Then it will be left to sit on the skin for a while.

But any tattoo, even if it is as small as the above eyebrow tattoo, will not be comfortable. You will feel a cutting-like sensation. So this lotion will help eliminate the pain. The lotion’s numbing sensation doesn’t last much, only for 30–40 minutes. And that’s more than enough for the above eyebrow tattoos.

Also, you should drink some cold water to stay hydrated. Be mentally prepared for the process. You will feel like sweating because of nervousness, and your central nervous system might instruct your body to back away or move as a response to fear.

But sitting patiently and convincing yourself that the process is going to go okay will help you the most here.

3. Getting Your Above Eyebrow Tattoo Done

After the preparatory steps, the tattoos will peel off the saran wrap covering Dr. Numb. Then the area will be cleaned with a soaked cotton ball, leaving a clear space to work with.

It’s always better if your tattoo artist uses a stencil for the main part. Because then you can set the utensil and check whether you would like the tattoo in that place or a little bit to the left or right, a bit down or above, etc. It also helps you visualize the font on your face and decide on another tattoo design.

In the case of the stencil, your artist will make sure it sticks properly. After that, the artist will use some saran wrap to cover the machine. Then, as the process begins, you will hear the sound of the machine buzzing. When the needle enters your skin, you will feel some kind of cutting or pricking sensation. It won’t be too much because of the numbing cream. Still, you can ask for a break if you feel overwhelmed.

The artist will start with the first outline and go on filling in the outline to thicken the tattoo. The procedure will be very quick after the first outline is done.

At first, the tattoo might look like it’s too much. But don’t worry, it will fade and shrink after a while. After you are done, you will notice a little bit of bleeding, but not much, which is okay.

Above Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

Aftercare is the most important part of getting any tattoo to maintain its look and save you from potential infections. And the aftercare begins right when you are done getting the tattoo. First, your tattoo artist will:

  1. Clean off the remaining ink.
  2. Then wrap a bandage around the area after sterilizing it.

But even after your tattoo artist has done the basic aftercare, you will have to do aftercare for 7–10 days. These days, you will need to follow some instructions. Such as:

  • Don’t keep one bandage for more than 5-6 hours because that increases the chance of infection.
  • Use clean hands while unwrapping the bandage. Don’t take off your bandage unless you are in a safe environment.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the tattooed area.
  • Use a clean towel over the pillow for protection against germs.
  • Avoid tight clothing or clothes that might rub on the skin, like ski masks.
  • Don’t use too many aftercare products as they will harm more than they will do good. Just a small amount and one light layer of the product will be enough.
  • Avoid the sun, swimming pools, and soaking in water during this healing time. Doing any of this will result in scabs that will take the ink out of your tattoo.
  • If you are going outside, apply sunscreen to the skin even after the healing time ends.

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Final Verdict

The above eyebrow tattoo is surely the trendiest face tattoo that anyone can get. Although all the face tattoos are a great way to show off a chunk of your personality, a small scripted tattoo on your eyebrow is something else.

Carrying a small tattoo over the eyebrow that gives shape to your face will enhance your look more and give your face a subtle edge.

But you might not want to get it if you can’t take care of it like you need to. They need more care, if not equal to other tattoos because they are so close to your eyes. You need not worry because you are safe as long as you follow the aftercare routines.