Do You Still Have To Wax After Microblading?

Taking care of your body is a pristine form of self-love. Today, it has become increasingly demanding because of new and advanced beauty techniques. Waxing and microblading are two of them. However, people often get the wrong idea that these two are synonymous. So if they do get microblading treatment, they think there is no need to wax for a year or so.

However, they are not the same. You still have to wax after microblading when the brows have completely healed. In fact, you can continue any form of brow maintenance like threading or tweezing.

Now before your brows go up in exclamation, let me explain the reasons below.

Do You Still Have To Wax After Microblading?

Do I Still Have To Pluck After Microblading? (WHY?)

Yes, you have to because plucking and microblading are two entirely different concepts.

Plucking is a method performed to remove physical hair and brows. It prevents the hair from growing for 1 to 1.5 months. You can also carry it out on any body part other than your eyebrows.

Contrarily, microblading is the procedure of reshaping and recoloring your eyebrows as per your preference. It uses a pen-like device containing tiny needles. The tool releases color pigment as it strokes and shapes your brows. As it is a semi-permanent treatment, the blade does not go deeper than the dermis layer.

So you see, the purposes of the procedures differ. Waxing is a broader term than microblading. You have to wax or pluck your brows more regularly than microblading.

Moreover, one aims to remove hair while the other adds some by redefining it. It is not like when you get one treatment, you benefit from the other.

They are unrelated. Getting your eyebrows microbladed will not stop your natural brow hair from growing. So you may still have to go for waxing when necessary.

When Can I Pluck or Wax My Eyebrows After Microblading?

You can pluck your eyebrows after their full recovery. You must not do it before that to get the full advantage of your treatment. Keep the treated area neat after the procedure for healthy healing.

How To Pluck The Brows After Microblading?

The newly grown stray hairs can change the brow design after microblading. You can sort it by tweezing or threading undesired hair. Waxing is also an option but not recommended as it can alter your skin pigmentation.

Final Words

Microblading does not complement waxing. You cannot stop plucking your eyebrows after getting them microbladed because they do not serve a similar purpose. If anything, waxing will become more necessary after microblading to keep the undesired brows in shape.

However, do not start plucking before the recovery of your eyebrows. It can potentially cause scars and ruin the design. Wait till they heal to get the best out of your microblading, and then pluck the brows when there is stray hair to keep the design perfect.

That is all. Thank you, and happy self-loving!

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