How Much Do You Make Microblading Per Year?

The way microblading demand is soaring these days, many makeup enthusiasts are looking to make a career out of their passion. But the concern about its prospects asks for consideration, where the inevitable question of making money shows up. Do microblading artists live hand to mouth, or are they affluent?

Microblading services have a price range. Clients have to pay an amount between 350 USD to 1000 USD for that. If you get multiple clients weekly or maybe even daily, you can make a fortune in this profession.

But how good a career microblading will be is subject to a number of factors. Read below to get more insights on them.

How Much Do You Make Microblading Per Year

How Much Money Can You Make Microblading?

Microblading technicians earn a considerable sum when they are in the right place.

The money is conditional on your location, the type of clients you serve, and other factors, as with other professions. Although it is a high-end treatment, it is insanely popular at the moment. So there are many shops offering discounts on their services.

Therefore, if you are a skilled artist, you can hope to earn a comfortable livelihood provided that you can put enough time and effort into your craft.

I mentioned the price range in the intro, which is pretty broad. The reason, again, is due to the varying determinants that influence your income. Let’s have a look at them.


Technicians operating their businesses in metropolitan locations typically have a profitable and satisfying career in microblading. These places usually have higher living costs, so artists can ask for a higher price to perform specialty treatments like microblading.

If your residence is in a large city, it will be more likely for you to charge an amount in the higher range than the lower one. Besides, since there are more people, you will get more clients.

Contrarily, the scenario would flip in a small city, town, or rural area. The living cost will not be that high, so the price will also be low. But your job is in a fancy salon or shop, that is a different case.

However, that should not be any problem. The lower price will not bother you as the living cost is bearable.

Material Costs And Workplace Type

A technician has to bear expenses for microblading too. Pigments, needles, and other supplies are necessary to perform the procedure. You have to spend a portion of your earnings on them.

Where you work is also involved here. Working solo will not require you to share the income with anyone. However, as the local regulations require, you must pay the usual fees associated with running small businesses.

You can also work in salons or tattoo shops, where you will get two options.

Option one would require you to get a chair on rent. You will pay a fixed sum of payment weekly or monthly to carry out your services. On the other hand, the salon may allow you to pay a certain percentage of how much money you earn per sale. For instance, if it is 20%, and you gain 100 USD per hour, your workplace will get 20 USD.

By the way, it is also possible that none of the options will play any role. It is entirely up to your circumstances.


If you are a beginner, it is only fair that you will earn less money than a professional artist. But that should not let you down. As you progress and become more experienced, you can increase your hourly rates accordingly.

Moreover, the money will come based on each appointment. So if you get fewer clients, you will get fewer checks. It takes 1.5 to 3 hours to perform a microblading service.

But it will take more time for you in the beginning. Once you get proficient at it over time, you will become capable of treating more clients. Hence, the income flow will scape up. Also, a piece of it will become permanent once you get some return customers.

Beginners in the business often start with 100 USD as an hourly rate, varying with the mentioned factors. It is handsome money and an appreciable head start for a newcomer. There is no denying that the work is precise and challenging. So, if you can do it right, you will generate more money sooner than expected.

Since the precision depends on your expertise, you will need time to prosper since the money will come based on the effort and skill you demonstrate. Once you master the art, your business will easily net 6 figures for you. That is because clients are always willing to pay higher for efficient artists.

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The Type Of Your Clients

You want to have a satisfied bunch of clients who will keep coming to you repeatedly.

Microblading typically lasts 18 to 36 months. So, you will get clients daily if there are enough of them.

Now, it is always possible that you will not have busy weeks consistently. There will be fluctuations. Some weeks will be disappointing. But then there will be so many clients during the wedding and prom seasons that you will have to turn them away.

So, if you see it, it all amounts to having a loyal base of clients. They will keep coming back while promoting you by recommending their friends and families. That is how you make money on this path.

How Much Does A Microblading Artist Make Per Year?

Here is some easy math. If you charge 100 USD per hour and get only a couple of clients daily for a combined 4 hours, you will make 2000 USD per week or 100,000 USD (before taxes) each year.

That’s a lucrative amount, right?

Is Microblading A Good Career?

Yes. Microblading is a good career when you know the tricks of the trade.

You cannot expect to get down to work with amateur knowledge and inadequate competence and dream of prospering instantly. Just like other jobs, you need academic education and professional training. Some people also take an additional internship under a mentor to fortify their skills.

Besides, the beginning days will be tough. But you will grow as an artist with each passing day. If you work religiously, and your clients see promise in you, it is only a matter of time before you go big.

Final Words

Finally, how much money an artist makes microblading eyebrows is a huge motivation to work towards the career. But it cannot be the only force to drive your goal.

It also matters if you want to go through the part where you burn the candle at both ends to achieve a satisfactory level of expertise.

It is not viable to get the numbers precisely because it greatly varies within locations and the amount of time you work. However, you can safely expect to earn at least $100 per hour, which will only go up with your progress and experience.

Now I will ask you something. How many hours can you put into making your business flourish? How many clients can you serve excellently to have them back? That calculation is yours to make.

Best of luck!

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