How To Lighten Microbladed Eyebrows? [Practical Steps]

Eyebrow microblading is a trendy, fashionable, and popular method to reshape thin brows. Although most people usually succeed in getting their desired outcome, others do not get that lucky when the final shade result disappoints them. That is one scenario.

The other scenario occurs when microblading does not fade as fast as expected. People want them gone so they can refill their brows or get their natural look. So they look for ways to make the fading process swifter.

There are 3 approaches to lightening microbladed eyebrows. You can do so by following the aftercare instructions suggested by your technician. Other than that, you can take matters into your own hands and take steps at home. However, if you are too concerned about it, you can go to a salon and have a professional do it.

I will describe each method for you to decide which one is the most suitable. Let’s get down to that now.

How To Lighten Microbladed Eyebrows By Maintaining The Aftercare Suggestions?

How To Lighten Microbladed Eyebrows

Avoid Rinsing Your Brows After The Initial Treatment

Keep your microbladed brows entirely dry for the first 7 days. Wetting them with moisturizers or water might change their shade. Although they may look dry in the beginning, remember that they will lose the deepness with healing within the next several weeks.

If you think you cannot go a week like that, ask your beautician if it is okay to wash the brows with antibacterial soap.

Avoiding Makeup Products On The Treated Area

Do not use a moisturizer or makeup products on your brows. The rule is to keep them dry to keep the healing phase smooth.

Skincare and makeup items make the skin moist and influence the pigment color. If you want your brows to lighten naturally, you will avoid them.

Keep The Sleeping Area Neat During The Healing Process

Use clean pillowcases when your healing period starts. Also, try not to put extra stress or pressure on the recovering eyebrows while sleeping. When you rest, lie on the back, not the stomach.

If you cannot sleep on your back, use bandaids on the brows’ outer ends to prevent unwanted frictions with your pillowcase.

Avoid Picking At The Brows

Allow the brows to scab and peel in a natural process. Picking at them will cause scars. So avoid it by all means. Do not bring your fingers near your browline for the first few weeks of healing.

How To Fade Microbladed Eyebrows At Home?

Expose The Brows To Sunlight During Healing

If you think your eyebrows will turn dark even after healing, try breaking one or two aftercare guidelines. For one, you can expose the brows to direct sunlight. Continue the drill for 15 days after the procedure to notice a visible difference. But remember to put on sunscreen.

Get Yourself Swimming In Chlorinated Or Salty Water

Visit the beach or go to a pool for a swim. When you submerge your brows, it will lighten the pigment by saturating it with the water. As moisture fades the brow shade, wetting the brows in chlorinated water might be a big help.

Produce A Lot Of Sweat By Exercising

Hit the gym and do heavy workouts that will raise your blood flow. Produce as much sweat as you can so that it gets some pigment particles out of the brows. Aerobics is a good option in this regard. Or you can also go to a sauna for a more natural approach.

Exfoliate The Brows After Complete Recovery

An exfoliating solution on the brows will grind the upper skin layer away. You cannot expect instant results. But the brows will fade naturally over time. You can also use exfoliating masks for this purpose.

Can You Lighten Microbladed Eyebrows By Going To A Professional?

If the other two methods do not serve your purpose, you can consult a professional to lighten your eyebrows.

Choose A Saline Solution Procedure

See a professional to know if using a saline treatment is your best option. It will generate quicker results than the at-home techniques. But the brows will not fade until you go through it several times.

However, the treatment may cause soreness, bruises, and bleeding for weeks.

Laser Treatment For Immediate Outcome

Look online or ask your family and friends if you have any professional artists performing laser treatments in your area. But do not opt for it if you have microbladed your brows recently. That will result in scars around the treated area. Go for it only after the healing period is over.

Although laser procedures give immediate changes, you will need several sessions to get your expected brow shade.

Try Face Peels If You Are Up For A Chemical-Based Technique

Visit a PMU artist to make sure whether a professional face peel could lighten your microbladed eyebrows effectively or not. The treatment concentrates on the removal of your skin’s upper layer. So the desired change will come into being after the treatment.

Never go to an amateur or even a semi-professional artist for this. Since the procedure involves corrosive elements, an inexperienced beautician could cause you severe skin damage.

Besides, see to it that the chosen treatment fits your microbladed eyebrows. Otherwise, there will be unexpected consequences.

Schedule Microdermabrasion For A Steady Fading Process

Ask your local beautician to see if they can perform a microdermabrasion process on the treated area.

Choose this way when you want to exfoliate the brows with loose crystals or diamond tips. The process is a gradual one. So you will have to go back for several sessions for the eyebrows to look faded.

Note that dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are different things. Do not become confused between these two while scheduling your appointment.

Why Would Anybody Want Their Microbladed Eyebrows To Fade Faster?

I gave a brief answer in the intro. Here is more if you are interested.

  • The brows remain highly darker than desired in the post-treatment period. That is because your pigment color requires a couple of weeks to sit in your skin. They will lighten and become the expected shade over time. But some people are often reluctant to wait for the brows to take their course naturally. So, they want to make the fading process faster.
  • Some clients are dissatisfied with the final shade or shape of their brows. Also, there are cases of the color turning blue, gray, or orange within 5 to 6 months, caused by low-quality pigment, negligence in aftercare, or poor execution. So fading is their only option to correct the outcome.
  • Then there are some who lose interest in their microbladed eyebrows. Manually lightening the brows helps them get their natural brows back.

Final Words

Fading microbladed eyebrows reverses its outcome when you do not like it.

I suggest you think thoroughly before making the decision and wait till full recovery to let the pigment settle into its final shade. But if you dislike the shape and are sure about fading the brows, you can start by ignoring the aftercare instructions.

You can try home remedies too. They work but with a sluggish pace. If that does not suit you, you can always seek professional procedures. Whatever option you choose, ensure that it secures your best interest.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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