How To Lighten Tattooed Eyebrows: [9 Solutions]

Did you get eyebrow tattoos that look too deep in color and too overdone? Do they look like they could use a little bit less color in them?

Eyebrow tattoos looking too deep and too artificial in color are a common issue. If there are no other issues with the tattoos, like a wrong shape or curve, an easy solution to the deepened color is to lighten the tattoos a bit. But how to lighten tattooed eyebrows?

You can lighten your tattooed eyebrows in various ways in either a salon or at home. In the salon, you can get a chemical peel-off treatment, a laser treatment, or a saline treatment to lighten your tattoos. And at home, you can use exfoliation products and natural ingredients for lightning.

Let’s look at all the solutions in detail!

3 Salon Solutions For Eyebrow Tattoo Lightening

If you want quick lightening of your eyebrow tattoos, you should opt for a salon treatment. These treatments will cost you a bit of money, but they are sure to work. There are various sorts of methods for lightening tattoos at a salon.

Some of these take a few sessions, some of them don’t. Let’s have a look at some of these methods:

1. Chemical Face Peeling

If you are lightening your eyebrows at the salon, chemical face peeling is a route you can take. As this procedure concentrates on eliminating the topmost layers of the skin, the color of your eyebrows should disappear after you go through this professional peel treatment.

But you need to consult an esthetician to discuss if a professional skin peel will be a viable solution for you, as you don’t want any repercussions on your skin. Also, make sure you are getting this procedure done by an expert because it requires the use of corrosive ingredients. So, an untrained person could wind up causing significant damage to their body and skin.

Tip: If you have micro-bladed eyebrows, you should also consult an esthetician to determine which kinds of skin peeling treatments are appropriate for you.

2. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another approach to tattoo lightening. In this method, a laser delivers tiny bursts of energy in the form of visible light into the tattooed region. The wavelengths of the light are absorbed by the pigment particles in the skin layers and the particles shatter.

With each session of this treatment, the pigment particles degrade more and more until they are no longer present.

This procedure should be done if you want more quick lightening of the tattoo’s eyebrows. And keep in mind that you may need more than one laser therapy session to see your eyebrows fade to the ideal shade.

Note: If you just had your eyebrows micro-bladed, avoid this approach because this treatment may result in scars in the eyebrow area.

3. Saline Treatment

Saline treatment is a tattoo removal procedure that uses salt mixed with clean water and other ingredients to remove tattoo pigment from the skin. It works similarly to getting tattoos, but the result is the opposite.

To begin this process, the saline solution is injected into the skin. The solution will work to form scabs on your skin that will bring out the tattoo pigments from inside the skin. The scabs will fall off like any other scab, and the ink will also come out.

This procedure is very safe for the body as it uses hypertonic salt, which is different from the one we take as a necessary substance for our body. It also works naturally and is suitable for every color of the tattoo.

For just lightening the eyebrow tattoos, you won’t need many sessions of this treatment. It’s also cheaper than any other tattoo lightning treatment in the salon.

How To Lighten Tattooed Eyebrows

6 At Home Solutions For Eyebrow Tattoo Lightening

Getting eyebrow tattoos requires you to spend a few bucks. Now, imagine spending more money to get rid of those eyebrow tattoos. Is it not an option for you? You can surely go for home eyebrow tattoo lightening methods too. But how to lighten tattooed eyebrows in a homely way?

Well, to answer your question, let’s look at some of the at-home tattoo lightening solutions that naturally lighten the tattoos:

1. Using Salt For Tattoo Lightening

Salt is a handy ingredient that everyone has at their home. You can use this ingredient to lighten your eyebrow tattoos.

You just need to take some salt and apply it to your eyebrows. Then gently exfoliate that area. You need to do this every two day for the tattoos to lighten gradually. After the exfoliation, you will see scabs forming that is the upper layer of skin falling off, taking some of the pigment with them.

This method is extremely helpful for people with a darker complexion as it helps avoid hypo-pigmentation. It’s also cheap, causes less irritation, and is not abrasive to the skin. But there is always a risk of over-exfoliation, breaking the surface of the skin’s protective layers, etc., if you are not careful enough.

Note: When you are on this treatment, use non-alcoholic soap and don’t wear any makeup. Use good quality ointments and avoid picking up the scabs. Take proper care of the skin.

2. Normal Exfoliation

To remove the outermost layer of skin from your tattooed eyebrows, you can use an exfoliating solution. Exfoliating solutions of various types can be found in both high-end brands and drugstores. Keep in mind that the result might not be immediate or apparent right away, but you will see your eyebrow tattoos lightening naturally.

Be aware of your skin type before you opt for any particular exfoliation method or product. Exfoliating masks have been seen as effective for this type of lightning treatment.

Note: Every time you exfoliate, don’t forget to wash your face with lukewarm water and then moisturize it afterward.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching effects that can work as a lightening agent for your tattooed eyebrows. So, if you exfoliate your skin with a hydrogen peroxide solution, you will notice lightening as the exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the topmost layer.

What you need to do is take a 3% diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and gently introduce it to your skin using a cotton ball or cotton bar. Very lightly rub that in. Do this procedure twice a week. Be careful of your eyes while applying the hydrogen peroxide. Use a simple moisturizer to keep the eyebrow area moisturized.

4. Using Retinol Solutions

To lighten the eyebrow tattoos, you can incorporate retinol into your nighttime routine. As retinol includes vitamin A and stimulates cell renewal in the outer layer of your skin, it helps the eyebrow tattoos lighten naturally. The method works slowly but fruitfully.

So, what you should do is, about 30 minutes before you go to sleep, wash your eyebrow area with mild soap and clean water to clean your skin. Then pat it dry. Then wait thirty minutes and apply the retinol cream. Waiting for 30 minutes helps avoid any stinging that the retinol might cause.

Now take a small amount of retinol lotion and apply a layer to each tattooed eyebrow. You need to gently rub the retinol in that area. Use a mirror to help you apply it thoroughly. After applying the product, leave it on your face for the entire night.

In the beginning, you should apply this cream every third night. Because your skin slowly needs to become accustomed to it. After a few weeks, you can apply it every night. Continue applying it till you see your desired result.

Note: Consult someone experienced before opting for a particular retinol cream or solution.

5. Exfoliation With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is the one-step solution that you always reach for when your skin faces any problem. It also works wonders in lightening the tattooed eyebrows when you use it with Paederia Tomentosa. You also have to add vitamin E to that mixture. Gentle exfoliation of this mixture will work fine for natural tattoo lightening.

Although you can use this mixture on its own, it is better to pair the aloe vera gel with exfoliation particles that help loosen the dead skin cells. So, this pair will double the result of this method.

Note: If you are one of those people who have an allergy to aloe vera, avoid using this method.

6. Using Lemon As A Lightening Agent

Lemon juice is a natural source of citric acid, which is a weak acid. This weak acid works as a bleaching agent. So, if you apply lemon juice to your tattooed eyebrows, you will see its bleaching and lightning effect. It’s also non-harmful because this acid has a high pH, which is safe for your skin.

The application is also very easy. Just soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice and apply it directly to the skin. Rub for a few minutes and wash off with warm fresh water.

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A Few Precautions You Need To Follow

Much like the precautions you followed when you got the tattoos, you will also need to follow some more when you opt to lighten those tattoos. It is because, once again, your skin will yet again go through some changes. What you need to keep in mind is:

  • Before getting any tattoo lightning treatment in a salon, make sure you learn all the rules or regulations about when it’s not ideal for you to get this treatment.
  • Always follow the aftercare routine for any treatment you receive.
  • Avoiding infection is one of the most crucial things you need to keep in mind after getting any salon treatment.
  • Many of the home-done solutions might not be good for you if you have existing skin issues.
  • Before using aloe vera gel, do a patch test on the back of your hand to know if you have allergies.
  • Do not overuse retinol before your skin gets used to it, and learn when you should stop using it in case you see some adverse effects.
  • Don’t use all the methods together. If you choose aloe-vera, stick with it. Don’t start using retinol outside of this treatment. Because the mixture of various exfoliations and ingredients will be harsh on your skin.

Final Verdict

Now that you have learned how to lighten tattooed eyebrows at both the salon and at home, you will be able to decide which one works best for you. Keep in mind that with either method, you will need to go through some basic aftercare, although the aftercare might be more steps for a salon-done treatment.

Also, in any treatment, be mindful of your skin conditions and your health conditions (especially at salon treatments). Also, neither of these methods will work overnight. So have patience, trust the process, and don’t overdo anything.

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