How To Microblade Your Face: [Dermaplaning Explained]

Okay. Here is something to clear your confusion. If you have been surfing the internet trying to find something like face microblading because there has been a buzz about eyebrow microblading, first things first – it is not what you think it is.

Microblading is about refilling and reshaping your eyebrows. It fills the gaps in the brow hairs to make them appear fuller. But dermaplaning is an entirely different approach that shaves facial hair from your face. While the first procedure thickens the brow appearance, the second one thins out the skin surface (our discussion topic today).

So, apparently, when you were searching how to microblade your face, what you were looking for is how to dermaplane it.

Dermaplaning is a minimal and invasive process to shave away your upper skin layers. It helps lessen or cover the presence of pitted skin and acne scars. You can also perform it by using specific tools or seeing a professional to take out unwanted hair.

I will elaborate below on the method of carrying out dermaplaning at home. Do not miss it!

How To Microblade Your Face

What Is Dermaplaning?

It used to be an in-office process once. But now, it has become safe to apply at home. It includes surgical scalpels. You must apply pressure to eliminate the peach fuzz and dead skin cells to give your face the best exfoliation treatment.

There are devices in the market for at-home applications, which are more like razors than surgical blades. That means the users will get higher surface-level and skin-cell removal where the procedure is much safer.

Now let’s go for some myth-busting. Since it eliminates dead cells and facial hair, people worry about stubble. But that is not true.

Experts have clinically proved that dermaplaning does not trigger facial hair regrowth. The only thing to come out of it is a super smooth surface for makeup.

Finally, understand that your experience of dermaplaning should in no way be painful. However, if you do not feel comfortable while performing the procedure, reduce the amount of pressure you apply to the skin. If that does not work, avoid that area completely.

How To Dermaplane At Home?

There are multiple devices available at present to dermaplane at home. You can easily use them even without any experience.

Nonetheless, whichever tool you choose, do not up and start using it. Watch some videos on YouTube to get some idea about how it works on one’s face. If you do not do it right, there will be marks, scrapes, scars, open areas, and cuts on your skin, leading to skin inflammation and more acne.

Here is a guide suggested by experts to obtain the best results of at-home dermaplaning.

  • Keep your skin dry and clean beforehand. If you have an electric dermaplaning tool, switch it on and activate its vibrations.
  • When you are about to apply the tool, hold your skin tightly using one hand. Then use the other to operate the dermaplaning machine.
  • Run the blade over the skin in light and short strokes. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees to get the best output.
  • You can avoid irritation by keeping a downward stroke motion. You will see hair and dead cells accumulating during the process.
  • Do not go near irritated or inflamed areas. That will cause bleeding.
  • Use a mild cleanser to wash your face before following your skincare schedule.

Seeing A Professional

A certified esthetician or dermatologist will apply a surgical blade to shave your skin, so it will become faster and easier to peel off the dead cells. So the effectiveness will be higher. Plus, you can also get professional skin care advice and suggestions.

But all of that will come with a cost, which may be too pricey for some, especially if they compare it with at-home dermaplaning.

At-Home Dermaplaning

At-home dermaplaning may be a more attractive choice if you can do it comfortably on your own. It is safe and affordable. (Besides, you will not have to wear pants to perform it!)

Nonetheless, most DIY kits offer a tiny, single blade. You can erase facial hair with it, but it will not be a good match for the dead cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dermaplaning Help To Reduce Acne?

Not much, but it will help your skin become less prone to acne. The real plus point is the temporary brightness and smoothness of your skin.

Will My Skin Sensitivity To Sunlight Increase After Dermaplaining?

Yes, which is why you should stay away from sun exposure afterward. Exfoliating skincare like dermaplaning increases sun sensitivity. So, it is wise to practice sunlight avoidance and wear sunscreen when it is inevitable.

Can I Dermaplane With Pimples Popping Out?

You can do that, but make sure you dermaplane around (NOT OVER) the pimples. Otherwise, the device may rupture breakouts and cause acne scarring.

Is It Better To Consult A Professional?

That is your decision to make. Both options have their shares of plusses and minuses. So you should have realistic expectations.

Can I Dermaplane My Beard?

No, you cannot. Dermaplaning works on “vellus” hairs that are soft. You can locate them around your eyes, on your forehead, and your upper cheeks. But beard hair is too rough, solid, and coarse. Dermaplaning cannot make them go.

How Often Should I Dermaplane?

Since the outcomes of at-home dermaplaning will be superficial, you can make it a weekly routine. 3 to 4 times a month at home is equivalent to a monthly salon visit. But there are no hard and fast rules. You can do it once or twice a month too.

Final Words

In the end, it is merely your preference to dermaplane your skin. Either at the salon or at home, it does not hold a candle to a proper skincare routine, including the regular application of sunscreen and the primary knowledge of dermatology.

So, whichever you decide, be sure that it helps you stay comfortable in your skin. After all, the glow comes from within first, right?

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