How Long After Microblading Can I Get Botox?

The days of ruminating over not having shapely and full eyebrows are long gone. Nowadays, advanced cosmetic procedures can give you your dream brow styles. It is a non-surgical, aesthetic treatment to make changes to your brows.

However simple it may sound, there are complexities about the after-care phase. For example, if you plan to schedule Botox and microblading together, you will have to choose which to go for first and when to go for the second.

Most PMU artists recommend you get eyebrow microblading BEFORE Botox. When you are done with the first one, you should wait a month before proceeding with the Botox appointment.

Now I owe you an explanation as to why you should maintain the sequence like this. And here you go!

How Long After Microblading Can I Get Botox

Can You Have Microblading After Botox?

Yes, you can, technically. But there are reasons why they recommend you get microblading first. Botox is an injection that smoothens your wrinkles by altering the responses of your muscles. Your brow movements and expressions will change after getting Botox. And consequently, your original brow position will not be the same either.

Now, if you get your brows microbladed after getting Botox, it is highly likely that the placement of the treated brows will be incorrect due to their new position.

Then, when your Botox wears off within several months, the brow position will go back to its previous state. However, the microblading performed on the Botoxed eyebrows will not revert. They will be stuck where they are, making them look asymmetrical.

That is a paramount risk you do not want to take. So, the best option left is to get a microblading appointment first. And when you have had it, let the brows heal entirely before another cosmetic procedure.

What To Do When You Have Already Got Botox First?

How Long After Microblading Can I Get

It does not mean the end of the world if you have been getting Botox for a while and have recently decided to have your brows microbladed. You can still do it.

Yes, experts advise that you choose microblading first. But if you already have Botox, you must wait for some time before opting for microblading.

In the case of having Botox done first, the rule is to wait for 1.5 to 2 months before you can get microblading. The time-lapse is for allowing your brows to return to their natural expressions and movements. Thus, your technician can perform a more accurately placed microblading process.

Can I Get Fillers After Microblading?

Yes. You can get fillers after 14 days of getting microblading. Your skin will have healed within this time-frame. So you will not need to wait for the touch-up session to get the full color and keep the skin integrity.

On the other hand, you cannot get fillers before microblading, not for at least 2 months.

Final Words

Aesthetic cosmetic procedures can enhance your appearance, boosting your confidence. But it requires you to be cautious and research thoroughly before getting any treatment.

If you decide to have more than one procedure together, you have to confirm their compatibility. But if you do not know much about the stuff, you should consult an expert. Do not rush to any decision beforehand. The more informed you are, the more accurate outcome you will get.

Also, your makeup artist will give you instructions to take care of your brows after the treatment. Make sure you abide by each of them to keep your brows healthy. That way, you will face no trouble getting Botox.

Best of luck!

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