Will Microblading Affect Hair Growth?

Microblading can rejuvenate your fading eyebrow line and make it even better than before. Sounds too good of a deal to be true, right? It’s rational to exercise caution before you try something new, and you should be even more cautious when it comes to a cosmetic procedure. Having all your questions answered is vital before you make an appointment with a beautician.

Questions like ‘’Can microblading cause hair loss’’ and ‘’can microblading stimulate hair growth’’ are all too common. What if microblading brings about permanent changes to the hair production system of your body?

To address these issues, we have decided to dedicate this article to discussing the effects of microblading on hair growth.

Will Microblading Affect Hair Growth

Does Microblading Cause Hair Loss?

No, microblading will not cause your eyebrow hair to fall off. If you don’t follow the aftercare routine, you might experience some hair loss, but it’s not permanent. If you experience frequent hair fall in the eyebrow region, the culprit could be an underlying health condition like a hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiency. Consult a physician to rule out a health problem.

Does Microblading Damage Hair Follicles?

No, it’s just another myth commonly associated with microblading. When the artists draw microblading hair strokes, they don’t penetrate the skin deeply. Therefore, the procedure does not affect the hair follicles and disrupt natural hair growth. Only the topmost layers of the skin are used for microblading. So, microblading should not damage your hair follicles.

Does Microblading Stimulate Hair Growth?

Some specialists tend to believe microblading has no effects on hair growth whatsoever. It neither boosts hair growth nor does it inhibit it. But, a small fraction of patients have reported that they have noticed their natural eyebrows grow back faster than they had expected. They also said they had fuller eyebrows than before.

But specialists took the latter claim with a grain of salt. Most experts say that people who have never had a thick set of eyebrows will never get fuller eyebrows naturally after microblading. Why? Because genetics is the key determinant of hair density. Since microblading does not trigger any biological changes, it’s unlikely that it will make your eyebrows thicker than ever.

Also, how often you’ve plucked or waxed in the past can have a big effect on whether or not your eyebrow hair grows back. A lot of people who use long-term hair removal methods like waxing and tweezing eventually damage the hair follicle, which prevents future hair development. In such scenarios, boosting natural hair growth is quite difficult.

You can’t say for sure whether your hair follicles are already damaged or not. So, there’s no guarantee that microblading will stimulate eyebrow growth in your body. If it does, you should consider it a bonus. Don’t forget that the primary purpose of microblading is providing a semi-permanent solution to your vanishing eyebrow lines.

Final Thoughts

Microblading is a miraculous treatment that can give your eyebrows a massive boost. But, it has its limits. It will not solve your eyebrow problems for good. In some rare cases, it could stimulate hair growth in the eyebrow region, but there are no guarantees.

What we can assure you about microblading is the fact that it will not hinder natural hair growth and accelerate hair fall. So, there’s no reason to refrain from microblading your eyebrows if you are concerned about eyebrow hair loss. It’s a safe process to go through.

If you have been suffering heavy hair loss after your microblading appointment, consult with a doctor immediately. Stick to the aftercare regimen your practitioner recommends to minimize hair fall during recovery.

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