Can You Go In The Sun After Microblading?

It’s nearly impossible to ignore the allure of the summer sun. Laying idle under the gleaming rays of the sun is a summertime activity we wait for all year long. But before you hit the beach, do you need to take some extra precautions for your microbladed eyebrows? What should you do to have a perfect summer microblading experience?

Sun exposure is highly beneficial for our bodies. But does it have a similar effect on microbladed eyebrows? If not, what should you do to protect your microbladed eyebrows from the sun? How can you enjoy the sun without compromising the glamor of your microbladed brows?

Let’s find out how you can keep your microbladed brows beautiful in the summer.

Can You Be In The Sun After Microblading?

Yes, you can be in the sun after microblading, but under certain circumstances. The practitioner will ask you to avoid direct sunlight or tanning bulbs after the first two weeks of having the procedure. It can prevent the pigment from settling in. Even when your brows are healed, you should not go to sunlight unprotected.

Can You Go In The Sun After Microblading

Can I Tan After Microblading?

You can’t go for a tan right away. Wait for the first two weeks and allow the pigment to settle. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, so you cannot risk premature exposure to moisture and heat. Ultraviolet rays can accelerate the fading of your microbladed brows. You can go for a tan after recovery, but you must exercise caution.

Can I Put Sunscreen On My Microbladed Eyebrows?

Yes, but not right after the procedure. Avoid all kinds of cosmetics before the skin heals. You could get an infection if you apply sunscreen or any other product on the eyebrows before they heal properly. Even if you don’t, you might face other complications like excessive scabbing and itching.

But once your technician gives you the green light to return to your normal lifestyle, you should apply sunscreen on your eyebrows before going to the beach or a tanning salon. Remember, UV light is not ideal for your microbladed eyebrows. So, ensure you carry a sunscreen tube in your bag every time you go out on a sunny day.

The skin around scars is more vulnerable to sun damage than the rest of your skin. Even after the microblading wounds heal, the surrounding area shows increased vulnerability to sun exposure. If you leave your microblading unprotected in the sun, whether it is still fresh or has healed, you run the risk of the sun’s rays permanently changing the color of your eyebrows.

Eventually, the ink in your brow tattoo will degrade from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It’s essential to use sunscreen to avoid fading or discoloration. You’ll be glad you used sunscreen to protect your skin. Wearing sunscreen will also keep your skin from becoming sensitive, which can happen if you use acne products or anti-aging formulas.

For your eyebrows, it’s best to use a light sunscreen formula with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 35. If your eyebrows are microbladed, you should avoid the sun as much as possible, but if that’s not possible, you should wear sunscreen on your eyebrows.

Spray-on sunscreens are typically the lightest and simplest to use. When applying it, it’s best to place a handkerchief or tissue under your brows so that the drips fall into it. Or, just keep your eyes shut while applying the sunscreen. Don’t forget that most lightweight sunscreens need to be reapplied often.

How To Protect Microbladed Eyebrows In Tanning Bed?

If you want to go for an indoor tanning session after getting your eyebrows microbladed, make sure to use a low setting on the beds. A mild tanning bed session would not harm your fully-healed microbladed eyebrows much. That said, you have to take further preventive measures to minimize the risks.

Apply a coat of sunscreen on both of your eyebrows before going in. You should put sunscreen on your whole body to protect yourself from UV radiation. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen will not affect the tan on your skin. You can get a gorgeous dark tan despite using sunscreen.

You can choose to wear sunglass to keep the eyebrows safe from direct UV contact. If you feel awkward using a tanning bed wearing a pair of sunglasses, you can consider covering your eyebrows with small pieces of paper. Place a piece of paper that covers your eyebrow and strap a piece of a band-aid on top of it. Repeat the process on the other eyebrow.

Why not use the band-aid directly? Putting a paper over the band-aid protects the eyebrows from the adhesive in the band-aid. If you had directly put the band-aid on your eyebrows, strands of your natural eyebrows could have come off when you had taken it off. Also, it could affect the colors of your microbladed brows.

Final Thoughts

Sun and microblading don’t go well, but that doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice one for the other. Avoiding direct sun exposure is not too much of a hassle. You can still enjoy your bikini-clad sunbathing sessions on the beach. To protect your microbladed brows, all you have to do is make sure you’re wearing sunscreen or a pair of sunglasses when you soak in the sun rays.

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