Deciding to microblade your brows requires you to be mentally prepared to change a part of your body. It should be a happy decision, knowing the inconveniences of filling your brows with gel or drawing pencils will finally end. But you may have to delay it if you are unaware of the cost it will charge you.

Having your eyebrows microbladed has a wide range of prices, starting from $100 and increasing up to $1000. So, the average cost amounts to $400-$500.

If you are shocked at why a minor procedure will take a chunk of your money, you must get to the end of the article to know that. I will tell you about the associated variables directly impacting the price range.

What Are The Factors That Impact The Microblading Cost?

The cost of eyebrow microblading varies among individuals. However, some other factors are also responsible for the price variations. I have outlined them in the following table.

Cost FactorsHow They Affect The Price Range
TechnicianExpertise, experience, training
ConcernThe area to be microbladed
MaintenanceTouchup costing
Consultation feeThe technician may charge it with the procedure cost, or not at all.

If you pay attention to the table, you will realize that the microblading procedure is a very individualized treatment. There are many differences in hair density and distribution and overall eyebrow appearance, which differ significantly among patients.

One can use microblading to make a tiny brow area fuller or change the shape and outline of their brows around natural hairs.

The cost depends chiefly on the technician. The more professional and specialized they are, the higher the expense. The area is also a concern here, i.e., the coasts are typically costlier. Along with them, the number of sessions and the touchup maintenance also affect the price.

What Are Included In The Microblading Cost?

If you are implying what amount you are paying for a microblading session, you will get the answer here.

The total cost of the procedure includes the time needed by the artist to perform it, the supplies and tools used (PMU solution, numbing cream, gloves, machines, etc.), additional people (assistants), and extra fees for the treatment room time.

However, note that these factors will fluctuate depending on the location and the artist.

How Much Does It Cost To Microblade Eyebrows?

When it is about eyebrow microblading costs, the variation among candidates becomes considerable.

Generally, one can expect the cost of a session to be around $400-$500 on average. You will get it pretty much anywhere in the United States. If you find anywhere that charges below this range, it might indicate suboptimal quality. So take your time to do enough research.

After the main sessions, you will need some touchups too. Then you can go for maintenance which is not a regular requirement. You can do that anytime in 1 to 5 years.

The follow-up cost does not charge as much as the primary treatment.

How Much Is It To Get Microblading In The USA?

It is entirely about the area. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), most cosmetic surgeries take place in coastal areas. Since everything is costlier there, it is safe to consider that microblading is also more expensive in those places.

StateAverage Microblading Cost
New York, NY$200 to $600
Chicago, IL$250 to $400
Los Angeles, CA$350 to $650
Austin, TX$250 to $500
Birmingham, AL$150 to $400
Miami, FL$200 to $500

How Much Is The Cost Around The Globe?

If you do not want to get the treatment in the States, you can consider other countries. The following table compares the average costs of some countries.

However, do remember to consider travel costs, recovery duration, and the artist’s reputation before making anything final. I converted the costs in the table to USD for easier understanding.

CountryAverage Microblading Cost
Canada$600 to $750
Colombia$150 to $350
Mexico$200 to $400
UK$300 t0 $1000
Japan$300 to $600
Australia$400 to $800
UAE$400 to $900

Can My Insurance Cover The Cost Of Getting Eyebrow Microblading?

No. And the definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA) will tell you why.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: It reshapes the body’s normal structures to improve self-esteem and physical appearance.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: It refers to making changes to an abnormal body structure caused by tumors, trauma, infection, developmental disabilities, congenital defects, or other diseases.

Basically, health insurance covers reconstructive surgery, not cosmetic ones. In addition, microblading is not surgery, although the hair loss is due to medical reasons. Since it is a cosmetic treatment, not some medical necessity, your health insurance will not cover it.

Final Words

Microbladed eyebrows can be a perfect solution to restore your brows semi-permanently. Small needles operated by a professional artist can make lasting enhancements to the natural ones in only an appointment.

So, if you catch yourself checking out an Insta-worthy brow embroidery, I hope now you have an understanding of what it will mean for your purse. Naturally, your target will be to go somewhere that will not empty your pocket. But I would suggest you focus more on quality. If it does not live up to your expectation, money will be the least of your concerns.

Best of luck, and thank you for reading.