How Much Do Henna Tattoos Cost: All Factors & Queries Explained

Henna tattoos are an excellent alternative to long-term or permanent tattoos. The difference is that you can remove henna tattoos easily. You can also change the henna design as many times as you want. This brings up an important factor, the cost of henna tattoos.

The cost of henna tattoos ranges from $20 to $220. It is usually fixed on an hourly basis. But some artists charge on a different basis. However, the price range is usually the same as mentioned.

Apart from that, there are other factors associated with the cost. For example: what henna design you want to apply, the size of the design, the reputation of the artist, etc.

The article will shed light on each of the factors to give you a proper understanding of a henna tattoo cost.

Let’s start, shall we?

How Do The Henna Design And Its Size Matter?

There are a lot of henna designs. Some of them are easy, and the others are complicated to design. How easy/complicated the design is will contribute to the total cost of the tattoo.

The size will also matter. Large designs will cost more than small designs.

Time matters even more. Small but complicated designs will require more time than large but comfortable designs.

The design and the size will also determine the amount of henna needed to make the tattoo. The artist will consider each of these to calculate the cost and fix the price.

How Much Do Henna Tattoos Cost

How Is The Reputation Of The Artist Important Here?

It is important because the famous henna artist of the town will indeed charge you more than your local henna artist. Similarly, a professional artist will charge you more than a beginner or amateur artist.

Some are more experienced and have special training. They are more updated with trendy designs than others. Some do it only as a pastime or a side income, while others take it as their primary profession.

So yes, the more reputed the henna artist, the more expensive the henna tattoo.

What Are Individual Rates?

Some henna artists fix the price of a henna tattoo on people individually. The price determinants include the design chosen by an individual, the size of the invention, the time required to apply it, and other cost factors.

Most of them usually ask the customers what type of henna design they would like and then give them an estimated cost based on their chosen design.

What Are Event Rates?       

Some henna designers fix the price on an hourly basis for their tattoo service. It is mostly for events when people hire them to design henna tattoos at a bachelorette party, a birthday party, an office function, a festival, or other types of occasions.

The hourly rate is fixed on the type and size of the event, the number of people to serve per hour, etc. The hourly rate for events usually ranges from $70 to $90. Depending on other factors, it may be more or less at some places.

Other designers fix the price by calculating the time and expenses for travel, the amount of time they will have to be at the occasion, and the cost of the supplies and services they will provide.

What About The Cost Of Bridal Henna?

Bridal Henna Tattoo

There are a lot of henna artists who provide henna tattoo services only on wedding occasions.

However, the designs of the Bridal henna are way different from the typical ones. They are exceptionally gorgeous and elaborate. Most of the designs include hands, arms, and feet. Needless to say, their price range is very high. It starts from $160 and can be as much as $720.

There are some bridal henna packages like Pearl Bridal Henna, Diamond Bridal Henna, Emerald Bridal Henna, etc. Both the price and the design vary from one package to another.

Does My Living Place Have Anything To Do With The Cost?

Yes, it does if you ask the henna artist to come to your place.

Some of them work in a particular service area. They charge their clients a fee for travel only if the location is out of their service area. Others charge travel fees regardless of the distance for the additional time, and transportation costs spent to travel.

The travel fees alone can range from $10 to $50, varying with the distance. 

Is The Money Worth It?

To be honest, investing in a henna tattoo requires you to spend a significant amount of money and that too for something that will last only two weeks. Is it really money well spent?

Henna Tattoo Design Idea

Think like this – as a return, and you will have a large and gorgeous tattoo beautifully applied on your hands for two weeks before it starts fading.

Unlike permanent tattoos, you will not have to be bored with the same design for life. Also, permanent tattoos are expensive. With the money of one permanent tattoo, you can have many henna tattoos from time to time.

So yes, unless you have a large amount of money saved up for massive long-term skin art, a henna tattoo is the wise option for you.

Can I Have The Henna Tattoo Redone After It Is Completely Gone?

Of course, you can if you want to. You can try a new design. But that would require you to make the same investment again.

Can I Save Money If I Make The Tattoo At Home?

You can, but not by a significant margin. It would be a little less costly if you have the skill to make henna tattoos. But that will also require you to spend the time to make the tattoo. The work doesn’t end here. You have to clean up when you are done making the tattoo.

You might not have to give your money to someone else, but you have to do all the work yourself. In that sense, it will not save you lots of bucks.

So, it is better to hire a professional and leave everything to him/her.

Final Words

Finally, do not agree to make a tattoo if the artist says the color will be black. It may mean that the henna has artificial chemicals. Remember that natural henna creates a dark orange, red, or maroon color. How dark it will be depends on the type of your skin and where the henna is applied.

I hope, by now, you have correctly understood how a single henna tattoo is supposed to cost and why. And you’ll surely love it when you have a beautiful tattoo done on your hand. Good luck!

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