Does Microblading Eyebrows Hurt?

Microblading has come as a blessing for those who have always dreamt of a pair of bushy eyebrows. It has become a fashion trend for its effectiveness in mimicking natural hair. So, more and more people are choosing to microblade their eyebrows. Those still on the fence are probably wondering how bad does microblading hurt?

Since microblading requires skin puncturing, it’s normal to assume that it’s a painful process. Is it truly the case? The results microblading can deliver are astonishing. It can transform a fading eyebrow line into a lavish run of hair right above your eyes.

But how much pain will you need to endure to enjoy the magic of microblading? Let’s find out.

Do Microbladed Eyebrows Hurt?

Microblading, aka Microneedling, involves making a lot of tiny incisions along the eyebrow lines with a special tool. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? But, the good news is that you won’t feel much discomfort while undergoing the procedure. The practitioner will take proper measures to make the session as comfortable as possible.

Does Microblading Eyebrows Hurt

How Painful Is Microblading?

It won’t be honest to claim the microblading process is completely painless. The level of pain involved is usually minimal. But, we must not forget that not all of us have the same level tolerance to pain. If the practitioner does everything right, you should not feel much pain during and after the appointment.

Although microblading artists don’t use the same equipment as tattoo artists and also use a different type of ink, microblading and tattooing are often thought to be similar. In both cases, you need to penetrate the skin to deposit ink. But, the intensity of the cuts varies, and so does the pain. In a nutshell, it’s far less painful than tattooing.

What about the recovery phase? Following a microblading job, it’s highly usual for the area to feel bruised and sensitive for a day or two. To know for sure what to expect, ask your esthetician how long the skin will feel uncomfortable and what you can do to relieve the discomfort. Don’t apply any over-the-counter ointment without seeking professional advice.

Why Did My Microblading Hurt So Much?

Under usual circumstances, a microblading session will not be severely painful. If you had an excruciating experience in the esthetician’s office, chances are your esthetician did not use anything to numb the skin. If your microbladed eyebrows hurt too much after the process, you might have had an infection. In that case, consult a dermatologist asap.

Can You Use Numbing Cream Before Microblading?

Yes, the practitioner usually uses a numbing agent to anesthetize the skin and keep the pain to a minimum. Once the cream takes effect, you will not feel any pain in the area the esthetician will operate. During the process, feeling pressure in the numb area is expected as the tool moves over it. It’s also possible to feel some pain, but it should be negligible.

The most effective numbing cream for microblading is one that is a potent topical anesthetic and contains numerous substances with anesthetic properties. The combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine can make the best numbing cream for microblading and other cosmetic procedures. Practitioners sometimes prepare these creams by themselves.

Final Words

If you go to an expert esthetician, you might not even notice that a small device has perforated your eyebrow lines a few hundred times. A good numbing cream makes the process mostly painless. If you abide by the aftercare routine that the esthetician has set for you, you are unlikely to feel much pain during the recovery process as well.


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