Do’s And Don’ts Before Microblading

Microblading is a relatively painless process. But, you must abide by some pre-procedure rules to make sure your microblading appointment goes smoothly. Otherwise, you might not get the fantastic set of brows you had anticipated before going to the practitioner. Complications during the procedure are also a strong possibility.

This article will show you how to prep for microblading. What should you do before the procedure to make the session a walk in the park? What can make things worse? What should you avoid when your microblading appointment is right around the corner?

We’ll give you a brief overview.

What To Do Before Getting Microblading?

Do’s And Don’ts Before Microblading

1. Make Sure You Can Get Microblading

People with certain health and skin conditions cannot get microblading. So before making an appointment for microblading your brows, you should consult with your physician. Also, don’t forget to get a patch test to rule out allergic reactions.

2. Research To Find A Good Technician

You would be putting yourself at great risk if you don’t check out the credentials of the technician before finalizing an appointment. A microblading session gone wrong can mess up your eyebrow region for good. Not to mention, there are oodles of health risks involved. So, make sure to hire an experienced professional.

3. Stay Stress Free

Relax as much as you can before the procedure. Try to get a good night’s sleep before going to the appointment. Stress hormones make our skin tighter, which is not ideal for microblading. Try to make an appointment during weekends so that you don’t feel stressed from work.

What Not To Do Before Microblading?

1. Don’t Exercise

Don’t exercise before the procedure. You might think you can wash off the sweat before going in, so it wouldn’t be a problem, but that’s not true. Sweat is only one of the complications that can affect the session. The main problem is the increased blood flow throughout your body. It can severely hamper the quality of the microblading.

2. Don’t Take Alcohol Or Caffeine

You should refrain from taking alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before the procedure. Alcohol and caffeine increase blood flow. Therefore, the presence of alcohol and caffeine in your bloodstream will make you bleed more. Alcohol consumption can also make the recovery process problematic since it increases lymph production.

3. Don’t Sunbathe

Getting a tan before your microblading appointment is not a good idea. The tanned skin will alter the skin tone temporarily and make it difficult for the practitioner to find the best colors for your brows. Once the tan exfoliates after a few days, it can take away a significant amount of pigment.

4. Don’t Take Blood Thinners

Stop taking blood thinners before getting your brows microbladed. Consult your physician to know for sure when to stop, but practitioners usually advise stopping taking these medicines 72 hours before the procedure. Besides blood thinner medications like aspirin and niacin, you should stop taking natural blood thinners like fish oil, turmeric, and vitamin E.

5. Don’t Undergo Other Brow Procedures

Keep your eyebrows untouched before getting them microbladed. Procedures like threading and waxing will make the eyebrow skin sensitive. You need the skin to stay in a healthy condition before undergoing microblading. Making cuts in an already damaged skin could lead to an infection.

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Final Words

You need to take certain precautions so that the practitioner can carry out the microblading procedure successfully. These rules are not incredibly difficult to follow. Refraining from certain activities will significantly decrease the risks down the road and help you achieve the best results. So, don’t ignore these guidelines before you show up at your esthetician’s chamber.

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