How Safe Is Microblading For Eyebrows?

According to modern beauty standards, a pair of full, bold eyebrows is one of the most desirable facial attributes. But, only a group of lucky people has won the genetic lottery to inherit a set of lavish brows. For the rest of us, microblading came as a lifesaver to rescue our eyebrow dreams.

The results a simple microblading procedure can yield can be too good to believe. That’s why we often fail to assess the dangers associated with the process. Is microblading your eyebrows safe? Can it pose health risks down the road?

Before getting microbladed, you must know what you are getting yourself into.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Microblading?

How Safe Is Microblading For Eyebrows

Microblading has earned rave reviews from beauty enthusiasts because of its simplicity and effectiveness. That said, it has its share of complications. Here are some of the side effects of microblading that you should know about before making an appointment with the esthetician:

The Procedure Is Pain Free, But It Isn’t Comfortable Either

All experienced professionals will anesthetize your skin before starting the procedure. So, you should not feel any pain when the technician runs the machine along your eyebrow lines and leaves a trail of microscopic cuts. That said, the procedure is not a breeze to go through either. It certainly has some aspects of discomfort.

The sound, for starters, is incredibly annoying. The engine that continuously moves the needle of the machine to draw tiny hair strokes often makes a lot of noise. You will have to sit through that for an hour and two. Also, you might feel the sensation of tiny paper cuts on your skin. Once the anesthesia wears off, the pain will become severe.

Scar Tissue Formation

One of the potential side effects of microblading is the development of scar tissue in the brows; this is primarily caused by an inexperienced artist performing the procedure. When a technician puts too much pressure on the skin during the treatment, the pigment can get deeper into the skin, leading to scar tissue formation.

Scar tissue formation is an irreversible condition. So, the damaged skin around your eyebrows will be a permanent reminder of the botched-up microblading you had. So, it is essential to check the practitioner’s credential before getting your brows microbladed. Inexperienced technicians are more likely to make bad brows, which can cause scar tissue to form in the brows.

Bad Ink Can Cause Trouble

Microblading side effects can also be caused by using low-quality ink. This is because low-quality inks contain harmful chemicals that can cause microblading side effects. These inks might expose your skin to iron oxide, mercury, nickel, and a variety of other substances that can have devastating effects on your health.

Artists who perform microblading should be familiar with the ink, its composition, and the significance of using high-quality ink for the procedure to reduce the likelihood of any adverse reactions to the treatment. Make sure to ask your practitioner about the pigment they are using.

It Can Be Itchy As Hell

While microblading eyebrows, the practitioner makes tiny cuts with the microblading tool and fills the puncture in the skin with pigment. Then the scab falls off, heals, and falls off again. Your brows get itchy as a result, but you aren’t permitted to scratch them or remove the dead skin. The sheer thought of it makes you want to lose your mind, doesn’t it?

The practitioner will give you an ointment to deal with the itchiness. However, the practitioner will likely advise you against using it frequently. Only reach for it when you feel the discomfort is unbearable. While the ointment will give you instant relief from itchiness, it might compromise the healing process of your skin. So, you will have to tolerate some itching.

Infection Is Also A Possibility

You can’t rule out infection from the list of potential microblading perils. If the practitioner does not sanitize the equipment before the process, it could lead to infection. Poor aftercare routine can also cause infection. If you apply beauty products on your skin before your skin properly recovers after a microblading procedure, the risks of infection would be pretty high.

Does Microblading Damage Your Eyebrows?

We all know how gorgeous microblading can make your eyebrows appear. But does it come at a cost? Is microblading bad for your eyebrows? To be more precise, can the procedure damage your natural eyebrows and make you even more reliant on artificial brows? Will your natural eyebrows stop growing altogether?

There has been no evidence that suggests microblading affects the natural growth of eyebrows. It will have zero effect on the way your eyebrows are. It will neither improve nor degrade the natural hair growing capability of your body. So, you can microblade your eyebrows without having to worry about your natural eyebrows.

Am I Too Old For Microblading?

Even though most of the time you would see people in their 20s and 30s flaunting their microbladed eyebrows, there is no age restriction to get the procedure done. People with older skin, however, might require more touch-up sessions than younger clients. This is because skin tends to dry as we age, and drier skin has lower ink retention ability.

Learn more about who should not get microblading.

Can Microblading Cause Headaches?

Headaches are not frequently associated with microblading, but they can be a possibility. You might experience mild headaches because of post-op skin sensitivity. Headaches can also happen if you clench your teeth too hard during the procedure. Keep your facial muscles as relaxed as possible while undergoing the treatment.

Why You Should Not Microblade Eyebrows?

Unfortunately, the side effects of microblading can be too severe for some people. If your skin develops keloids, microblading can be a traumatic experience for you. People suffering from rosacea and similar skin conditions should also stay away from the procedure. You should also avoid microblading if you have diseases like HIV and jaundice that can transmit through blood.

Practitioners also discourage pregnant and nursing women from getting their brows microbladed. The hormones present in a pregnant women’s body influence how the blood circulates throughout her system. These hormones can increase the likelihood of bleeding. Excessive bleeding is far from ideal for microblading.

What about nursing women? Breastfeeding mothers don’t have the bleeding problem as pregnant women, but microblading could pose a threat to their children. If a woman’s blood gets contaminated with harmful materials during microblading, she will transfer those to the child while breastfeeding.

Patients with autoimmune diseases are at higher infection risks than others. So, practitioners feel reluctant to do the procedure on them. If you have a heart condition, make sure to tell your practitioner about it. Numbing agents like epinephrine can dangerously push your heart rate beyond the safety line.

Final Words

Microblading can deliver beautiful results, but it would be unethical to claim it’s a 100% safe process. There are risks involved, and you can minimize them by taking proper precautions. For some people, microblading would be too big of a risk because of their physical conditions.

While microblading can do wonders in boosting your appearance, it would be foolish to risk your health for it. Please consult with well-reputed practitioners, be honest about your health conditions, and find out what they have to say about your future course of action.

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