How To Clean A Fake Skin Tattoo? [2 Quick Methods]

While practicing tattooing on a piece of fake skin, you must have wondered how to clean a fake skin tattoo. And you should because cleaning is a part of the process that helps you perfect your tattoos. Not paying much attention to it will not bode well for you in the future.

There are two ways to clean a fake skin tattoo: you can use a cleaner and a soft, clean cloth or get some green soap to wipe the skin with a paper towel.

Both are simple yet important to learn for any beginner. Let me walk you through them now.

How To Clean A Fake Skin Tattoo?

How To Clean A Fake Skin Tattoo

1. Using A Cleaner

When you get a fake skin tattoo, choose a fleshy location to reduce the pain the tattoo will inflict. Be cautious with the extra pigments while cleaning it.

Take a clean and soft cloth or a paper towel to remove the residual ink. Once you are happy with the outcome, proceed with the next part.

Wipe the skin using a paper towel after applying the ink. Note that fake skin contains a tough texture. So you will need some cleaner to get it off conveniently.

When you are about to clean the fake skin, use some green soap with a piece of soft clothing.

2. Using Green Soap

Another method to clean a fake skin tattoo is to buy green soap to wash off extra pigments. You can put some soap on your practice skin and wipe the part before keeping up.

While applying the soap, take some cloth to dab that skin and clean excess ink. After that, dab it to dry before taking a new one.

When you get down to work, you will experience it is not as painful as the actual thing. That also makes it less complicated to get off.

You will need a green soap to wash the tattoo ink during the process. While you are at it, make a layer with your cleaner on the fake skin before removing your tattoo.

Once your tattoo becomes dry, wipe it down with a cloth and some soap to clean the leftover pigments.

Using green soap works well if you want clean a fake skin tattoo. It is not as smooth as natural skin. So if you are uncertain, spray the soap on some curved material to confirm that the surface entirely dries before further proceeding.

That will assist you in removing the unmoved pigments. It is a plainer process despite the practice skin’s low sensitivity regarding how to clean a fake tattoo skin.

Any Other Way To Clean A Fake Skin Tattoo?

The other way to clean your fake skin tattoo is to take these steps after completing the tattoo.

First, you refrain the skin from getting dehydrated and scabbing by using antibacterial soap thrice a day.

After that, moisturize it with an unscented, petroleum-based lotion-like Sanibalm. You can apply some Vaseline too.

Is Fake Tattoo Skin Reusable?

I cannot give a straight answer here. The reusability of fake skin depends on its composition and application. You may reuse it if it is synthetic or plastic. Otherwise, you will have to dispose of it. It is basically up to you to decide if you can reuse the fabricated skin.

Can Rubbing Alcohol Clean A Fake Skin Tattoo?

Yes, it can clean a fake skin tattoo. Use a paper towel or cloth and let it soak up the alcohol. Then scrub your tattoo with the cloth circularly. Lastly, rinse it off with water.

What Kind Of Removers Can I Use?

There are several kinds of cleaners, and the most widely used one is acetone. You can also use water and ethanol.

Why Does The Tattoo Ink Smudge On My Fake Skin?

There are some reasons why that happens. First, as I already said, artificial skin is less smooth than natural skin, making the ink rub off. In addition, inks with high water contents smudge more than other inks. Besides, if your skin is more sensitive, you have more likeliness to get ink smearing when drawing on your fake skin.

What Media Can I Use To Practice Tattooing?

The most used media to practice tattooing are fruits like bananas, oranges, and grapefruit. Another perfect substitute for natural skin is pig skin, AKA practice skin.

Can I Make Fake Skin At Home?

Yes, you can make fake tattoo skin with ingredients like flour or cornstarch and warm water. You are to take ⅓ cup of lukewarm water with ¼ cup of flour in a bowl. Then whisk them until you get a thick and hard-to-stir mixture. If needed, add more flour or water to maintain the perfect consistency.

Is It Not Easy To Practice Tattooing On Pig skin?

It is not easy because of its disgusting odor, unavailability, and rough texture. But Pig Skin gives you a realistic surface to practice your craft, which you will realize when working on human skin.

What Is Green Soap?

It is an oil-based, environmentally friendly vegetable soap. Tattooists over the globe use it widely for its disinfectant and antibacterial properties in their tattoo parlors. Green soap is highly effective in maintaining proper sanitization.

Are There Any Alternatives To Green Soap?

Yes. Sterilized water, hydrogen peroxide, and the mixture of alcohol and a carrier oil make worthy alternatives to green soap.
If you want to use some soap as a second option, you can go with whatever unscented, mild soap you find available.

Final Words

Learning how to clean a fake skin tattoo involves two convenient methods. One method needs a cleaner and a soft cloth, and in another, some green soap and a paper towel do the trick.

Nonetheless, just because it is simple, do not neglect it in your practice stage. Remember that you will live off the habits you make in the initial journey. So, they better be some great ones.

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