How To Make A Temporary Tattoo With Perfume?

Among all the tattoo trends high on demand at present, temporary tattoos made with perfume are on the top. Everyone loves them because they are not expensive and permanent. You can try out anything you want and show them off for a while.

If you are one of them, desiring to have one with no idea how to do it, worry not. In about ten to fifteen minutes, you will learn how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume. I will explain the entire process with simple steps so that you find them easily understandable.

Feeling excited? Me too! Let’s jump in, then!

What Are The Required Materials?

Before getting into the procedure, let me tell you about the materials you should have ready beforehand. They are not many, nor are they costly. You’ll need these:

  • Perfume
  • A pair of scissors
  • A towel
  • Boiling or hot water
  • A plate, bowl, or cup
  • And most importantly, the image or drawing of the tattoo design you want to make.

Although the chief element in the concoction is perfume, remember that a hair spray or a body spray would also work as an effective alternative. Everyone may not afford to spend a large portion of a luxurious and expensive perfume on making fake tattoos. Besides, it’s DIY stuff. It is not supposed to be costly. Go for any option that you find suitable.

How To Make A Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

How To Make A Temporary Tattoo With Perfume In Easy Steps

Just a little more before I lay out the steps. It is actually a tip for you. Choose where you will make the tattoo and clean it with antibacterial wipes, soaps, or anything similar before beginning. It will keep you from experiencing potential skin discomfort stirred up by the print paper or the perfume.

Step 1: Selecting The Right Design For Tattooing

Selecting the right tattoo design is the most crucial part of getting tattooed. You might give up on the idea of having one without it. What I would recommend you is to look for a small and black ink design first.

It will give you some idea about the process and how it works. However, do not do that at the cost of your preferences. Select something that you like because you will have it for several days. There is no point in making it if you do not like it.

Step 2: Printing The Design

Print out the design once you have found it. It is better if you adjust its size before printing. You can make the adjustments in any word or image application. Word would be perfect, too. Scale the size down and adjust its positioning. Do not make a mess with the design color. Otherwise, it will end up brighter when you print it out.

Step 3: Cutting The Design Out

Take the pair of scissors to cut around the tattoo design. Be careful so that you do not carve along the tattoo lines directly. It will raise the possibility of making mistakes by cutting some parts of your design. Instead, go along its edges and leave about an inch of the sheet around its image.

Step 4: Covering It In The Perfume

Now is when you start enjoying the job. Take the perfume you have chosen and start spraying it on your cut-out tattoo design. Do not do it from a small distance. Keep a gap of about 6 inches between the perfume and the image. That will help you spray evenly.

You have to drench the design paper by spraying it with your perfume. That might sound ridiculous, but that is what does the work of transferring the design onto your skin. So you cannot skip this part.

Let me remind you that you can also go for a hair or body spray if you are reluctant to spend your perfume. Just ensure that you spray the paper enough to let it become soaked.

Step 5: Soaking The Paper In Boiling Water

When you finish spraying, soak the perfumed paper in boiling water. Place the water in a bowl, cup, or plate, which depends on the design size. Regardless of that, once you put the paper in it, keep it there for three to five minutes. By then, it will have become very fragile. So take it out gently so that it does not break.

Step 6: Transferring The Tattoo Design Onto Your Skin

Spray the part of your body where you will place the tattoo before you proceed with this step. Now, put it on your perfumed skin. Keep the tattoo paper in a way so that the image stays faced down. That way, the transfer will be proper.

Once you let the paper rest on your skin, grab a towel (better if it is heated) and use it to press on the paper. Hold it firmly for several minutes. Keep it still. Moving it will cause disturbance to the transfer.

After a brief while, take the towel off. Then gently start peeling the paper off. You should see the design printed at this time. If you see any moisture around your tattoo, you can remove it with paper towels.

See the beautiful tattoo now? That’s your creation! Congratulations! Now, if you happen to love it so much that you want it to be more lasting, you can hairspray it right after making it. Some people also use baby powder to coat their tattoos. It is like a fixative because it helps the tattoo stay set in its place.

How Long Will My Tattoo Last?

Any kind of temporary tattoo typically lasts from five to ten days. If you expose it to friction or water, it will last less than a week.

In the case of a temporary tattoo made with perfume, it will be there for ten days at most. That also depends on the size and execution of the transfer method. If you want to extend its longevity, keep it away from water, and wear loose and comfy clothes to prevent friction.

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Is It Safe To Make Temporary Tattoos With Perfume?

Perfumed tattoos are completely safe because they are usually safe for your skin. But if you have allergies, that’s another thing. However, people sometimes experience skin discomfort, burning, or rash while putting a lot of perfume onto their skin at once.

So, what you can do to avoid that experience is check if your chosen perfume causes any of that. If you feel any discomfort when you perfume the skin, wash it thoroughly and stop the process for the time being. Start everything anew when you select another perfume.

What Type Of Perfume Do I Have To Use?

That is entirely up to you. But I would not suggest you select the most luxurious one from your perfume collection. That is really unnecessary. It is better if you choose an inexpensive one available in beauty shops at 10 to 20 bucks. Even a kids’ perfume will also do if it has a considerable amount of alcohol and ethanol. So, it will work alright if it is either of an EDT, EDP, or perfume.

Are There Other Ways To Make Temporary Tattoos?

I hope you have already learned how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume. Now, if you are interested in learning other methods, read this section. You will enjoy it for sure.

  1. A Tattoo With A Sharpie

It is a popular method of making fake tattoos. You will need a sharpie, hairspray, a pair of scissors, baby powder, and tracing papers. Then you will have to draw the tattoo design on your own and do the transfer. Or you can print it out. Whichever you go for, you will get a fake temporary tattoo for three to five days.

  1. A Tattoo With Your Eyeliner

You can quickly make a tattoo by using your or your sister’s/wife’s eyeliner. You will have to use it to draw your design straight onto your skin and wait till it dries. Then coat it with your hairspray. It will stay for four to five days. If you do not like it, wash it using lukewarm water and soap.

  1. A Tattoo With A Prinker

You can use a prinker to get a temporary tattoo. It is a tiny device that creates tattoos by printing them directly onto your skin. It produces water-resistant tattoos. Plus, they look a lot like the real and permanent ones. To get a tattoo with a prinker, select a tattoo design through its app and roll it where you would like to place your tattoo.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume. It is a simple and safe process that everyone can try. If you experience post-procedure skin irritation, redness, or other issues, wash it off and see your dermatologist have it checked out. And follow the other methods if you are allergic to perfumes.

Thank you for reading. Good luck!

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