5 Simple Methods To Remove Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos are very popular nowadays mainly because they are very easy to get and less harmful to the skin. A permanent tattoo can leave tattoo scars on your skin and can be very hard to remove. But on the other hand, you can easily get rid of a temporary tattoo.

You can remove a temporary tattoo by scrubbing it with an alcohol-based or oil-based solution. Cold cream, makeup remover, nail polish remover can also help you to get rid of the temporary tattoos. You can also use a dedicated temporary tattoo remover for removing your tattoo as well.

In this article, I will discuss in detail how you can remove temporary tattoos. I will also share how you can soothe the skin irritation caused by removing the tattoo.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Methods To Remove Temporary Tattoo

5 Methods To Get Rid Of Temporary Tattoos

Removing a temporary tattoo can be very simple and easy if you follow the correct methods. Here are the 5 most popular methods:

1. Use Oil-based Solutions

Baby oil and coconut oil are great at removing temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are generally resilient to water and soap. That is why you can get the best result at removing a temporary tattoo if you use oil as a tattoo remover. Olive oil can also be used for removing temporary tattoos if you do not have coconut oil or baby oil.

Follow the steps below for properly removing a temporary tattoo by using oil-based solutions.

  1. Apply a little amount of oil on the skin. Make sure that the oil covers the full tattoo surface.
  2. Wait for a few minutes and let the oil properly sit on the tattoo. Doing this will help you to easily wipe the tattoo afterward.
  3. Get a clean piece of cloth and start rubbing the tattoo. It should come loose and start to peel off your skin. Keep rubbing the temporary tattoo until it is completely removed. Do not apply too much pressure while rubbing the tattoo as it can produce skin swelling and redness.
  4. Wipe the residual oil with warm water and soap. Use a dry towel and pat the area.

2. Peel The Tattoo Using Tape

You can very easily and efficiently get rid of temporary tattoos by using tapes if you follow the correct steps. You can use tapes for only peeling off weak tattoos. You have to use different techniques for removing stronger tattoos.

Do not use masking tapes or electrical tapes for peeling off the tattoo. Use clear scotch tapes for the best results. Follow the instructions below for correctly removing temporary tattoos using tapes.

  1. Cut the tape into several small sections and keep them close to you so that you can easily reach them.
  2. Apply the tape on the tattooed part of the skin and press it down firmly on the tattoo. You can use your fingers or use a blunt object for rubbing the tape on the temporary tattoo.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and slowly pull the tape off of your skin. The temporary tattoo should come off with the tape. You may have to repeat the process multiple times in order to completely remove the tattoo.
  4. Your skin may turn red because of using tapes to peel off the tattoo. Apply ice cubes on the skin for reducing the redness.

3. Use Alcohol-Based Solutions

Alcohol-based solutions such as nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol are best at removing more strong stubborn temporary tattoos. Alcohol can easily break down the tattoo particles and help you to get rid of them. Moreover, using alcohol is better for your skin as it doesn’t cause skin irritation and redness.

Follow the steps below for successfully removing temporary tattoos by using alcohol-based solutions.

  1. Take a clean cotton ball and wet it using your desired alcohol-based solution.
  2. Thoroughly rub the wet cotton ball on the tattoo. Keep rubbing the wet cotton ball until the tattoo completely disappears. You may need to change the cotton ball and wet it multiple times for successfully removing the temporary tattoo.
  3. Wash your skin with warm water and soap and remove any residue left behind by the alcohol-based solution.

4. Use Hair Spray

You can use hair spray for removing temporary tattoos as well. Alcohol containing hair sprays will work the best at removing the tattoo. This method is ideal for you If you need to get rid of a big temporary tattoo.

Just like the previous method, apply a decent amount of hair spray on your tattoo. Let the spray dry for a few minutes and then gently rub it using a clean towel. Wash the skin where the temporary tattoo was with warm water and soap to get rid of any residue left by the hair spray.

5. Use Cold Cream

You may not believe it but cold creams are also very good at removing temporary tattoos. Most of the cold creams can contain either alcohol or oil. It doesn’t matter if your cold cream contains alcohol or oil because both of them are great at removing temporary tattoos.

You can use cold cream for removing temporary tattoos by following the steps below.

  1. Take a decent amount of cold cream and apply it to the tattoo. Make sure that the tattoo is completely covered by the cold cream.
  2. Do not rush and allow the cold cream to sit on the tattoo for about an hour for the best results.
  3. Take a clean washcloth and rub the cold cream on the tattoo. The temporary tattoo should come off at this point.
  4. Use warm water and soap to clean the excess cold cream.

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Soothing The Skin Irritation

You may feel skin irritation and your skin can swell up because of the trauma caused by rubbing and scrubbing your skin with tattoo removers.

Luckily, you can soothe the skin irritation and reduce the swelling by using aloe vera gel and coconut oil. Take a generous portion of coconut oil or aloe vera gel and apply it to the skin where the temporary tattoo was.

Doing so will speed up the recovery process and help to ease the pain. If you do not have coconut oil or aloe vera gel, you can rub the skin with ice cubes instead.


Be cautious before using tattoo remover if you have any skin allergies. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean the skin after removing the temporary tattoo. Hopefully, this article helped you to learn about how you can remove a temporary tattoo easily.

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