Is The Back Of The Arm A Good Place For Tattoos?

Many people are curious about the back of the arm as a place for tattoos. The answer depends on what angle you see it from – the pain level or the tattoo visibility.

If you have a low tolerance for pain, the back of your arm will be a perfect pick for getting a tattoo. However, if you prioritize the noticeability of the tattoo, you may want to rethink it, as you will need a mirror to see it clearly. Also, it will not be the first thing people notice about you when they see you.

There is more about getting a tattoo on the back of your arm, i.e., the pain, cost, healing, aging, and meaning. I will address them all below.

Does It Hurt To Get A Tattoo On The Back Of My Arm?

First of all, getting a tattoo anywhere on your body will hurt. But the intensity depends on where you have it.

A tattoo on the back of your arm will hurt, BUT not as much as it would on your neck. The reason is that that area is more fleshy and muscly, so the pain will not be excruciating.

If you are afraid of the pain, have low tolerance, or are about to have your first-ever tattoo, the back of your arm will be a great area to have it.

How Much Is The Cost?

The cost of getting a tattoo depends on its size, design, and placement. A tattoo on the back of your arm should charge you around $200-$300 for a small design and $1200 for a full-sleeve and color tattoo.

That is to give you an idea. You should consult your tattoo artist and ask for a quote to be sure about the exact amount.

Does It Have Any Meaning Area-Wise?

I would not say yes. The tattoo’s meaning depends on its design and how you connect with it, not where you choose to have it. It can be a flower, a special person’s name, or anything you hold precious.

But there are some tattoos popular for getting on a specific body part. For example, a highly familiar motif for the back of one’s arm is the design of a butterfly. Many people have it done on their arm’s backside. It symbolizes beauty, grace, transformation, and freedom.

Additionally, you will see that some designs look better on the back of one’s arm. It may not add more meaning to the tattoo, but it will surely make it more impressionable.

How Fast Does It Age?

The aging of a tattoo is subject to the skin rubbing on clothes or with other body parts. That usually does not happen with the back of your arm. It will not frequently come in contact with your apparel or other organs. Therefore, it has a higher chance of aging well than other places.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Although it will not rub on your clothes as much as a neck tattoo, it will have enough contact to demand proper maintenance. It generally takes around a month to heal but will require 3 months to recover sufficiently underneath your skin’s surface.

So, having one tattoo at a time is the safe way to go if you intend to tattoo both arms.

Final Words

There is little to consider before getting a tattoo on the back of your arm except for one thing. If appearance is important to you, you do not want it there. Since it will be on your arm’s back, the tattoo will be almost invisible from the front.

People desiring to have a gorgeous, eye-popping, and colorful tattoo should think of a different placement. Other than that, the back of the arm is unarguably a good place for tattoos.

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