What Does The 5150 Tattoo Mean?

Everyone has their own set of reasons for getting a tattoo. But it takes a lot of consideration to choose the perfect design that will stand for oneself. For example, take the tattoo 5150. Even if you can connect to it, you want to take your time before finalizing it. Why?

Because the meaning is not like other tattoo interpretations. People using the particular tattoo design believe that when you have 5150 as a tattoo on your skin, it refers to correctional treatment programs held by the health department of California, which arranges psychiatric examinations per law. It goes by the name Section 5150 or 5150.

As much as you did not see it coming, you should read further to learn about it, especially if you wanted to get the tattoo 5150.

5150 Tattoo History

It was in the 1980s that California published its first notification on the code of health and safety. It stated that the authorities would take people with severe mental issues into custody if deemed threatening to themselves or others.

5150 Tattoo Meaning

Until then, the number 5150 appeared in some Hollywood films to present something intense about a character through this tattoo on their body. Some celebs used the tattoo to mark their identity in the showbiz arena. For instance, there was a mention of 5150 in a song by Ice Cube. That is how the number got popular.

However, I should bring up another thing the term solely indicates the centers for psychiatric treatment. You may have also seen something like 5108. It is a code used by the police for mental cases of prisoners under custody.

5150 Tattoo Symbolization

The facilities in California were built to house extremely dangerous people that should be held in custody under mental health laws. With high security, everyone is under strict monitoring 24/7 with heavy restraints.

There are aggressive patients, offenders, and others with particular medical conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and chronic depression in the facilities. People carrying the 5150 tattoos think that if they were taken to this place before, it symbolizes something about their characters that one would not know.

5150 tattoo symbolization

When an individual goes to the authority and tells them that someone may hurt them or cause self-harm, they will bring them under custody. It will not require anyone a medical degree but the basic observation skill to notify relevant authorities about a potentially dangerous person.

That is why people often make false claims about their enemies to do away with them. So, health officials have to stay cautious to trust the complaints and check their validity to make the right move.

Once the person gets admitted, the doctors have them tested to find their mental illness. If something is really wrong, they keep them in the facilities for treatment. After their condition is stable, which is subjected to weeks to months, varying with their severity level, the patient is taken back home.

However, “5150” can also have other meanings within tattoo culture. For some, it may represent a rebellious or outlaw lifestyle, while for others it may symbolize a connection to the music of the band Van Halen, who released an album titled “5150” in 1986.

Is There No Other Meaning Of The Tattoo 5150?

Yes, there is another meaning of the tattoo 5150. It is not that only people with experience in psychiatric treatment centers get this tattoo.

Because they are numbers, you can get them tattooed as long as you can associate them with something personal. For example, some people may like the digit 5150 for some reason, or it may hold some significance for them. It could also be that their beloved person was born on May 15th, so they want to remember that and show their love by getting the tattoo.

So, yeah. You can have the tattoo 5150 to convey a different message. But should you?

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Anything To Consider Before Getting The Tattoo?

Referring to the section on symbolization, people with the 5150 tattoo believe that it reveals something about their lives you are unaware of, calling for unwanted trouble.

Also, if you have made up your mind about the tattoo, be prepared to stumble in the primary phase of looking for a tattoo artist. Many tattooists are unwilling to work on the 5150 tattoo design because they do not want to risk hurting others’ sentiments for its underlying meaning. Especially experienced and popular artists will reject you because it can impact their reputation among their target customers.

Final Words

The 5150 tattoo is mostly about symbolizing people’s and criminals’ struggles with mental problems and experiences in psychiatric treatment centers, if not entirely. It has a negative impression, discouraging even tattooists from making the design.

It cannot be that you resonate only with the 5150. There are countless number tattoos with a plethora of significant interpretations. If you check them out, you will find even better designs with more relatable, deeper, and non-contradictory meanings. So, what are you waiting for? Go find it!

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