Can Estheticians And Cosmetologists Do Microblading?

Since microblading has been a trendy eyebrow treatment procedure, becoming a professional microblading artist can be a great career choice. But finding out about the licensing requirements can be a hassle because microblading regulations vary across states. So, before starting your practice, you must know about the local regulations.

Do you have to be an esthetician to do microblading? Do you need a cosmetology license for microblading? You need to know for sure to avoid any legal complications in the future. So, let’s get started with your homework.

Can Estheticians And Cosmetologists Do Microblading?

Can Cosmetologists Do Microblading?

Cosmetologists specialize in hair, skin, and nail treatments. Since microblading is also done on the skin, it’s a common belief that all cosmetologists are qualified to perform microblading on their clients. However, that’s not the case. While many cosmetologists offer microblading as a part of their services, they often have to acquire a different license for it.

Most states consider microblading as a form of body art. So, you would need a tattoo license to perform microblading. Again, we would like to stress that regulations differ across states. There are some states where you would not need a tattoo license to perform microblading, like Arizona and California. But, most state regulatory bodies demand tattoo licenses.

Cosmetologists can perform microblading without an additional license if the state laws allow it. Otherwise, they will have to get a tattoo license and other certifications required by the local authority. So, yes, cosmetologists can do microblading, but in most cases, they have to get additional credentials for it.

Do You Need A Cosmetology License To Do Microblading?

According to PMU Hub, a cosmetology license is mandatory for professional microblading practice only in Colorado. In the rest of the US, professional microblading artists don’t need to have a cosmetology license. The most common requirements are a bloodborne pathogen training certificate and a tattoo license.

Can An Esthetician Do Microblading?

Estheticians are beauty professionals like cosmetologists, but their services are slightly different. They mostly do makeups, hair removal, and facials. Esthetician licensees will need a tattoo license to add microblading to their list of offerings.

Closing Remarks

If you are already in business as an esthetician or a cosmetologist, microblading offers a lucrative expansion opportunity for you. However, make sure to complete the necessary training and get the certificates you would need to practice legally.

Your experience will be a massive boost to your services. But, you shouldn’t solely rely on it. Get the training and master the craft before starting to do microblading.

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