15 Best Tattoo Power Supply: [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Name one essential thing to consider while buying a tattoo machine. (Hint: look at the title!)

Yes, it’s the tattoo power supply. I have talked a lot about the tattoo machines. So, I thought, why don’t I give some of my attention to other relevant parts of a tattoo machine as well? Hence, the idea of talking about the best tattoo power supplies appeared to me.

Because, again, you can’t expect your tattoo machine to perform well if it does not have a well-built power supply. Now, how do you make sure of that? Answer: Research as much as you can, or EASIER, read this comprehensive article! It will shed light on every best tattoo power supply and best wireless tattoo power supply on the market.

That implies that I will review both types of power sources – regular ones that are wired and have no batteries and wireless ones that have no cords attach and run on batteries.

Brace yourself! Reviews are coming your way! But don’t worry, they won’t bore you. You will get valuable insights and detailed information about each device.

What Is The Best Tattoo Power Supply?

I picked three tattoo power supplies and put their basic specs in the table below. Have a look before you get to the reviews.

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However, these are the top list from my point of view. But other notable products await you. Take your time to read all of them and make a list of your favorites!

Best Tattoo Power Supply Reviews (Regular)

There will be 15 tattoo power supplies reviews in total. I will review the regular ones first. Although I prefer wireless tattoo power supplies, I find the regular ones unbeatable when it comes to sturdy performance. So, I decided to talk about their characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks in my reviews. Besides, I will point out everything you need to know, from the technicalities to the ease of their usage.

1. Cheyenne Power Supply PU1

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Power Supply PU1

Cheyenne Tattoo Power Supply is one of the most dynamic tattoo power supplies out there. It comes with many attractive features like a touch screen, a digital display, a wall power cord, etc. Have a look at the review below.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The first thing I like about the power supply is its ease of use. You can set it up quickly with your tattoo machine.

It is compatible with all the Cheyenne Hawk machines. You can also have it function well with any standard coil or rotary machine.

Touch Screen and Digital Display

There is a touch screen with a digital display featured in the power supply. That makes it convenient for you to make voltage adjustments and regulations.

Built-In Cable Chip 

The Cheyenne tattoo power supply has a built-in starter chip that enables your device to run from 4V to 6V. It also allows a stroke frequency ranging from 60 to 160 strokes each second.

Portable And Compact 

The compact design of the tattoo power supply makes it durable and easy to carry. It is an ideal choice for those who frequently travel.

It also makes the tattooing process hygienic.

Single Output 

If there is one thing to complain about this Cheyenne product, I’d complain about its capability to support only one machine at a time. But if that does not concern you, you can safely rely on its performance.


Cheyenne offers a one-year warranty on this product. So, if you face any problem within a year, don’t panic. Contact the manufacturing company, and they will solve the problem for you.

  • Compatible, lightweight, and portable
  • Easy to regulate and adjust the voltage level
  • Easy stroke regulation
  • A year-long warranty from the manufacturer
  • Unable to support more than one machine at the same time

2. Cheyenne Compact Power Supply PU4

Cheyenne Compact Power Supply PU4

Cheyenne has developed its Compact Power Supply PU4 to cooperate with the most popular tattoo artists in the world to optimize tattooing. The brand designed the PU4 with ergonomics and top quality.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The PU4 is the first power supply ever to allow the artists to use it with the Cheyenne SOL devices. It also lets them exploit the SOL group’s low-frequency advantage to the fullest.

Now, there is no reason for you to get upset if you do not own an SOL device. Despite being designed specifically for the SOLs, the PU4 is still compatible with other brands’ machines. You will only need to get a different adapter cable for that.

Versatile And Customizable 

The compact equipment possesses a magnetic rear and bottom.

It also comes with a clip-attached stand that gives it a versatile setup and makes it customizable.

Two Modes

The PU4 offers you two types of modes to work with when you use a footswitch with it. The modes are momentary mode and latched mode.

If you choose the first one, you must press the footswitch during an entire session. If you choose the second one that facilitates continuous operation, you can press the footswitch from Time to Time during the session.

Other Features

What I love most about the PU4 is that it has four power units. Who wouldn’t want it?!?

Besides, it has a stopwatch by which you get to time your tattoo procedures.

The output voltage of the power brick starts at 4.7v and goes as high as 12.5v with an increment of 0.1v. There are two options to view the frequency of stitch – a display with bar graphs or standard digits.

The power supply unit (PSU) weighs only 150 grams. Its ergonomic design stands for utmost comfort.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Compatibility with SOL and other brands’ tattoo machines
  • Two options to view stitch frequency
  • Four power units
  • Two modes
  • Magnetic rear and bottom
  • A stopwatch to time tattooing processes
  • Although Cheyenne allows you to use the PSU with other companies’ machines, it does not provide you with a charger for that. I find that as a lacking that Cheyenne should improve.

3. Bronc – Best Professional Tattoo Power Supply

BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply Touch Screen Digital LCD for Tattoo Machines

Many of you may not know that Bronc is not originally a US company. It is a US Trademark registered Asian brand. Bronc functions as a supplier of tattoo equipment. It has factories under its name. Besides, you may recognize it under the companies like Bigwasp and Hummingbird.

Regardless of its origin, the brand has been doing exceptionally well with its signature products. One of the products is the Professional PSU, a bestselling Bronc device. Apart from a PSU, there is a power cord and a holder part set in the package. There is also a manual with details of all the operating ways.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The reason why the Bronc professional is so popular is its price. It is economical yet very reliable. From beginners to professionals, whoever has a fixed budget should get it for themselves.

LCD And Stopwatch

This Bronc piece features an LCD and a stopwatch.

The job of the LCD is to let you control the output level between 3v to 18v. And the stopwatch is for viewing that.

Screen Protector

The PS has a screen protector. You can peel it off and find that the screen does not have any scratches.

Other Features

The power supply is so stable and sturdy that it can operate adequately at 41° to 113°. Simply put, you can safely use it in most outdoor or professional settings. You can make tattoos even at concerts and festivals without getting worried about it overheating.

The machine will work on two modes – continuous mode and inching mode if you use a foot pedal. However, you have to buy the foot pedal additionally for that.

There is an overload system of protection that facilitates the regulation of incoming power while protecting internal electronics from unpredictable power spikes.

The highest level of output current for the PS is 3A with an accuracy of +/-0.1. I am not going to lie. I was a little surprised to see that in a PS at such a price range.

But I was in for more surprise. There is not only a warranty of 12 months but also a guarantee of satisfaction! That means, if you do not find the PS completely satisfactory, you can contact the manufacturer.

Overall, the product is more than worth giving a shot. I would gladly recommend it to either a beginner or one with a budget to maintain.

  • Easy operation
  • Tolerant of high temperature.
  • Two different modes
  • Strong protection system
  • LCD and stopwatch
  • An output current of 3A
  • A warranty with a guarantee of satisfaction
  • You have to buy an additional foot pedal to avail the modes.
  • There is a slight chance that you might receive an already scratched unit.

4. Hildbrandt Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Tattoo Power Supply HILDBRANDT Afterlife Digital Dual Liner Shader Machine Unit LCD with Duty Cycle Speed and Session Timer

I would request you to click on the link below and see the Hildbrandt PS before reading the review. Because, well, the first impression has the most long-lasting effect, right? While you have found this excellent appearance of the PS appealing, let me let you in on its even more appealing features and specs.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List

Supporting Two Machines

The digital dual PS is capable of supporting a pair of tattoo machines simultaneously. You can easily plug in your liner device and shader device and have them set up in advance. It saves both your time and effort.

Memory Settings And Touchscreen 

Guess how many memory settings the Afterlife has? 3? 5? NOPE. SIX! That too for each device! It will hold the time and preset even when you keep it unplugged.

Then comes the touchscreen. It shows you everything, amps, voltage, runtime, duty cycle, speed, all of them!

Other Features

If you are worried about its safety, don’t. It has got CE approval.

You can run it at worldwide voltage when connected with an adapter. The voltage changes are incremental at 0.1, 0.2, or 0.5 V step.

The adjustments of the voltage are incremental. You can increase and decrease them by 0.1v, 0.2v, or 0.5v.

To keep the surface of your workplace smooth, keep the unit on its stumps. You can also use suction cups instead.

  • Running two devices at once
  • Six memory settings
  • Time-saver
  • CE-approved
  • The unit does not have either a clip cord or a foot pedal. You have to spend some additional bucks to buy those.

5. Pirate Face Digital Power Supply

Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal

The power supply of Pirate Face is another digital system to support your tattoo machines. Though the company operates in the USA, it offers power cords that match the electrical outlet of any country. That is because the PS functions at worldwide voltage. Due to this enormous convenience, tattoo artists across the world often recommend this equipment.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List

Supporting Two Machines

The unit connects two devices – a liner and a shader. Using the switch flip, you can alternate between the devices and save your time. Either the liner or the shader will run, not both of them at the same time.

Digital Display, Dials, And Output 

The machine runs at any output level between 1.5v and 18v. The digital display and dials let you choose any level between the ranges. The current status is so stable and robust that it can back up any tattoo device in the market.

Other Features

The Pirate Face power supply is user-friendly. With a quality construct, it includes a clip cord and a foot pedal.

It is super flexible and can work anywhere where the voltage level ranges from 110v to 220v.

Pirate Face upgraded the foot pedal by making it with stainless steel. And the clip cord is 6 feet long. If you need the power cord connection to be compatible with the electrical outlet of your country, you have to put a special request for that.

  • Supporting two devices
  • Highly flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • An upgraded foot pedal
  • Digital display
  • Capability to back up any tattoo device
  • You may need to do some repair work for the equipment over time.

6. Dragonhawk – Best Budget Tattoo Power Supply

Dragonhawk LCD Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply Foot Pedal Clip Cord P076

To start, I want to say that this one will cost you a considerable amount of money in exchange for its nifty and slick performance and beautiful appearance. I hope you haven’t already scrolled down past this review after reading about its costliness. Thank you. Now, let me give you more reasons so that you fall in love with this masterpiece of Dragonhawk.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List

Digital LCD Touchscreen 

It will almost make you feel like it’s a smartphone. Seriously!

However, Dragonhawk has designed this LCD touchscreen to handle the power supply of both the liner and the shader. Like the Pirate Face power supply, you have to press the button to switch from shader to liner and vice versa.

Voltage Settings  

Six different voltage settings are in the power unit, and they are preprogrammed. It has a DC connection with which you can adjust the output level from 3v to 18v.


The most amazing part about the Dragonhawk PSU is its tablet/smartphone-inspired design. I mean, it made me forget about the clunky units that resemble music studios! And that makes it so simple yet inviting!

Any beginner or professional artist looking to buy a lightweight and comfy unit should grab this machine without thinking twice.

Other Features

The PS will work for both of your coil and rotary machines at equal efficiency without you having to switch its modes.

It provides consistent and smooth power output that enhances your machine’s efficiency and reliability.

The package offers you a power supply, a foot pedal, a clip cord, and a power plug. You will get a plug that matches the electric outlet of your country.

To sum it up, you will have to struggle to find any flaw when it is a Dragonhawk tattoo machine or accessory. And this power unit will introduce you to the era of smartphones. Once you get in, there is no going back!

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Capable of handling liners and shaders at the same time
  • Accurate and fast activation
  • Adjustable voltage for liners and shaders both
  • Designed like a smartphone
  • LCD touchscreen
  • The price is well-justified. But I am still keeping it as a con because some tattooists may not afford it.

7. Dragon Art Digital Power Supply

Dragon Art Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal and 2 Clip Cords

There are many dynamic power supplies available in the market. But unfortunately, not every beginner finds them equally user-friendly. Keeping that in mind, I decided to review this Dragon Art PS, especially for the new artists. I hope most of you will find it worth buying.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List

Digital LCD Display

The Dragon Art equipment comes with a digital LCD. The display shows you the voltage level and lets you change the modes (lining and shading). The dual power dials allow you to adjust and regulate the current output level that starts at 1.5v and ends at 18v.


Beginners find a power supply hard to use when they cannot control it properly. Dragon Art solved that problem by making a machine with a low-profile (ultra) design. The design makes the unit easy to use and provides you with perfect control.

Other Features

Just because it is suitable for beginners does not mean it cannot perform professionally. It is a pro device built to provide service for a long time.

You will get two clip cords and a foot pedal made of stainless steel along with the power supply. Moreover, it has a built-in overload protection system that relieves you of safety concerns.

If you are still doubtful, let me assure you that there is nothing to lose. The manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee on this product. In case you do not think it is good enough after using it for a while, you will get your money back.

  • LCD
  • Better control
  • Overload protection system
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Uncostly
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The unit does not allow you to use two machines at once. You have to press the switch and alternate between them.

8. Tekpower Power Supply

Tekpower HY-1502 DC Power Supply

If you already know this power source, you might be thinking why I am reviewing it here. And you are right to believe that because it seems like this product is getting popular because of its use in hobby electronics and not tattooing.

But it is suitable for tattooing as well, and that is why it made it here. Let the rest of the review convince you about that.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List

LED Display

The Tekpower unit gets you an LCD screen so you can read the output level. There are banana plugs in its foot pedal, and they control and connect a secure lock to get the maximum power quality.

Voltage Level

The current output level of the machine is a fixed amount of two amps. However, you can adjust the voltage level from 1.5v to 15v. See, it has everything like a tattoo machine power supply!


The machine is lightweight and easy to handle. From your office to your traveling, it can work everywhere every day without giving you any troubles. It will make a fine addition to the other supplies of yours. Besides, although it has a durable design, it does not cost much.

Other Features 

The equipment has got approval from CE. It is safe for your use. It also has a year-long warranty. Furthermore, if you do not like it, you can avail of its money-back guarantee of one month.

  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Digital LED display
  • A 12-month warranty
  • A 1-month money-back guarantee
  • Unfortunately, the machine does not include any additional stuff. It does not have any clip cord or foot pedal. You have to purchase them separately.

Best Wireless Tattoo Power Supply Reviews

Now, after reviewing eight regular power sources, I am moving on to the wireless ones. As they are rechargeable, wireless, and space-saving, they have got huge demand in the market.

1. Hawink Mini – Best Rechargeable Tattoo Power Supply

Hawink Mini Tattoo Battery Tattoo Rechargeable USB Power Supply Digital Display

Here comes the one I have been waiting to discuss! This Hawink Mini Rechargeable Power Supply is a wireless device, and it is an absolute slayer! Wait till you find more about it.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The mini PS has a Lithium battery with 2400mAh! It runs at a voltage range from 4.5v and 11v. Depending on the motor and voltage level, it can operate for more than 7 hours with 100% charge.

If you have two packs of these, you can smoothly finish an entire day of tattoo session!

Here’s a little tip: if you want to increase the battery lifespan, make sure you charge and then discharge it once a while. Do it at least once every month. It’s even better if you can do it more than once.

Digital LED Display

You can see and read the output level in its digital display that will give you accurate results.

Other Features

The weight of the machine might make some artists uncomfortable. But the quality will surely make up for that. Being wireless, this type of machine makes the hassle of working with cords go away.

It is also a solid performer. It supports your tattoo machine efficiently that contributes to impeccable tattoo designs.

You can check out the instructions to learn more about its usage in detail.

  • Wireless
  • A robust and long-lasting Lithium battery
  • Digital LED display
  • High quality
  • Admirable performance
  • It is heavy.
  • The voltage increment is 1.5v. Some tattoo artists might prefer it if it was less than that.

2. Illusionist Mini Rechargeable – Best Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Illusionist Rechargeable USB C Power Supply

The Illusionist Mini Rechargeable Power Supply is another wireless power unit that has mind-blowing features. Remember the cons I discussed in the last review? Well, Illusionist has come up with its mini-unit that is free of all those problems!

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The battery of the Illusionist mini has a large capacity of 1950mah. It will last for 5 to 8 hours, varying with different voltage levels. Three hours is enough for it to get ultimately charged.


The lowest voltage level of the power supply is 4v, and the highest level is 11v. You can land on any level between them.

What’s more, it has an increment of 0.1v! As I said, it would blow your mind!

Weight And Design

For those looking for wireless and lightweight power supplies, this power source should be on the top of your list. Its weight is only 2.4 ounces. Its cube design facilitates an intense gravity center that helps your hand keep more balance.

Other Features

The unit’s build has a polycarbonate casing that works like a shock-absorbing system when you drop it accidentally. Also, it will not let there be any scratch on the body.

It contains a USB charging cable of Type C. Therefore, you can start tattooing just after unboxing it.

  • Lightweight and accommodating design
  • Polycarbonate casing
  • 1v voltage increment
  • Large battery capacity
  • The power supply cannot work with the Cheyenne devices.

3. Mast U1 Rechargeable – Best Tattoo Power Supply For Rotary Machine

Mast U1 Tattoo Battery Wireless Power Supply Coreless for RCA Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

The Mast U1 power supply is one of the most positively reviewed wireless units in the market. It works with most of the RCA rotary machines.

Artists adore this beauty because of its ease of handling and portability. But that’s not all of it. Glance below to know more about this product.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The Mast Battery is one with a capacity of 1200mah. It takes 3 to 6 hours to gain 100% recharge.

Five indicator lights represent the status of the battery capacity. When the charge is complete, the lights stay on while the overshoot protection takes place.


This wireless equipment has different levels of voltage so that it can fit all the tattoo styles.

The starting voltage of the unit is 10v that is automatically set. You can choose any voltage level between 6v and 11v according to the need of your device. The increment of the voltage is 1v.

Machine Compatibility 

It concerns many artists if a particular PS is compatible with their tattoo machines. Well, that should be the least of your concerns if you have a Mast U1. It gets along with every standard RCA tattoo pen.

However, to get the best out of it, the manufacture recommends using it with must shuttle and mast tour pro rotary tattoo machines.

Other Features

It is smooth and straightforward to use this machine. Pressing and holding the power option on the top of it is all that you need to do.

  • No complex setup
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Overshoot protection
  • Excellent quality
  • The absence of any warranty might demotivate you to buy this. In case the machine starts malfunctioning, you won’t have any choice except to purchase a new one. However, with its durability, you can expect to use it for long.

4. Yilong Professional Mini – Best Affordable Tattoo Power Supply

Yilong Professional Mini Power Supply

Many hobbyists and enthusiasts are unsure whether the profession of making tattoos is right for them or not, whether they should seriously consider becoming a pro. Hence, to give it a trial, they look for really inexpensive accessories that will do their thing and assist the artists in their work.

Thinking about them, I selected the Yilong Professional Mini Power Supply. It is wireless, and so hobbyists will find it highly manageable. At the same time, it is one of the most affordable devices available. I mean, any artist could bag it.

Before I get into the details, let me assure you that it is as good a machine as it is supposed to be at its price.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


I always say how quality matters in every aspect when we are about to make a purchase decision. Even when I recommend you some inexpensive tattoo equipment, I make sure that you get the minimum standard value from the products.

The Yilong product is one of them. It runs on a Lithium battery. See, it’s not always true that low price indicates cheap quality.

In exchange for 1 hour for complete recharge, the battery serves you for 3 hours at a stretch.

Digital LED Display

You might have noticed that most of the products reviewed so far have got either an LCD or an LED display. Since it comes at a lesser price than most of those machines do, you might have expected that you’d have to miss the feature in the Yilong mini.

But no. Yilong made sure you get to have a digital LED display that will give you real-time voltage display whenever you want.

Voltage Control 

The output of this mini-unit starts to range between 4.2v and 12v. You can change the voltage level with an increment of 0.3v. You have to make a long press on the button and switch it on or off. To change the voltage levels, click twice.


The build of the wireless unit is of plastic. I know that it may not be what you look for in a device like this. But it has a great design. It is small in size and weight. You can take it with you whenever and wherever you want. It is very accommodating for artists that often do outdoor works.

Other Features

The PS has both options for you to choose from a DC connection and an RCA connection. You can pick whichever suits your tattoo device. The unit lets tattoo pens and rotary machines run without any clip cords.

The package includes a wireless power source and a piece of USB cable. It has no foot pedals.

  • Neither large nor heavy
  • Capable of handling outdoor tasks
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Digital LED display
  • Option to choose from DC and RCA
  • Highly affordable
  • Dependable service
  • The material of its build may be a concern for some users.
  • It cannot run continuously for more than 3 hours.

5. Ambition – Best Professional Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Ambition Professional Mini Portable RCA Wireless Tattoo

The Ambition Professional Wireless Mini Power Supply is a genuine match for professional artists who want a first-class quality power supply, even beginners who are ambitious about the profession and are sure to give it a go. In my opinion, it is the best wireless tattoo power supply. And the features it contains are fantastic.

But enough with me being crazy about it. I ought to tell you why you should be crazy about it as well, right?

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The PSU has built-in first-rate lithium batteries with 3x600mah quality. 3.7v is their working voltage, and 2A is their output current level.

The machine has the advantage of fast charging to get the batteries ready with full charge within 1.5 to 2 hours.

The average voltage level is 8v, at which it can work around 6 hours stably and efficiently without any break.

Digital LED Display 

Its LED display exhibits the output voltages that correspond to the input level (5v to 12v). You can adjust them within a blink.


If you have to travel often to do tattoo works, the Ambition mini is a match for you again. Ambition made the power source with exclusive insulating plastic and aluminum alloy. It is tiny and portable.

Other Features

The power supply will work with most of the tattoo pens, liners, and shaders. You will get a power unit and its USB cable in the package. Ambition supplies require USB cables to recharge.

  • High-quality construct
  • Powerful batteries
  • As tiny as 73 grams
  • Full charge within a short time
  • Digital LED display
  • Highly flexible
  • NO CONS! YES! I get a con-free product once in a blue moon! I hope now you approve of my obsessive behavior about the Ambition mini!

6. Hawink Rechargeable Tattoo Supply

Hawink Rechargeable Tattoo Supply

You have already read a review about a Hawink mini wireless power supply. While this one will resemble the other one in some ways, it has its unique characteristics. Therefore, it deserves your attention as well.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


The machine has a Lithium battery that has a 2000mah battery capacity. Varying from one voltage level to another, it can perform nonstop for approximately 8 hours when it has a full charge.

A pair of the battery will smoothly get you through a whole tattoo day.

For a longer lifespan, this battery also needs to be charged and discharged each month at least one time.

Digital LED Display

The unit has an LED display that will show you the correct voltage reading whenever you want. The voltage level varies from 5v to 12v.

If you can recall, the other one had a voltage increment of 1.50. But this one had a .10 increment. That’s much better.

Other Features 

The PSU does not weigh too much. But if you are only into featherweight machines, you better avoid it. However, its quality is super.

All in all, the Hawink mini delivers a praiseworthy performance and contributes to the performance of your tattoo device.

For further details, you can follow the instructions.

  • Lithium battery with high capacity
  • Nonstop performance for 8 hours approx.
  • .10 voltage increment
  • Value for money
  • Its weight might be a concern for some users.

7. Yuelong Tattoo Kit With A Wireless Power Supply

Yuelong Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Yes, it is a tattoo kit. And no, it was not supposed to be here. But it has a power supply which I found too good to skip. Let me explain why.

Why We Selected It in Our Top List


Yuelong designed the power supply to fulfill all your tattoo requirements. It also shows you the remaining amount of energy of the battery. At 1A, the battery will perform for nearly 4 hours. At 8v, it will perform for as much as 8 hours.

Voltage Adjustment

The power button has a voltage adjustment option that varies from 6v to 11v. You can change it with a 1v increment.

Other Features

The power source works efficiently by transmitting high-quality power.

It weighs little. So, it won’t become burdensome when you travel with it. It enables rotary pens to function without any foot pedals or clip cords. That makes it more user-friendly.

Apart from protection for output short-circuit, it also features protection for dual input charging.

  • Only 57 grams
  • Portable and durable
  • Rigorous protection system
  • You can buy it only if you have a rotary machine.
  • If it goes dead, you have to connect it with its charger to get it running.
  • You cannot use it while putting it for recharge.

What Is A Tattoo Power Supply?

A tattoo power supply is a crucial component in the setup of modern tattoo machines. It’s responsible for regulating and providing the right amount of electricity to the tattoo machine, ensuring that the artist can work with precision and consistency. Let’s break down what a tattoo power supply is and why it’s so important:

Key Features of a Tattoo Power Supply:

  1. Voltage Regulation: It allows the artist to adjust the voltage, which controls the speed and power of the tattoo machine’s needle movement. Different types of work (lining, shading, color packing) may require different voltage settings.
  2. Stability: Provides a steady flow of power, which is essential for consistent needle movement and ink application.
  3. Foot Switch Connection: Most power supplies are connected to a foot switch, allowing the artist to turn the machine on and off hands-free, which is crucial for maintaining hygiene and focus.
  4. Input and Output: It connects to a power source (like an electrical outlet) and transmits electricity to the tattoo machine.
  5. Digital or Analog Displays: Many modern power supplies have digital screens that show the voltage settings, while others use an analog dial system.

Why It’s Important:

  • Control and Precision: By adjusting the power supply, an artist can control the needle’s speed and depth, which affects the quality of the tattoo lines and shading.
  • Versatility: Different styles of tattooing require different settings. For example, fine line work might need a lower voltage for more delicate needle movements, while bold shading might require higher voltage.
  • Safety and Reliability: A stable power supply reduces the risk of machine malfunction, which is not only critical for the quality of the tattoo but also for the safety of the client.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Tattoo Power Supply?

This section is a buying guide to simplify your shopping process. It will make your purchase a lot easier if you are new to this because the guide will tell you essential things about power supplies. If you are a professional, I’d still suggest you read it. There may still be specific components about which you should learn.

Best Tattoo power supply reviews & Buyer's guide

The Types Of Tattoo Power Supplies

  1. Digital Power Supplies (PSUs): These are user-friendly, especially for those not well-versed in reading electrical values. They often feature touchscreens and LED displays for easy voltage and power readings, and are available in both regulated and unregulated models. Regulated digital PSUs are more expensive but provide more consistent results.
  2. Analog Power Supplies: Better suited for those comfortable with analog devices and reading electrical values. They offer steady readings and are a traditional choice.
  3. Wireless Power Supplies: These are becoming increasingly popular, especially in smaller tattoo studios. Their main advantage is the absence of wires, reducing clutter. However, they have limitations in performance, notably in handling multiple devices simultaneously.
  4. Power Units with Dual Power: Designed mainly for professional use, these units can handle two tattoo machines at once, typically one for lining and one for shading. They cater to the needs of artists who work with multiple machines in a single session.

There’s a trade-off between cost and functionality. For instance, regulated digital PSUs offer better results but at a higher price. Similarly, while wireless PSUs offer convenience and space-saving benefits, they might not perform as well under heavy loads compared to wired models.

In summary, tattoo power supplies come in digital, analog, wireless, and dual power versions. Each type has its own set of features, advantages, and limitations, catering to different preferences and professional requirements in tattooing.

Output Voltage

Voltage is an essential consideration when selecting a tattoo power supply. The level of voltage a power supply offers determines the amount of power available for running tattoo machines. Tattoo power supplies come with a range of voltage outputs, varying widely from lower voltages like 1.5v or 2v to much higher voltages such as 18v or 20v. The majority of tattoo machines operate within the range of 10v to 15v.

Higher voltage levels in power supplies enable the connection and operation of more tattoo devices simultaneously. However, not every tattoo artist requires a high-voltage power supply. For those using one or two tattoo machines that don’t demand high power, a power supply with a lower voltage level is sufficient and more appropriate.

It’s important to note that a higher voltage level also carries the risk of being more noticeable to clients in case of device malfunction. Therefore, selecting a power supply should be in alignment with the specifications and requirements of the other equipment used by the tattoo artist. Safety is another critical factor, emphasizing the need for a regulated power supply that provides a reasonable and safe amount of power. This approach ensures both effective performance and safety for the artist and clients.

Your Tattoo Devices Matter Too

Choosing the best tattoo power supply involves more than just looking for quality, attractive specs, and great reviews. Each power supply is designed for specific types of tattoo devices. Some units work well with coil machines but not with rotary machines, and vice versa. This compatibility is crucial, as choosing the wrong power supply can lead to malfunctions and costly replacements.

It’s also important to consider the number of devices you plan to use. Some tattoo artists use a single machine for both lining and shading, while others prefer separate machines for each task. This preference affects the choice of power supply, especially in terms of the number of plugging spots available. A power supply that can handle multiple machines is ideal for artists who use separate devices for different techniques. This choice not only facilitates the artist’s work but can also be appreciated by clients who prefer shorter sessions in the studio. Overall, understanding the specific needs of your tattoo equipment and work style is key when selecting a power supply.

Display Screen

Many power sources feature a screen, although the older models do not. Nonetheless, the ones featuring a screen may have a readable one or a touchscreen using a LED or an LCD. You can choose either of them. But if you ask my opinion, I would recommend the touchscreen. It is very advantageous for users who find the power supply readings quite tricky.


Although some artists do not like portable equipment, they are very nifty to work in small-spaced studios. They are also helpful in outdoor settings. Besides, many companies are making wireless power supplies at present. They help you preserve your studio space for something else and avoid the messes of different wires that can often become troublesome and even cause interruptions during work.

If you still don’t prefer wireless machines, I wouldn’t press you to choose them because wired PSUs function equally great as I have just reviewed the best ones among them. The point here is that you should consider the criterion and see which one works better for you before you buy a power source – be that wired or wireless.


There is usually nothing much to say about price when it comes to equipment. You know, quality and price, what a machine offers at which price, that is pretty much all.

But there is more to the market of tattoos. It is somewhat strange when you look at the prices of tattoo kits. That is because you may find a PSU so cheap as $25 only. On the contrary, you will also find some as pricey as $500! That is not only because there are many kinds of power supplies but also because there are regulated and unregulated devices, as you have already read earlier in the buying guide.

Unregulated power units are more user-friendly and budget-friendly for users that have already bought and used them. But unfortunately, they are not that safe to use because they cannot handle when power fluctuations occur. On the other hand, regulated units make up for the power fluctuations that occur when your machine operates.

It is up to you to make a budget and invest in getting a power unit accordingly. But, unless you aim to buy a super-portable device, you should buy a regulated and reliable PSU that is within your budget (considering it meets your demands). Otherwise, you would be setting a trap for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users, especially beginner artists, have a lot of questions about tattoo power supplies. Thinking of helping them out with that, I have gathered the most frequently asked questions that artists typically have. I will answer each of them below. I hope the answers help you.

Which one is better – getting one PS for one device or getting one PS that can handle more than one machine?

Though some artists set up individual machines – one for using liners and the other for using shaders, it is convenient to have a tattoo power supply. It enables you to connect two devices at once. Just a flip of the switch will do the job. This perk will eventually add up to your final tag of price.

What is the task of a foot pedal?

It breaks the circuit to run power to the tattoo machine.

Which one is better – regulated or unregulated?

In my opinion, it is a regulated machine because it is the safest option. When you ensure safety, you provide each of your clients a good tattooing experience. You know how much importance that has.

What Should I Make Sure Of While Setting Up My PSU?

Setting up power supply is quite simple. I’m going to make a list to answer that. Here’s what you should do:
1. Make sure you have connected the clip cord with the foot pedal in the proper manner.
2. Double-check the connection between your machine and the clip cord.
3. If everything is orderly, push on the pedal while holding the device in the tattooing hand.
4. If there is no immediate buzz, it probably indicates that you should increase the voltage. Slowly dial it up until there is a solid buzz.

What Is Perfect Voltage Setting For My Tattoo Power Unit?

To put it simply, the best practice while making lines is to run the machine from 7.5v to 8.5v. However, some prefer it at 6v. In the case of making shades, most of the artists use 8v to 10v.

How Do The Digital Power Supplies Differ From The Rest?

The all-digital power supplies work the same way, but without any knobs. Instead, there is a menu for navigation on their digital screens. You have to use the menu to set the level of voltage.

Apart from all that, if you want to save the presets for your most favorite machines, they will let you do that too. That keeps the devices ready to start working with only the press of a switch.

Final Verdict

I have talked about the 15 best tattoo power supplies, and I tried to be as detailed as possible to make it simple for you to comprehend. So, now that I am at the end and about to give my final verdict, I will try to keep it short and sweet.

From the aspects of battery capacity and functioning duration, you can look at my top 3 picks. If you find products having warranties more reliable, you can get Cheyenne, Bronc, or Tekpower PSU. They are also portable and easy to use.

Check out Bronc, Yilong, and Pirate Face power units if you want a decent machine within a good bargain.

There are also others that I am not going to mention here and prolong the ending. The title already says that it is about the best PSUs. So, each of the reviewed products is the best tattoo power supply from different aspects.

Again, read the buying guide thoroughly, figure out what you want from a power supply, what purposes it can serve, and then decide. Following those steps correctly plays a crucial role in making the best purchase decision.

That would be all this time. Thank you for keeping up with me.