Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review: Professional Machines

If you’re a beginner in the arena of tattoo art, and you are confused about which tattoo kit you should go for, the first advice I have for you is to take some time and do some research first. Doing a thorough research is very essential to make a good purchase decision.

Because you know, if you make a decision in haste with little/no research, there is a good chance that you will end up buying cheap power supplies and/or toxic inks. So, to help you with your research, we have come up with an awesome suggestion: Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit!

It is a perfect and versatile kit for you. But wait. Don’t become convinced already. Read the full review. It will discuss the features of this kit by simplifying the technical things to help you get a proper understanding.

So, let’s jump in now, shall we?

Introducing Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

The Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is basically a training tool that consists of a tattoo supply with a crash course, a visual tutorial training DVD, and the necessary hardware to learn the whole thing. It is designed in a specific way so that the beginners can use it after and throughout the entire learning process. It assists you in your journey of transforming from a beginner to a pro artist.

Just the thing you were looking for, right? Wait till you check out its main specifications below.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Specifications & Includes:

It has two coil machines: a .44 Magnum coil and a .38 Caliber coil.

  • The .44 consists of ten wrap compact coils and short liner springs in a compact frame that is semi-cutback. The design of the machine is made in a way so that it can bang and pack in the tattoo lines and color respectively.
  • The .38 shader comes with eight wrap coils and shader springs that are wide in size and a frame that is wide-angled. It is designed to put in shading or color gently, comfortably, and efficiently.

The kit also includes two rotary machines: the Witcher and the Weaver.

The first one has a JEX0 motor of 4.5 watts with a maximum output of 10,000RPM. It is very powerful and capable of pushing large needle configurations. Its stroke is 3.5 mm which can bang out color packing or lining work.

Its design includes a needle bar clamp and so you don’t have to use any rubber band. It also comes with a dampening spring of low tension in order to make the skin feel easy with the needle.

The Weaver, the second rotary machine, features the same motor as the aforementioned one in order to push the big magnums as well as the shaders. Its stroke is of 3.0 mm which is great for coloring and shading. It also shares the same dampening spring and needle clamp with the Witcher.

Who Is This Product For?

If you want to be sure whether a Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is right for you or not, have a glance at the list below. If any of them resembles your situation, you’ll get your answer.

  • You are a beginner artist who wants to practice a lot and become really good at tattooing.
  • You want a standard product within a reasonable budget.
  • You want a complete package that comes with everything, from the tutorial to the practice skin, to walk you through the learning process.

Problems You Might Have To Face

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is the best product of all the others that come at this price range. However, just like all other kits, this one also has a couple of drawbacks.

So, it’s better if you learn about them beforehand.

  • Some products that come with the package are not of great quality. You might have to buy better quality transfer papers and tubes.
  • The needles are usually for practicing on artificial skin or fruits, not human skin.


  • The whole kit comes at a super affordable price.
  • The quality of the machines and power supplies is topnotch.
  • The ink and its colors are good and user-friendly.
  • The noise made by the machines is not that loud.


  • Not everything in the kit is of the same standard quality. Some are less upgraded.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review: Features And Benefits

This tattoo kit has a number of features which will assure that learning and practicing with it is both rewarding and enjoyable.

The very first thing which will amaze you when you buy the Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is its wonderful package style.  The kit is blister packed and indicator strips are used to sterilize the consumables in it.

Now, let’s go through the remarkable features and the important benefits of the kit.


The kit is very user-friendly. You will feel very comfortable while practicing with it. You can easily tune and operate it and so it has proven itself to be one of the most popular tattoo kits.

It has a textbook named ‘Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo’. You will find it both fun and helpful while practicing.

Affordable And Good Quality

The best thing about the kit is that you get the best quality at a very reasonable price. Its machines are good, its power supply works fine, and the accessories and supplies are of high-quality.

Other than these features, it also has a pedal of iron foot, an ink bottle, grommets pack, latex gloves, practice skin, radiant colors, and other important stuff.

The Power Supply

The Kit has a PW10 power supply. It’s one of the best performing power supplies. It is constructed in a sturdy way and its design offers the advantages of a digital display and a fine-tuning. It also has a toggle switch that is conveniently located.

In addition to that, it has two ports. One of the ports is used for the purpose of shading while the other one is used for the purpose of lining.

The average working voltage of the machine ranges from 3.8-5.5 voltage.

The .44 Magnum Coil

The magnum liner has a sturdy frame which is well-polished. It is very helpful in improving the machine’s aesthetical appeal. It also gives it a professional vibe.

The well-made frame guarantees the flawless performance of the machine.

The .38 Caliber Coil

This one is also well-built like the other one. It is designed to make you feel good when you hold and use it. It works smoothly without making an excessively loud noise.

Additional Read:

Wrapping Up

Now that we’re at the end of it, I hope you’ve already got a proper understanding of the kit.

Simply put, if you are a beginner and you want something that will help you practice, you should go for the Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit. Even a lot of professional artists use and love this kit!

A little heads-up: this kit will NOT make you a pro tattoo artist. It will just be a guide to assist you in your learning process.

A small tip: although you have the option of using the needles to tattoo on human skin, don’t. It will be at the cost of your client’s comfort which may affect your career as a tattoo artist.

Thanks for reading the review.

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