Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Review: Good Starter Kit for Beginners

One of the essential things that a beginner needs in order to become a pro tattoo artist is practice. Without enough practice, you cannot become skilled and start doing tattoos professionally. Now the obvious question here is, “How do I practice?”

Well, you can practice with a tattoo kit. There are a lot of tattoo kits available in the market. Since you are a newbie in this field, the Pirate Face Tattoo would be a great choice for you. Why?

Because the quality of this tattoo kit is the best that comes at a very reasonable price. It has a lot of accessories that are used and recommended by both apprentice and professional tattoo artists.

But hang on. Today we will review this kit and break down its features and functions so you can see for yourself why you should consider buying it.

Introducing Pirate Face Tattoo Kit

The Pirate Face Tattoo Kit comes with a huge package consisting of a DVD of 2 hours about tattooing, an instructional book of 200+ pages, 4 tattoo machines, more than 50 needles, etc. While it is an awesome learning tool for beginner artists, professionals also find it great because the kit grows with your progress.

Here goes a list of the most important specifications of this tattoo kit.

Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Specifications

  • The kit has 4 10-coiled tattoo guns.
  • It has 7 bottles of ink of radiant colors. Natural ingredients have been used to make them. Both making and packing were done in the USA.
  • The kit comes with all types of supplies like needles, carrying case, ink cups, power, directions, gloves, grips, etc.
  • There is a warranty of 6 months on both the tattoo machines and the power supply.

Who Is This Product For?

It is important that you really feel this product is the right choice for you. While you should know what it offers you, you should also know if you really need it.

So, go through the list below and see if any of the situations resembles your condition. That will make it much easier for you to make a purchase decision.

  • You are a beginner/apprentice/professional who wants to learn about the skill or polish it by practicing with a kit.
  • You do not want to invest much in the product but quality is also important to you.
  • You want to gain knowledge about different techniques of tattooing, shading, lining, etc.
  • While practicing, you also want to try different kinds of tattoos like Maori tattoos, white tattoos, tribal tattoos, and others.
  • You are looking for a complete tattoo package.

Problems You Might Have To Face

Despite all the advantages this kit offers, there are a few disadvantages that you might have to deal with. Before you buy it, learn about the disadvantages first.

  • You cannot use the needles for any purpose other than practice. They are quite dull.
  • The practice skin and the transfer paper are not that great. You might have to buy them additionally.
  • The power supply that is fully serviceable works better as a backup. You will have to upgrade it when you shift from practice to real work.


  • Anyone with a flat pocket can go for it. It is the best budget-friendly tattoo kit.
  • From a beginner artist to a professional artist, everybody can use it.
  • If you watch the tutorial videos on YouTube, you will be able to assemble the kit quite easily.
  • Its radiant ink has different colors like canary yellow, blue, scarlet red, lime green, tribal black, blue, super white, etc.
  • The power pack is LCD-styled and its output ranges from 1.5V to 18V while its input ranges from 115V to 230V. And 1.5 AMP is its current.
  • It does not stop working because of heating or any other reasons.
  • The cartridge needles are compatible.
  • It does not make a loud noise while working.


  • Some components of the kit like the practice skin are not of high quality.
  • The DVD is not that much useful.

Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Review: Features And Benefits

The Pirate Face Tattoo Kit has literally every single thing that you will need in order to start practicing as a hobbyist. It has noteworthy features and benefits that make it one of the most popular tattoo kits in the market.

Let’s get introduced to its features and benefits now.

Powerful Tattoo Guns

The kit comes with four tattoo machine guns: two coil wrap machines and two rotary machines. They are very lightweight and will give you a good grip feeling. You will feel great while working with them.

You will realize the high quality of these machines when they give you precise and beautiful tattoo designs.

The guns are more efficient and powerful than those of the other kits. You will face no difficulties with them. They are the most important part of the kit.

Radiant Colors

There are 7 different ink colors in the kit. We have already mentioned the color names in the intro section.

The ink quality is quite decent. Although they are not premium, their tone is sharp enough. So, it is great for beginners who look for an inexpensive kit and want to build their professional set of colors.

Reliable Power Supply

The power supply, while not the best one, does its job well enough. It is LCD-styled which makes it more preferable than the analog ones because it is more easily readable.

There is an easy foot pedal control included in the supply. And it has a good clip cord as well. Overall, its performance is satisfactory.

Accessories For Tattooing

There are loads of amazing and useful accessories that are offered by the Pirate Face Tattoo Kit.

There are at least 50 needles that are of different sizes. You will also get practice skin, ink cups, an instructional DVD, a book on basic tattoo fundamentals, ink cups, cup holders, disposable gloves, and many other stuff in the package.

Everything is right there. You can start practicing whenever you feel like it.

Besides, there are some baggies of the things you might have to replace, for instance, rubber bands and grommets. These are actually the things you will need in order to keep practicing with this kit.

Special Feature

The package will also offer you 2 types of tips, disposable and stainless steel both. And they match those needles that you get from the kit. You may prefer disposable tubes because they require less cleaning. But the tips are great too.

Additional Read:

Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap it up now. At such a cheap price, the Pirate Face Tattoo Kit that has everything is an excellent buying decision for any beginner who wants to explore this field of art.

Moreover, it has a lot of kit parts and accessories. Its machines and power supplies are reliable too. You will not regret your decision of buying the Pirate Face Tattoo Kit. It is a much safer and better tool than other poor quality kits.

It will guide you throughout the beginning phase until you become really good at tattooing. If you want to buy it, you really shouldn’t hesitate or delay.

Thanks for reading the review.

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