Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick and Poke Tattoo

‘Stick and Poke’ is a popular tattoo drawing technique that doesn’t require any electrical machine. Do you know what type of pen ink you can use for a Stick and Poke tattoo?

You can use pen ink for Stick and Poke Tattoo but make sure the ink is non-toxic.

In this method, the ink is the object that is going to make your tattoo. A wrong ink may lead you to severe casualties by causing harm to the skin. This article will guide you to have a Stick and Poke tattoo with the perfect ink.

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What is a Stick and Poke Tattoo?

Stick and Poke is different from the traditional tattoo as there is no machine required while making this tattoo. In this method, the ink is applied to the skin by using a needle as a pen.  The artist draws the design with his hand by poking it dot by dot with the pen on the skin.

Stick and Poke Tattoo

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How Durable Are Stick and Poke Tattoos?

The durability of the tattoo depends on the quality of the ink and the artist as well. Professional tattoo artists make the tattoo with more care that may not fade away quickly. Usually, a Stick and Poke tattoo lasts for around five years.

If the tattoo is deep in the skin, it will be more durable and won’t fade away quickly. It’s recommended to maintain proper care even after the tattoo is made. Proper care will make the tattoo look fine and also make it last longer. If you want to remove the tattoo for any reason, you will be required to undergo surgery or use laser removal.

The tattoo will last for more duration if it’s designed on such an area that isn’t washed frequently. For example, if you draw the tattoo on your biceps rather than your hands, it will last for a more extended period. Most Stick and Poke tattoos look washed out after a certain period.

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Do Stick and Poke Hurt?

Do Stick and Poke Hurt

The Stick and Poke don’t hurt that much as it sounds. It depends on the area where the tattoo is being made. At first, there may be some burning during the poke, but the effect will start to decrease after a couple of pokes. As the skin heals faster than the usual tattoos, there won’t be any problem after a Stick and Poke tattoo.

How Do You Make Stick and Poke Hurt Less?

If you are worried about the process, you can follow some steps to make it hurt less. Taking Tylenol may help you to feel less pain during the making of the tattoo. Artists recommend taking a full meal before getting a tattoo, as this one will make you feel comfortable and allow you to complete the whole design at once.

Can You Put Vaseline on a Stick and Poke?

Sure, you can. After finishing the tattoo, wash the area properly and let it dry. You may apply Aquaphor or Vaseline for the first couple of days. Applying Vaseline on the skin would be great for your skin. The skin will get some moisture that will help to get your area healed quickly.

Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick and Poke Tattoo

What Type of Ink Pen Can Be Used For Stick and Poke Tattoos?

It’s recommended to use tattoo ink that is non-toxic for Stick and Poke tattoos. Make sure you are getting the tattoo by a licensed professional artist. Stick and Poke tattoos are very sensitive, and if you don’t get the tattoo in a health-regulated environment, then it could be a risk of a serious infection.

It won’t be good practice to use Sharpie ink for Stick and Poke tattoos. If somehow the ink goes too deep into your skin, that may cause a serious issue by releasing the tattoo inside the bloodstream. Just don’t try to go cheap for something that is related to your body.

How To Do A Stick and Poke At Home With Pen Ink?

Though it’s not recommended to Stick and Poke at home, still, it’s possible to draw a tattoo in your space. First, the needle should be filled with non-toxic ink. Get your design on carbon paper as you are not a professional. Start poking on the design by placing it on your skin and making a sketch first. Poke the sketch dot by dot, and don’t push too hard.

This should be done carefully to make sure that the ink is not going too deep on the skin. After finishing, wipe the area properly and let it dry. You may apply Vaseline on the skin to avoid any skin infection. This will also help you to get healed from the pain as well.

How Dangerous Is It To Do A Tattoo With Pen Ink?

They are not dangerous if you maintain proper guidelines, but they can be very dangerous if you neglect them. For your information, you may get major infections such as Impetigo or Hepatitis if you don’t ensure a proper healthy environment while making your tattoo.

How To Get a Perfect Stick and Poke Tattoo?

How To Get a Perfect Stick and Poke Tattoo?

As mentioned earlier, the first step would be going to a professional. To get a perfect tattoo, you may follow the points described below –

Before making a Tattoo:

There are certifications available for the tattoo industry. A tattoo artist should have the certification in order to maintain his/her professionalism. There are different trainings required for the artist to get the certification. Professionals will care about your skin and also use better ink that will be more durable.

Check if your tattoo artist is a certified one.

While Making a Tattoo:

Make sure the environment is hygienic. If you are the artist, wear gloves and sanitize the equipment you are going to use. Do not push the ink too hard to the skin. As a customer, inform the artist if you have any allergy problem or any specific requirements.

After making a Tattoo:

Wash the area and let it dry. Check if there is an issue on the skin so that you can take instant action. Apply Vaseline or any other ointment if you are feeling too much pain. Take proper care of the area to make the tattoo more attractive and durable as well.

Try to make a tattoo with licensed ink and tools. Please note that the tattoo is part of the body, and anything wrong with the tattoo might hurt the body. These threats can be avoided by going to a professional and also employing standard licensed items.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use pen ink for stick and poke tattoo?

Technically, you can use pen ink for a stick and poke tattoo, but it is not recommended. Pen ink is not sterile and can lead to infections, and the ink is not formulated for use on skin, which can cause allergic reactions and other issues.

What type of ink should you use for a stick and poke tattoo?

It is recommended to use tattoo ink that is specifically formulated for use on skin. This type of ink is sterile and is less likely to cause infections and other health issues.

What are the risks of using pen ink for a stick and poke tattoo?

Using pen ink for a stick and poke tattoo can lead to infections, allergic reactions, scarring, and other health issues. Pen ink is not sterile, and it may contain harmful chemicals and other substances that can be dangerous to your health.

What pen ink can you use for tattoos?

I must emphasize that it is not recommended to use pen ink for tattoos, as it is not formulated for use on skin and is not sterile. Using pen ink for a tattoo can increase the risk of health issues, such as infections, allergic reactions, scarring, and other complications.

However, if you are still interested in using pen ink for a tattoo, it is recommended to use India ink, which is a type of permanent ink that is commonly used by artists for drawing and calligraphy. India ink is considered to be safer than other types of pen ink, as it is formulated with natural pigments and is less likely to contain harmful substances. However, it is still important to note that using any type of non-tattoo ink for a tattoo can pose significant health risks, and it is always best to use tattoo ink that is specifically formulated for use on skin and is sterile.

How to give yourself a stick and poke

To give yourself a stick and poke tattoo, you will need sterilized needles, tattoo ink that is specifically formulated for use on skin, and proper sanitation and hygiene practices. First, sterilize the needles and the work area. Then, sketch the design onto the skin with a pen or marker. Next, dip the needle into the ink and begin poking the skin, following the design. Be sure to change the needle frequently and keep the area clean and disinfected. It is recommended to have a professional tattoo artist perform the stick and poke tattoo for you, as it can be difficult to achieve a clean and safe result when doing it yourself.

How long do stick and pokes last?

Stick and poke tattoos can last for several years or longer, depending on the quality of the ink used, the depth of the poke, and how well the tattoo is cared for. However, they may not be as long-lasting as professional tattoos, which are applied with a tattoo machine and can penetrate the skin more deeply.

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Final Words

The ink of a tattoo must be taken seriously while Stick and Poke tattoo. A toxic-inked tattoo with an unprofessional artist can damage your skin with flesh-eating bacteria that would be very dangerous.

A tattoo is a sensitive art to the body that should be done with the proper action plan. There are some risks that can be avoided by following the mentioned procedures. I guess you have got a clear idea about using pen ink for a Stick and Poke tattoo by reading this article.

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