Bishop Wand Review: The Shader, The Packer & The Liner

Remember how everyone had a magic wand in the Harry Potter universe? What if you could have your magic wand and become a wizard in the tattoo universe? I am not kidding. Trust me.

You could get yourself a Bishop Wand and make lots of wonderful tattoos with it. And the reason I am calling it a magic wand is because it has three versions: shader, packer, and liner. It’s a complete all-rounder.

Here, the Bishop Wand Review we will throw light on all the essential things you should know about this tattoo machine. It will analyze all the technical terms telling you how they can benefit you.

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Introducing The Bishop Wand

Bishop Wand Tattoo Machine


Bishop, founded by Franco Vescovi, makes advanced tattoo machines intending to help tattoo artists utilize their true potential. Keeping this in mind, Franco created the Bishop wand, a powerful and dynamic tattoo machine that comes in three forms: the shader, the packer, and the liner.

Let’s go through its specs in the following section.

Bishop Wand Specifications

  • Brand: Bishop
  • Frame: Aircraft aluminum
  • Weight of the device: 4oz
  • Length: +/- 95mm
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Stroke: 3.5mm (it’s fixed.)
  • Connection: RCA
  • Ergonomic, pen-shaped design
  • Motor: Faulhaber
  • Warranty: 1 year (every part including the Faulhaber motor)

Who Is This Product For?

The wands used to choose their owners in HP. Here, you’ll pick it yourself. How?

Here you go –

  • You want the rotary machine to feel like a pen so you can hold it comfortably.
  • You are looking for a device with a quiet motor to function without making any noise.
  • You are looking to do sharp lining and shading.
  • You prefer a good warranty.
  • You are looking for a machine that can do proper color packing.

Problems You Might Have To Face

You cannot run the wand with any other connection except for RCA. Other than that, it is entirely flawless. But…well. It might not be as budget-friendly as you would have wanted. But no great things come cheap, do they?

  • It is pen-like and does not weigh much.
  • It does not overheat for a long time.
  • It offers you maximum torque and speed.
  • Premium quality
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Accuracy in shading, lining, and packing
  • Perfect ink saturation
  • Classic color packing and color realism
  • Not cheap
  • RCA connection only


Bishop Wand Review

Bishop Wand Review: Features And Benefits

In this section of the article, the Bishop Wand Review: The Shader, The Packer, & The Liner will enlighten the wand’s features and benefits. Since there are three versions, it will focus on each of them individually to provide you with a better understanding.

Carry on if you are still with me. It is the best part of the review. You got to read it.

Bishop Wand (The Shader)

Grey And Black Work

Shader, the 1st version of the Bishop wand, has an efficient hand-polished machine and so it can give you ideal layering tones and true grey and black colors. From that aspect, it outperforms the other tattoo machines out there.

Soft Hit

With its motor (brushed Faulhaber), 3.5mm fixed stroke, and custom winding, the shader softly hits on the skin, resulting in reduced pain and trauma.

Bishop Wand (The Packer)

Perfect Color Realism And Color Packing

The packer features a copper band that is also hand-polished. It has a fixed stroke of 4.2mm. Bishop designed this tattoo machine to enhance speed and torque for color realism and color packing. It beats other conventional packing machines with its performance.

Steady Motor

The device is equipped with a steady brushless Faulhaber that uses magnets for generating power. It means that the packer can work hard without trouble and does not overheat quickly.

Bishop Wand (The Liner)

Excellent Performance

The only dissimilarity between the specs of the liner and the packer is the stroke length.

The liner has a stroke length of 5mm, and it is fixed. It will give you the crispest line work. While acing at traditional lining, it is also capable of doing dotwork.

Alternatives You May Consider

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Bishop Wand Maintenance Tips

A maintenance kit is provided with every Bishop wand. Here are the tips for longevity and smooth use of your wand –

  • Lubricate the machine every 4-6 weeks (150 hours of usage)
  • Only lubricate when you feel there is some noise producing from the machine
  • After 3-4 lubrication check the motor and cleanup the grease inside the chamber

Check out the video for a hands on experience –

Wrapping Up

Time to wrap it up. In the Bishop Wand Review: The Shader, The Packer, & The Liner, I have talked about all three versions of the wand.

Bishop Shader does the most delicate job at providing grey and black ink work. It is made to hit softer and cause less pain. It will, in short, win your clients’ hearts right away.

The other two are not any less of a heart winner.

The packer does real magic with color packing and realism.

The liner, last but not least, makes exquisite lines. You can use it for any line work, including the traditional ones.

Each of them can work continuously for a long time without making the motor overheat. You won’t get taxed working with the rotary machines since they are lightweight and make little to no noise.

The most notable thing about Bishop is that it has created three versions of wands, and all of them are impeccable. You can’t find anything wrong with either of their performance. Their flawlessness will amaze you.

And so, I honestly do not want to whine about the price because the machines’ performance justifies it well enough. They rock at what they do. As promised by Bishop, they get the best out of you and help you become a versatile tattoo artist.

I hope the review has covered the critical aspects and given you helpful insights about the product. Before I end, let me ask you a question: when are you going to get your wand, do magic with it, and become a tattoo wizard?